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The summer in St. Petersburg of

needs to be told that to spend summer in the city, and especially in such big as St. Petersburg, business extremely difficult. Hot, stuffy, anywhere not to get to from exhausts of cars... Only trips to the country for the whole day or walks in parks can save situation. Here the choice enormous - eyes run up. I will tell how I and my girls spent time in the summer city.

City park or the suburb we chose

by two criteria: how far from the house (kids difficult transfer a long journey) plus it is necessary that it was interesting to the child of this age. Very much we are helped out by Pavlovsk with its fine park. In - the first, near the city. In - the second, the park begins from the station square at once. It is possible just to take a walk. It is possible to sunbathe and iskupnutsya in the lake (all nearby!) .

If to walk to the palace, there more cultural entertainments. The museum, exhibitions work. Children are carried in carriages of a horse. Attractions, cafe work. If you live in the southern districts of St. Petersburg, it is possible to go to Pavlovsk every day during the summer, and will not bother you.

it is not less healthy

In Pushkin, there is a lake (minutes 10 on foot from the station) and it is possible to find entertainments for the whole day in parks, but parks are far from the station (not all children will be able to reach on foot, but by bus it is several stops). And still: I do not remember that in Pushkin there were attractions.

Quite good park in Gatchina, near the station. I was there only in the winter and for a long time. I remember only that there lived manual squirrels - usually they very much are pleasant to children.

from suburbs to us strongly was pleasant to go in Toksovo to be looked on zubrobizon (it on Finnish railway), but we there were not long ago and that there now - I do not know.

we often go to Bathe and sunbathe in Solar - from the city close and there from station to the gulf no distance. In the summer, during a season, directly on the beach ice cream, drinks and something food is on sale.

it is a lot of

In St. Petersburg of parks - they are practically in each area. With children is younger, likely, to choose park closer to the house better. In a zoo it is the best of all to go to warm, but not hot weather. During a heat it is heavy there - and animals hide from the scorching sun, and kids quickly are tired. Nevertheless, there it is cheerful: often attractions work, roll kids on a pony and horses, photographers photograph children near animals.


, most often we go on Krestovsky Island metro station. There near the subway there are 2 parks at once: TSPKIO and Seaside Victory park. If there was opportunity, my children would go there every day in a year. However, on days off in TSPKIO a paid entrance, but festivities, various cultural events are often held; there is a water hire, playgrounds. In Yelagin Palace exhibitions work.


In Victory park attractions work, and there is a hire of rollers. In the same place in a small pond there live swans - children like to feed them. About stadium of Kirov different competitions are often held (on rollers, boards on wheels, motorcycles etc.). In both parks toilets work, and there is a set of cafe (ice cream, drinks - lemonade, tea, coffee, is more hotly than type of shish kebabs and pastries).

generally even if you with children remained for the summer in the city, do not despair and dare!