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The ideal grandmother of

, That it “the ideal grandmother“ and whether we met her in reality? What it is more in relationship of young people (and not only young people) mothers and grandmothers - understanding, support or misunderstanding and the conflicts? This problem, in my opinion, is very difficult - though write the thesis on this subject... To me, for example, it is hardly trusted in existence of ideal grandmothers. It as the yeti - all about him tell, but nobody ever saw.

On the one hand, grandmothers it is possible to understand. To help to bring up grandsons, in - the first, it is physically very heavy (forces any more not those and health plays pranks). In - the second, the psychological moment is present too (and even more). So much blood (and in direct, and figuratively) was spent for growing up and raising own children that sincere forces on the real help with grandsons can not remain.

And ordinary jealousy can be present: children already grew up, established the families, brought own children, and grandmothers were elementary not ready to all this. Here are also capricious... It seems would also like help and force themselves cannot. Or help as they want, but not in in what really it is necessary. Besides, many grandmothers consider that they are not obliged to help that this business purely voluntary.

on the other hand... To raise and bring up the child very difficult even if all family members help. More precisely however many helped, young mother it will be all the same unsweetened as the main loading on care of the kid all the same will be on it. In a family where there is a child, problems are always. In different families of a problem can be different, but few problems do not happen in principle.

I Will tell

about myself. I have two children, stair-steppers. When they were absolutely small, it was very difficult (it is still softly told). The husband and grandmothers - grandfathers at work, I all day long one with children. The subconscious state was for me then norm. Of course, grandmothers - grandfathers helped; helped out often (and strongly helped out). But I had such wild loading that all their help - as a drop in the ocean.

Plus total absence of understanding enraged. That is, helped to help - that: who - for show, who - in the right frame of mind. There was a feeling that help only in order that I did not overstrain. Also would not reproach them for absence of the help.

In my opinion, in the relations between young mothers and grandmothers problems from - for misunderstandings, unwillingness to make a compromise, impossibility to react adequately to the events exist. In my opinion, the ideal grandmother is that which sincerely wants to help and it finds a way to make as it is necessary and when it is necessary.