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Psychology of the baby or that future mother of

needs to know Psychoanalysts claim that on character of a course of pregnancy, features of course of childbirth, and also regularities a razvitiyarebenka in the first year of life can foresee a unique inepovtorimy trajectory of life of future adult. Therefore it is expedient to p to begin with

conversation on features of psikhologiimladenets from the moment of formation of an umbilical kanatik when mother and the eebudushchy child become a uniform organism.

On the sixth week of development originally sexless germ, a vrezultata of the finished differentiation of bodies, turns vzarodysh man`s or female. Alarms and fears of mother a popovoda of a sex of her future child, desire to have the child of a strogoopredelenny floor on well adjusted channel of a gormonalnoysvyaza are transferred to the formed brain of a fruit and on all zhiznyostavlyat in it the traces capable to become a source of seryeznykhpsikhologichesky problems of the child in the future.

C of the third prior to the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy proiskhoditrazvity functions and systems which allow a fruit to survive to a birth kmoment. During this period the fruit is most vulnerable for vrednykhvliyaniye: infectious diseases of mother, reception of silnodeystvuyushchikhlekarstvo, alcohol, stressful situations, the child`s nezhelannost - all this harbingers future mental and psikhologicheskikhprobly the kid.

By the beginning of the seventh month the fruit gains ability to a survival to the vvozdushny environment - from this point it is quite often called an uzherebenok. By this moment the child who is in a materinskogoorganizm already hears everything that occurs beyond its limits. Esliu is allocated to mother for someone`s voice gormonbespokoystvo (adrenaline), heartbeat becomes frequent, that is, poyavlyayutsyagormonalny and physiological signs of fear, all this together sny tests also a fruit. The alarm and fear of mother, to peredavshismladenets, form at yet not born child strakhpered that world to which it should leave. To the contrary, the tranquility and confidence of mother in itself, communication by the slyubyashchy relatives and friends turning warm and tender words to the future of a chlenusemya cause at yet not a rodivshegosyarebenka feeling of safety of that world which will become dlyany to the family soon.

Still the definite answer to a question, kakiyemekhanizm does not exist “start“ process of childbirth. But in what terms, in a kakoyforma there will be childbirth what they will be on speed etc., imeetbolshy value for future mental development of the person. But it is a subject of separate conversation.

So, the child was born! His brain already contains a large number of information on the world to which it got. It has rather mature also effektivnyeorgana of feelings.

the Newborn from the first hours is capable to distinguish otchetlivyezvuk of various intensity. It is even capable to distinguish golosmater from other voices saying his name. To the second mesyatsuzhizn the child smiles when he hears a voice of mother or drugikhznachimy adults. The etasposobnost in the period of pre-natal life developed: it is known that hearing, as well as sight, function already at a seven-months fruit. To three - six months the hearing of the newborn nedifferentsirovannovosprinimat sounds of various languages. By the end of this period rebenoknachinat to distinguish sounds of the native language, that is that language, a nakotor the person, significant for it addresses it (usually an etomama). But in whatever language words what bysmysl they contained were pronounced, for normal the psikhicheskogorazvitiya of the baby the most important is an intonation of love of iemotsionalny acceptance by adults of a being which vosprinimayetsebya through communication with them.

the child is capable to distinguish

From four-months age tsveta:siny (blue), green, yellow and red. The child, whose requirements are well satisfied, gives preference of a sinemua red to flowers. Yellow and refusal of blue - etosignat preference that some vital requirement mladentsaostatsya by unsatisfied.

remains Still open a question about flavoring predpochteniyakhmladenets. Some researchers consider that this sposobnostvrozhdenny, and the child can independently choose that food which corresponds to requirements of his organism. Other point of view - taste to food is formed in rezultatevospitaniye: with what food of the child feed from the childhood, to that he iprivykat. However the huge number of problems with feeding to the deteena allows to agree with the last statement.

we Will dwell upon the most important point in razvitiimladenets - a way of its feeding by mother.

for the third day of life the newborn can Already recognize mother to a pozapakh of her neck and breast. For the fourth day of feeding the baby who had about materyyupolozhitelny emotional connection during pregnancy (positive emotional acceptance of pregnancy, a zhelannostrebenka, absence of alarms concerning its sex), shows knack for recognition of the face of mother. On a joyful look of mother the baby otzyvayetsyafiziologichesky reaction of pleasure.

the Way of feeding is the major moment in understanding the child as mother treats it and whether it will be able in necessary to momentokazatsya by a row, to feed, support, protect.

However mother can feed with

the child with inaccessible for its the ponimaniyachastoty, defined her own desires and alarms, and nepo to an emergence measure at the kid of need for food. Some mothers carefully observe feeding on hours, vyzhidayaminuta to the put term while hungry mladenetskriky calls the only source of food known to it, heat of an ilaska.

If mother gives to

so much food how many it is necessary for the baby when the child has a need for it if she understands that, except food and clothes, the kid has a vrozhdennayapotrebnost in emotionally painted communication with it, iudovletvoryat this requirement, then the baby has formiruyetsyaoshchushcheny safety and feeling of trust to world around.

Thus, the first year of life of the child is kriticheskimperiody a dlyaprinyatiya or rejection of world around by it. If the kid gets a vsituation when on his call about the help there is no reaction, or, on the contrary, irrespective of desires of the baby, mother imposes it svoyesobstvenny understanding of a way of its development, then zashchitnayail aggressive reaction in relation to situations when a potrebnostirebenka are not satisfied in an adequate form is formed.

Dear mothers! Having left behind doors of maternity hospital, you remember that vashemumladenets, first of all, now needs careful leaving, heat, understanding and love.

the Nature allocated mothers with amazing abilities of a chuvstvovatya to understand the children. Therefore look for support in vashikhoshchushcheniye, trust intuitions and develop art of the relations a smalenky being for whom there is nobody closer you now.