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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: The settlement of Zaozyorny (the residential district of the Tea) of

the Settlement of Zaozyorny (the residential district of the Tea)

Krom of Yevpatoria, is still the settlement of Zaozyorny (the residential district of the Tea), see the scheme. This residential district is continuation of the city on coastal line. If to rise facing the sea, then to the left of Moynaki`s lake there is Yevpatoria, and on the right, along the sea, the residential district of the Tea. There - that we also got a job since May 5, in sanatorium “Prometey“. From Zaozyorny to the most remote place in Yevpatoria of minutes 20 by bus, on a share taxi - it is even less. To the main places (both markets, the station) in my opinion, it is more convenient to reach, than from “Friendship“. All the matter is that from the resort area of Yevpatoria in which “Friendship“ is located only the tram goes to the downtown. The tram in Yevpatoria moves on a single-track railway, and can part with the passer only on special places. In these parts all trams stop and long wait for the passer. From the resort area trams to the center go on a big circle. In all city - four routes. On only two - four trams on everyone. Trams of times go to half an hour. Go very slowly. Besides, to reach the right place practically it is always necessary to do change on other route. It is possible to look at the detailed map of Yevpatoria here.

From the resort area can reach the center on foot. With my rather hardy child capable not to ask long on handles, minutes for 30 - 40. Approximately as much borrows and it is expensive by tram. The taxi can take for 2 - 3 hryvnias if to know quotations, but it is possible also for 7 - 8 if not to know them. On weekdays, when it is busy with procedures in the afternoon, for such trips or walks together with the child, as a rule, there is not enough time. To leave the child practically there is nobody. The room of the child works, does not work and not the fact that house two - the three-year-old child will want to remain with the unfamiliar aunt.

Krom of “Prometheus“ in Zaozyorny still sanatoria are:“ Seagull“, “Brigantine“ (exclusively children`s), “Northern“ and “Beacon“. All these sanatoria, except “Northern“, are located directly on the seashore.“ Prometheus“ is disposed most closer to Yevpatoria. All other resort institutions in Zaozyorny are boarding houses. They open since June 1. I bypassed them almost everything when looked for where to get over from “Prometheus“. The luxury in “Prometheus“ became too expensive in June and everything bothered. Besides, I fondly assumed that time treatment already is in essence not necessary for us - everything that is possible, we already passed - it is possible to save. The husband would not allow and correctly would make. I cannot advise any boarding house. Service is much worse, feed practically in all much worse, and honor the prices same, is cheaper on average for 20 percent.

Mercury Boarding house

In “Mercury“ the luxury in June cost slightly less than 12 dollars from the person, but as on the child allowed a discount of 50 percent, in general left cheap. And, lodged together in a triple room and guaranteed that any more nobody will be settled. Number in “Mercury“ was unambiguously more decently, than what to me was shown in other boarding houses, though, certainly, it is worse than luxury in “Prometheus“. Something between luxury and a junior suite. Two rooms without hall. A bathroom from a bathroom. Balcony. The TV (as it became clear later - it is black - white!) and refrigerator. The furniture is new, but cheap. In all the rest the impression of “Mercury“ remained very bad, disgusting. It is enough to tell that on the floor was even if very diligent, but one maid who worked around the clock without days off and in the dining room girls - probationers from culinary school worked. Sometimes you come to bewilderment as the people sitting on gold are capable to run business so dullly. However, judging by responses of other vacationers, the situation in “Mercury“ differs in nothing from all other boarding houses, even, sometimes, looked much better. And we communicated with other vacationers much.

In general only in sanatoria can be counted that the junior suite will be a junior suite, and the luxury will be better than a junior suite. In boarding houses for a junior suite could give out anything, and luxury there in general seldom meets. In “Pearl“, for example, showed me “junior suite“ 10 - 12 meters in size. Or and so very small bathroom with a shower was the general on two rooms, or there was no balcony. From furniture - two beds and two bedside tables. Everything collapsed. In a consequence it became clear that water was not valid there, is hotter, cold in the majority, and fed the whole month with a pshenka and pearl barley. It in June cost 9 dollars from the person. The child at a discount - 30%. Probably, such places were also shown by our television. By the way, “Pearl“ from next year obtained the license and can be called sanatorium now. So be vigilant.

Sanatorium “Prometey“

we paid


In “Prometheus“ for luxury in May on 12 dollars from the person. In luxury two rooms, a hall, a toilet, a bathtub. Decent new furniture. There is a sofa, chairs, carpets. Loggia. This most expensive place from all listed. Discounts for the child on the main place, in May, at least, are not provided. The father lived with us days five, free of charge. But without treatment and without food: two portions quite were enough for three. Food is restaurant, however in the spring while it is not enough vacationers, menus at choice do not offer. Nevertheless, feed much better, more variously and more tasty, than in other places. The case is slightly farther from the sea, in the depth of park there. Only 12 numbers luxury in 2 - x the floor building. There is a case with junior suites, numbers there without balconies are closer to the sea, but. The territory is big, generally - park, pines. It is a lot of flowers, but few good playgrounds.

Unfortunately, the prices in “Prometheus“ are higher than averages across Yevpatoria. In June accommodation in number luxury with treatment and food made 19 dollars from the person. In a junior suite - 15. For comparison in all other sanatoria which I called the price in June made 12 - 15 dollars from the person. I specify all prices for residents of the Russian Federation, taking into account taxes. Permits cost residents of Ukraine on average for dollar in days one person cheaper. The prices hold, even in spite of the fact that luxury stands all spring thin. However for groups, for example, discounts therefore if the company gathers, then it is possible to bargain are possible.

Medical care

the Organization of treatment in “Prometheus“ was pleasant to me much more, than in “Friendship“. Nobody should pay extra nothing, all is so done. The exclusive relation already only because you live in luxury or a junior suite. In “Friendship“ the equipment is more various. Physiotherapeutic procedures, various magnets, some lasers etc. It is a lot of specific unique procedures for asthmatics. However, in “Friendship“ the pool with fresh water and only on doctor`s orders, two - three times a week for 45 minutes. All bathtubs too on the basis of fresh water, bathing office very old. Dirt only in the summer, brings from Moynaki`s mud baths. And in “Prometheus“ it is possible to go to the pool though every day from the second half of day, to bathe to blue in the face. The pool with sea water and all bathtubs too on sea water. Water is filtered and purified. The medical case, bathing and mud offices look is much newer and appoint any procedures the vacationer from luxury without problems. Dirt in “Prometheus“ - at all seasons of the year. And not Moynaksky dirt, but Sakskiye that is considered better. Inhalations, physical therapy, though in much smaller degree, in “Prometheus“ are too.

In “Friendship“ we with the child underwent the physiotherapeutic and all-strengthening procedures. Oxygen, small magnet, sagy bathtubs. It is a lot of analyses and inspections. In “Prometheus“ we completed a full course of dirt, massage, bathtubs, a hydromassage. Ksenia very much suited pearl bathtubs with sea water. Neurodermatitis left literally in the eyes. I do not know whether it was connected validly with bathtubs and dirt, or stay duration, but at the beginning, in the first month was important, improvement went very slowly, almost imperceptibly, skin just ceased to worsen in lack of drugs. Returned to normal the general blood test. However weeks through six, already in “Prometheus“, there was a sharp jump seen by an eye, and skin began to be cleared quickly. Also I tried to drive the child on LFK. Time was enough for three of her enthusiasm.


At “Prometheus“ in the spring two shortcomings. Rather expensively and very boringly. There are few adults. There is a children`s camp. The Moscow children have a rest. From adults - only attendants and vacationers in luxury. It was cheerful on May when with us there was a father, and there were two couples more. All other May 2 - 3 luxury were filled. To talk there is nobody. However, it is possible to walk, communicate much with the child and to think in silence of eternal. Is where to go. Or we went along the sea by all empty nearest boarding houses, or on parks of these boarding houses - a swing, roundabouts, hills, short flights of stairs, various sculptures: birdies, animals, fairy tale characters, for every taste. Especially beautiful territory at Luchisty boarding house (“Promenisty“ on - Ukrainian). Just as “Glade of fairy tales“ in Yalta. In Troyanda boarding house the nature corner in the open air with very important turkey-cock, ducks, hens and other living creatures. And, it is possible to pass a half of Zaozyorny, to the nearest following sanatorium - “Seagulls“ (approximately the middle of the settlement) and to meet nobody. Then to “Beacon“ - again anybody. It approximately pieces of 15 - 20 territories of various boarding houses. It is possible to get on any and it is very silent, unlike June when from - for the mass of the rattling cafes around even at night not to fall asleep.

Other sanatoria

In Zaozyorny are still sanatoria where parents with children can have a rest is “Seagull“ and “Beacon“. In “Seagull“ earlier Chernobyl veterans according to permits had a rest too. At the moment all not so. It is the oldest sanatorium in Zaozyorny. In its territory there is a mineral source. Cases in “Seagull“ externally look worse than “Dnieper“, are located almost on the embankment. Medical base fine. Treat not only children, but also adults. Five offices on various profiles. At “Beacon“ we very much did not like the beach. The sea in that place so washed away that there is almost no beach left. Besides, the beach does not clean up at all. And here local vacationers very much praised food in “Beacon“. “Prometheus“ cares for the beach than, for example, in “Friendship“ worse, but all - more - less. The sea - is purer because in the country. Water is so transparent that in serene days all small stones in three meters from the coast are visible. “Beacon“ has one more shortcoming. Nearby really there is a beacon with a mass of wires with the working radar around and, most likely. I am confused by the similar neighbourhoods. At the moment “Beacon“ belongs to tax administration of Ukraine. However it is also simple to settle from the street there in the spring, as well as to any other place.

children have a rest Everywhere. Near cases “Mother and Child“ - camp. Children separately eat, but turns the general go for treatment together with adults. In the morning at children charging, usually everything is heard. In the evenings it is possible to go to all camp actions and discos as entertainment (all in the fresh air). In June the number of children considerably increases in year-round sanatorium camps. Noise and turns becomes more too.

the Nearest shops and the small market are in Zaozyorny near “Seagull“. These are 15 - 20 minutes with the child on foot from “Prometheus“. The majority of shops begins to work since May, the local market which is much more expensive than central - since June. However if something was necessary in the spring, it was possible to reach to the city in 10 - 20 minutes by bus or a share taxi. In the summer when also boarding houses begin to work summer camp, the total of vacationers sharply increases. Buses and minibuses are crowded and sometimes do not stop at all. To the city it is more difficult to leave. And local shops and the markets have not really wide range and in general is much more expensive.

To put it briefly, the choice is. If there is a wish more expensively, but priyemlemy from the point of view of service if around especially there is no wish for people, then it is possible to settle in “Prometheus“. The big company makes sense to try to obtain discounts too and to go in “Prometheus“. If there is a wish cheaper, but with decent conditions, then it is possible to go to “Friendship“, “Eaglet“, “Primorye“ or “Tea“. By the way, “Seagulls“ in Yevpatoria two. One - “A seagull of Tereshkova“, works only in the summer, is in the end of Zaozyorny near “Beacon“. Another, that about which I wrote, in the center of Zaozyorny, near shops. From the station to Zaozyorny the direct bus or a share taxi goes (A route No. 8, to the Beacon). This route passes also through both markets.