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When my girls - stair-steppers still went to a garden, home we invited to birthday only grandmothers and grandfathers. Holidays for friends of birthday women (more precisely, for all group) were carried out in a garden, in group, to an afternoon snack under supervision of tutors. More precisely, all birthday was limited to delivery of a gift and an entertainment house sweets.

I only when both daughters went to school, we began to invite to their birthdays home their school girlfriends and friends. We with the husband did (and we do!) it so. At first the birthday woman makes the list of guests. Usually guests there are no more than 5 people. Then I call parents of children - guests (when children studied at elementary school, not all parents released the children of one on the street) to specify date, time of carrying out a holiday and to remind our address and phone.

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Instead of phone call the following. Let the birthday man (birthday woman) will make with own hands colourful invitations to each of the guests. Parents or elder brothers - sisters can help with it. It is possible to use old cards, color paper or a cardboard, pencils, felt-tip pens, paints etc. Generally, everything depends on your imagination.

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At a lack of time the cards suitable on a plot and on them to write invitations (the card benefit the most various are on sale now). For younger children before arrival of guests it is possible to decorate the apartment beautifully (balloons, tapes, garlands and t. ). Here again everything depends on your imagination and opportunities.

Shortly before the fixed time the father with girls goes outside that near the house to welcome guests. Until all gather, children will manage and to take a breath. If there are opportunity and desire, then it is possible to take with itself jump ropes, balls, scooters (in the winter something like the sledge) that it was not boring to wait for the late guests.

So far children near the house welcome with

guests, I manage to set the table. Usually I do not do hot dishes. In the beginning on a table sandwiches appear (with sausage, cheese, boiled pork if there is opportunity - with red caviar and delicious fish); tartlets with different salads and with liver pate; pastries (like pies, pies or cheese cakes) with a different stuffing; fruit (it is as much as possible, whenever possible); juice or lemonade.

All children come to the house at the same time. Undress, congratulate the birthday man, wash hands and sit down to a table. Mother with the father has a small respite. When children a little are sated, the formed pause needs to be filled with something. Children are more senior, with experience, can already also entertain svy guests (the main thing, in advance to see to it about the cultural program!) .

A to kids still needs to help to have a good time. For example, we always prepare in advance quizes. Some quizes are prepared by children (any children`s magazines where print riddles or crossword puzzles approach, it is possible to find a lot of interesting there). Several quizes are prepared by me (using the Internet or the corresponding literature; there would be a desire, and information sources great variety now). Of course, there are also prizes. It can be calendar cards, cards, a chupa - chupsa, kinders etc. Usually we hold 2 - 3 quizes, but I have much more preparations (sometimes so it is pleasant to children that they ask still!) .

After quizes ice cream is served. It can be usual purchased glasses or wafer tubules. It is possible to buy cake - ice cream. And it is possible to give vent to the imagination: to spread out ice cream on cups, to add grated chocolate, nuts, jam, berries from compote, slices of fresh fruit...

after that all come from - for a table to a break for outdoor games. There can be any games or competitions. Will help to pick up the games and competitions corresponding to the level and interests of children of your age to you your personal experience, the Internet and the corresponding literature. Any prizes will be quite pertinent. By the way, children are more senior, especially if they meet frequently (and not just time in a year on birthday), can also think over in advance what they would like to play or what to be engaged in breaks between food in.

There now. Now it is possible to seat children at the table again again. While children played, the dirty ware (any family member, free for this time tried) disappeared and the table is laid for tea. As shows experience, children love any sweets in any quantities. But cake with candles is loved by children of all age.


By the way, very effectively to present cake so. In kitchen (so far children eat other sweets) on cake candles, by the number of years to the birthday man are lit (cake can be cut on portion pieces for convenience in advance). In the room where there takes place the holiday, the light is turned off. Cake with the burning candles is brought in the room in complete darkness and put on a table on in advance prepared place. Now light can be switched on. The birthday man makes a wish and, not without the aid of guests, blows out the candles. Cake is safely tasted.

After tea (or to tea) can arrange a peculiar concert where each child submits any number at desire (a rhyme, a song, dance, draw, focus, an interesting joke etc.) . Of course, if you want to hold such concert, it is necessary to declare it in advance.

my children, for example, study at music school (choral office plus the tool) and therefore execute something from the repertoire. It is quite possible to arrange also dances. For this purpose besides it is in advance necessary to prepare the music suitable for children of this age.

After the termination of a holiday we with the husband and with daughters see off all guests in turn on houses. At the same time with ourselves we take scooters (the sledge will approach in the winter) that it was more cheerful.

Here so we celebrate houses children`s birthdays.