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To me two happinesses came... Or happiness in a beautiful wrapper of

“... I never thought that I will marry... Once long ago I already adjusted myself on the fact that I will just LIVE. To live and study, to live and be on friendly terms, to live and draw, live and... can be to live and to love, but not to live and be someone`s wife. Also did not hear mother who always spoke: “A grief, it comes suddenly... as well as happiness...“.

We with my Sashka live in Moscow area, in the city of Dedovsk. When we got acquainted, in the first two days spoke more than five hours, almost without stopping. We and now are silent a little as it is ridiculous will sound. At us is about what to say, eat what to discuss, eat to what to rejoice. What can be more main in this life. Especially for us with my Sashka... Especially now, when we became the husband and the wife...“ (From Olga M. letter, Dedovsk).

What the girl can feel, the woman, for the first time or absolutely not for the first time marrying? And what she has to feel when on it the wedding dress which, by and large, does not have the price is put on. No, it, of course, is.... May we, girls, women of the planet Earth, or one, separately taken country under the name Russia, regardless of our formats, dimensions or purses to get up before an altar in that, very best happy day of our life, in a dress under the name “Implementation of Dream“.

you did not hear

on the Dress for the Cinderella Program?. And about Open Heart Charity Foundation which realizes this Program more than four years?. Then listen. It is very valuable information. And, above all - all this is real.

Once, a few years ago, the Chairman of Nottinghamshire Aid Convoys non-profit organization David Scott during a meeting with Open Heart Fund oboronit the phrase: “And girls in Russia when marry, go in what ways to marry in a beautiful dress?“ Board members of Fund began to smile and answered: “The same, as around the world - go to the tailor and sew. Or buy outer garments“. “All sew? Or buy?“ - the question followed. “Yes. And why you ask, David?.“


Today in Russia 6 salons “Dress for the Cinderella“ - two in Moscow, on one in Krasnodar, Ust - Labinsk of Krasnodar Krai, Orenburg and Abakan work. The program is unique, in the world there are no similar programs anywhere. The brand of the Program belongs to Open Heart Fund, the author of idea and actually the embodiments of this idea in most that on is real, our surrounding life. About what it we?. And here about what.

“... Yes, I now - the wife. Whose wife? Yes my Sashki. And he is my husband... And I had the most real wedding. I pay still. With happiness. From one and others. Because I have them two now - my life and my Sashka. I existed the most beautiful bride. I know it. And not because I it was told much - many people but because it is the truth. Because I have photos which I watch nearly an every day, and even the most present video. The film shot during our wedding. So strange. To see itself from outside... moving... kissing... happy... And the main thing nearby - my Sashka, same happy and smiling...


Ya long chose to herself a dress, I six times came to salon to try on one or another... or the third... And nobody was irritated that on trying on the following dress, at me more than half an hour leaves, and talk to me and smile to me as if I am the most important client. Also it is impossible to refuse here it, cream, that, with incredibly beautiful laces on all perimeter of a skirt... Who can measure happiness? And by what it is measured? (From Olga M. letter, Dedovsk).

the Dress for the Cinderella Program assumes selection and use for rent of the wedding dresses sent free of charge as humanitarian aid from Great Britain, Nottinghamshire Aid Convoys non-profit organization. Severe conditions of the International Treaty between BF “Open Heart“ and Nottinghamshire Aid Convoys designate points “deliveries in use at wedding celebrations to any girl from socially unprotected segments of the population of the Russian Federation under an indispensable condition of existence of the corresponding reference from social security authorities. And also obligatory accurate use of dresses and their return to the terms which are strictly specified in subscription documents“.

we Will smile to

?. And it is the reality working near us already more than four years. The program is realized together with executive authorities. But there are expenses? - we will think. On delivery from Great Britain, on delivery in salons already across Russia, on washing of these dresses (they can be soiled on the road), on contents, eventually, these salons. Open Heart Fund - non-profit organization (fashionable, by the way, today a subject. In that sense and what these charity foundations are engaged in?. For certain, commercial activity. And, it seems, and even more terrible!) . Of course, expenses exist, these expenses are financed by donations of the Russian commercial organizations.

“... My happiness - my today`s life. I know that I will never be able to become a mother. Nobody ever will say in relation to me this best word on light. And, nevertheless, I am happy. I do not know how many I needed to live. The main thing that I left not earlier than Sashki. It is strong, he will endure my death though to it it will be bad. And I will not worry... Also I will fall directly from my wheelchair directly in the Non-existence. I sit in it already more than 15 - ti years. And Sashka in the - more than 17 - ti. We are with it in this sense - long-livers, more precisely, dolgoispolzovatel of a certain type of movement on Life. Our other diagnoses have no value any more. Though at each of us one diagnosis - deadly...

Ya I revise the wedding photos again. And I know that I am a beauty! And all who marry according to the reference or not according to the reference - beauties! All of us this day beauties and the happiest on light. Thanks to you, Open Heart Fund. From all, all of us who this day soared over reality in your dress! And let us, such happy, will become more. Because happiness - and I on myself know now it! - can have a beautiful wrapper. I told about you to all whom I know. You have even more friends now! Probably, because your Heart - is opened! All good, progress to you, friends, you make many happy. At you it turns out! Your Olga M., Dedovsk, P. S. I want to change a surname, Sashka insists...) .

the Dress for the Cinderella Program plans opening 10 - ti salons across Russia. It is good news. Good - for all of you, for all of us. Because some of us already know that in that day, it is unreal beautiful day, happiness can have a beautiful wrapper.

the Open Heart Charity Foundation is created by

of NPO in 2000, works in the field of charitable and social support socially - the unprotected categories of Russians. Mission of Fund in that sphere of life where priority concepts are free aid, compassion to neighbors, responsibility. The address of Fund in the www network. caringheart. ru.

the Fund is open for

for delivery of the new and already used wedding dresses for the salons. It can be the new dresses which are not realized by commercial salons in sale, and also dresses which were already used in wedding celebrations.

2006 is declared by

in Russia Year of Charity. Join!