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As we gave birth to Sashenka in TSPSIR

there was it in August as in the movie “The Person from the Boulevard of Capuchins“ - “the road, make installation:-)“, only the phrase sounded:“ I want the child“. And... Already in a weekend the doctor on ultrasonography declared the ripened yellow body, and in two days I received a positive test for pregnancy. How you think what I made? I do not know what it speaks about, but I cried.

As it is cheerful history, I will not tell how there took place pregnancy, of course, there were difficulties, and they - that most of all frightened me (it seemed that childbirth will be - a real nightmare).

I began to Endure

still with 36, probably, of week, the doctor for some reason extended term for 10 days. Who carried pregnancy, will understand me... I was horrified and absolutely lost rest, both tears, and nerves (as the husband endured all this, I do not understand), gradually approached that period when I am ready to give birth was round the clock!

Time hung heavy, in such mood I smoothly was selected to 38 - y and a half to weeks. And once on the way to a toilet from me something rushed, and I, without warning the doctor, jerked itself in an accident ward (the benefit, the contract is concluded) by own car, driving.


on the road lack of fights began to confuse me... but I nevertheless reached and passed acceptance at full scale, visited the patrimonial block where all were quite polite... And I understood that to me it is not terrible, I was completely calmed, having explained that it is not waters. There is such test - it has to darken if there is a dribble of waters. Arrived, by the way, still the husband - to give birth with me. Hee, false alarm:-). About it we visited restaurant, have dinner and safely came back home.

within two days at me the stopper departed, I kept informed the doctor, but, appear, it only strained it, I began to be nervous again. In the next three days every night I had false contractions, and I was already afraid to call somebody or to go somewhere, it is good that the beloved husband - the doctor, did me anesthesia, and everything passed... But only not this night.

of Fight were irregular, I was simply sure that they false, waters did not depart and I quite could suffer. I suffered somewhere from 2 to 4 o`clock in the morning, then bothered me, anesthetic I already drank everything. Therefore I woke the husband, he with me suffered till 6 o`clock, and we began to doubt, maybe, I and the truth give birth, called the doctor and went. In a reception I was not abused again, looked and told that opening on only one finger, we wait for your doctor and we do not hurry (waited to 9 - 00).

Me changed clothes of

once again, wrote down all my data, and took away the husband somewhere. Then on me, the most interesting, nobody shouted how many I have to sit in a rest room, sat how many it is necessary. And my darling, such ridiculous, in a cap, expected me already outside. Everything became quiet in a family of Hundred - x, we together, and this is important. Brought us into patrimonial, allocated the personal block with a bed, a chair, a desk, a pelenalnik and t. d, walls there, by the way, glass so the husband managed to observe couple more of childbirth.

A here that still interestingly: when bring on a post, the pro-guide very quietly so speaks on a post - the contract, and at once all begin to run and it is more convenient to arrange me (I am two times tried). Well, then at once take blood, ask some standarty questions, badly I remember though fights were yet not strong, and waters did not depart.

When the doctor came, she understood at once that without anesthesia you will not look at me, she called an anasteziolog (pleasant such moustached man), he told me to lay down a kalachik and not to move even on fight and not to breathe. I most of all was also afraid of it, just earlier read that it is very difficult, but by the beginning of fight I did not feel it any more. Legs became wadded, I was told to turn each 20 minutes with a side sideways (it that the anasteziya, apparently, evenly arrived). Moreover, the doctor came and punctured a bubble, well and looked there that it was necessary for her, is not painful to me any more.

By the way, I spoke? Childbirth at me the second. I feel - attempts went, and there is nobody in chamber. I still learned then that I my doctor in the elevator got stuck. Yes I all few times with a side sideways turned - that, passed minutes forty only. I speak, call the doctor, calls - goes - and I give birth... The midwife came running, and give they me three together to shift to a chair, and it is so interesting. At once my dear some work was found, take it, give something, but it became in the head and that there... did not see:-). I began to feel pain, not such as at first labor, but understood that it it is simple oooooooooooochen strong therefore to press a button for an additional anasteziya, did not help any more, and to press several times - I pound a little, the computer watches:-).

So, we began to give birth. The midwife told at once:“ You will listen to me - everything will be good“. I noticed that even the doctor listened to it. On the third fight I gave rise, without uniform razryvchik, it was very easy to observe all recommendations when it is not sick, and here to me on a stomach laid out the maiden weighing 3630 g, such beauty at once - the blonde, and I burst into tears with happiness again. I so was afraid of this childbirth, and everything passed so safely. However, on a look of the midwife I understood that at me blood began to turn not at once, but, without giving a sign, to me made a dropper, and I almost noticed nothing.

Delivered to

me in a corridor, allowed even to drink, my darling - now the daddy - carried the daughter to the nursery, and sat down near with me. Here it is happiness - all are healthy and happy! Yes, still the pediatrician, having examined the baby, approached me and speaks: “There now, mummy, your girl has everything that is necessary!“ You represent...