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We will take you with ourselves

Advertising and attracts to warm regions - the Crimea, Egypt, Turkey. Each family wants to have a rest at the sea, but not each parent is ready to take with himself the child, especially if he is small. One of the main reasons - fear. To take the beloved child with itself or not, here in what a question.

I Want

to mother . It is possible for the period of a trip with a clear conscience to recall the peanut to grandmothers and other relatives, and it is possible, even it dread to think, to take with itself.

A. Predstavte`s Plan - you left without beloved child. You are sure that you will manage to be disconnected and to be given completely on worry to rest? Lying on a sand, you will suffer conscience, (precisely - precisely, I know on the acquaintances) that left the little rascal of one. How the kid there whether peed, whether ate all porridge? The drop of tar will be added by sentimental telephone conversations in the evenings. To deprive of the child of the sea, game in a sand, - the parental hands. Well, what? And if during your departure the kid, God forbid, gets sick, to rest precisely the end.

Tam of a shark, angry crocodiles . We pass to B. Ochen` plan accurately you consider joint rest. The rating of scary words is headed - “illness“, “flight“, “food“ and the terrible word “acclimatization“. Very few people know what the animal is, but all just in case are afraid.

And now about everything one after another. Of course, such are not necessary to each mother of an adventure with the child. There is a wish for stability, clarity, and travel with the non-staff situations of it not especially assumes. And a flight delay - not the most opposite.

In all honesty, it is necessary to notice that troubles wait for us everywhere, but at home, from - for walls of the family, somehow easier. Houses everything is it seems clear - if ached, called the doctor, and “there“? What to do, where to run? In others country even small problems seem huge - to consult there is nobody, with problem “language“. Any intervention from the outside costs many green and other color pieces of paper. Therefore it is better to hope only for himself.

Self-confidence - your ally, fear - the enemy. With a bad spirit it is better not to go anywhere. Try to think only of good. The kid will get warm on the sun, will swim for a while, will stock up with vitamins, will see a lot of new. Economic argument: will grow - will be more expensive, travel, still almost free of charge. Eventually, you will have a rest. I guess what you thought of - with it unless you will have a rest? Well, whether you know, and houses with it you will have a rest? And without it? You will have a rest if competently you think over everything. It is necessary to think over much. The more spread straws, the better.

Hotel - you have to know everything about it. What numbers, remoteness from the sea, what beach. Whether there is a stool for feeding whether there are children`s animators, a playground, the children`s menu. Torture travel agency on full. Polazayte in responses (it is better in fresh), who was in “that“ hotel, ask, write the letter. Stardom not the main thing - believe my experience. It is possible to be spat from the five, it is possible to have a rest not bad in the three. Of course, a lot of things depend on a prityazatelnost of parents. Besides not to everyone it is given without hesitating to tell that had a rest in “a modest two-room flat“.

Everything that is necessary - information full and reliable.“ All inclusive“ - not dogma. What for? It extends only to food and to binge if it includes in your plans... In my opinion, it is worth using system “all inclusive“, only if you are not going to leave limits of hotel.

It such small ... If the child is healthy, he has no obvious pathologies, safely go to travel. Also absolutely healthy person can get sick. Another thing is that it is desirable to be prepared for all non-staff situations fully equipped however many the baggage weighed after that. Get used yourself to thought that the first-aid kit will occupy a good part of baggage. Take EVERYTHING. To be ill as you understand, nobody gathered, it on everyone the firefighter therefore upon purchase of drugs pay special attention to an expiration date, in that sense that the first-aid kit served as long as possible.

With the same care approach also purchase to the child of cream from suntan. It is better to buy one bottle in the beginning, to be convinced that the child has on it no allergy (and it quite often happens), and then to take some more. On any absolutely case take money for emergency (on contingencies). Surely take a liquid Vietnamese asterisk, and it is better two. Then no fumigant injectors are necessary. Spray according to number and everything that moves, will forget to you the road.

Acclimatization . We in a family with it it seems had no problems. At least, no pronounced changes in behavior or in health at the child were noticed. An overheat - yes, there was a business. Escaped candles of “Viburkol“ and my milk.

Food . If mother has containers with milk - that is a breast, consider that rest took place. You are relieved of a set of problems at once. The rest should strive. Water - here where is buried danger. Whatever it was - water different everywhere, and a stomach one. To those children who have a sensitive tummy, recommend to get used gradually - to drink only our water in the beginning, and then gradually to mix from local. Buying bottled water, check integrity of packing (some smart pour water from - under the crane in the used large bottles). It makes sense to take

p of heels of cans of baby food and a two-three of croutons. It is not necessary any more, buy everything on the place. If you decide to take food with yourself, you are threatened by very heavy hand luggage or beaten banks in usual baggage... On an arrival it is better not to eat greedily. Gradually, on slightly - slightly. Better on one fruit in two days, that if God forbid an allergy to understand, why.

U us in a family always the most important problem was - a visit of restaurant. With these buffets you will bypass everything so far, the child was tired, begins to be capricious. Therefore on the second travel we arrived cunning. Went to eat in turn. Also ate efficiently, slowly with pleasure, but not if only to push something, to grasp. The nerves are more expensive.

Flight . Make to the kid a badge - even if will creep away, will leave - that nearby. Do not leave the child for a second to unfamiliar people. Not all like little and very nice peanuts. Be going to stand in queues “as all“.

in many respects successful flight depends on places on the plane. If take advantage of the opportunity and a bit earlier you will arrive to registration - receive. During take off and landing a breast in unlimited number, a small bottle with water, absolutely to fastidious persons - a chupa - chups. The most important that the child for flight had no cold. If becomes ripe - you treat urgently, otherwise to ears there will be a horror as is sick.

to Mothers nursing it is better for p to stock up properly with water, for some reason after flight, well the horror as getting thirsty. To the kids familiar not by hearsay with the word “pot“, it is better to take this subject. On planes in toilets often of turn, I do not think that godovastik with a tail are able to be suffered. But pampers it is better to take (suddenly a diarrhea). It is better to take a carriage, but surely folding - it is better “book“ or “cane“.

Children`s first-aid kit:

Cotton wool to
  • Q-tips
  • to
  • iodine
  • to
  • Brilliant green - it is possible for
    • in the form of felt-tip pens
    • Potassium permanganate
    • Bandage
    • of the Napkin gauze
    • the Bactericidal plaster (all types by the sizes)
    • wet towel wipes
    • Sun-protection creams of different factors (60, 30,10)
    • of Hlorofilipt (from wounds or stings)
    • Absorbent carbon
    • (febrifugal) - e.g. Anoferon (in tablets)
    • Viburkol
    • of Planteks
    • Smekt`s
    • Bifidobakterin
    • Albucid (eyes)
    • Camphor alcohol (ears)
    • Paper (for compresses)
    • of the Drill in glycerin
    • the Camomile (a dry grass)
    • Exhaust
    • a tube
    • the Enema
    • the Small enema
    • Desitin or Bepanten (from an intertrigo)