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May of

I want to Begin month with huge and sincere gratitude to all 7yanam which empathized me, supported, furiously kept the fingers crossed and congratulated. These are girls from the Planning konfa and, certainly, the adored my visitors Maiden which just filled up me with congratulations in abundance! And also those who together with me “thumbed through an album“ month with superfluous back when I was suppressed by an unfulfilled event. Now I devote this story to all of you! Let`s be glad together!

In general month May is “my“ month on life. All major events took place in May: I got acquainted with future husband, we celebrated a wedding, I for the first time became pregnant. I think, further you already guessed - the second pregnancy began this month too! Month of “X“.

on May 17 I again cautiously expected my hated “holidays“. But they decided to be late suddenly (probably, regretted me, at last). The second day I still waited (remembering last illusions), and here on the third made the test. One strip...“ Well and that, it still does not speak about anything“, - squeezing out from itself optimism, I thought. Next day made other test. And again one strip. I and so instead of 2 - 3 minutes waited for the second half an hour. But she went obstinate and was not shown.

On Monday I went to work. Also decided to share doubts with 7ey. Among answers and wishes I took advice to take a blood test on HGCh. It is clear, that the rest of the working day passed in expectation, as if to leave several milliliters of precious liquid quicker. Considering my mad fear of all these needles, test tubes etc., I made a feat, having given in a charge to the serious nurse in clinic. So far I sat, having narrowed eyes, and thought that here now the needle will pierce in my vein, I suddenly felt that to me already apply a bandage and order to go home and to wait till 5 in the evening for tomorrow.

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now as there passed these days of expectation. At work I did one mistake behind another, plus nausea and weakness was added, then I mixed hours and nearly left ahead of time. In principle, everything was already clear to me as noonday, but I went for results of the analysis for 100% of a guarantee.

In a reception me was met by smiles on duty, asked to call a surname and gave a leaf with results... Not, well I am, of course, a person formed etc., but tsiferka did not want to tell me about anything. Silly smiling, I speak: “Forgive, and it what?“ The girl in a white dressing gown took a leaf back and, too smiling (day of smilies was, probably): “Well, you look. You the HGCh level have 142,3 units. Means, between the 1 and 2 week of conception“.

Being afraid of

that now at me directly at all tears will sweep, I in a whisper asked again: “That is, it means “Yes“?“ The woman, seemingly, understood my state (that to me it is useless to explain concerning weeks now and something simple is necessary and available to the obscured brain) smiled again: “Yes. It means “Yes“.“ Ïîçäðàâëÿåì!

Everything floated in a film of tears. Where legs? Where earth? I fly down the street, thinking only of it “yes“! I get phone from a bag and I call the husband. In breaks between my joyful cries and sobbings he understood that conception worked well. I reached the house in 10 minutes. And already in a hall I shining was clasped in arms by the husband.

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A... to me the dinner “for the pregnant beloved wife“ was made, are dragged from Count Ruins shop, and then in the room I continuously said about how I will go these 9 months with puziky how our girl (either the boy will be born, or in general twins who knows?) as we will equip a bed, a room for the child as we with him will walk etc. Probably, I would reach in the imaginations grandsons. But fell asleep because it was exhausted by impressions.

in the Morning I woke up in 5. 35. From nausea.“ Toksikozik you my, superearly“, - I thought at first lovingly and tried to fall asleep. But to fight it was useless. When the husband left for work, I got up at once and, having washed, started wandering on kitchen. As ill luck would have it, having felt hungry, but to here swallow something I just had no physical forces. And I just drank to tea and went to work.

Despite the state I felt the huge happiness! So there was a wish to tell employees, hardly constrained itself! But, that the pleasure did not vanish in vain, shared it with 7ey. Ooh! The whole working day passed in reading congratulations and “lazaniya“ on the websites for pregnant women.

I went To euphoria home, but is dear in the stuffy subway and the bus everything muffled. For some reason stuffed up ears, and heartburn began all of a sudden. Generally, by that moment when I got home, me it was absolutely bad. We went to bed. The husband fell asleep quickly, and I was irritated by everything around.

Here to me to the head was gone by pregnant hormone of “superharm“, and it became offensive for me. As so, me not to fall asleep, and the husband even does not notice it and continues to sleep! I began to turn (as it seemed to me, it is rather loud). But the husband sleeps tight. Then I suddenly decided “to show off“: rose, with the terrifying roar put on slippers and went to sleep to other room. Laid down on a bed where the son sleeps (he in the village now), curled up, huffed still a little bit and fell asleep.

I wake up in 5 again in the Morning. 35 (probably, there “lark“ lives). And in 5. 40 there is a husband. I hear how the door in our bedroom opened, then steps along a corridor - the husband comes to me.“ You why left? Go, go to bed to the room“, - he with anxiety told and approached a bed. I stubborn continue to take offense. The husband quietly cast away a blanket, took me on hands (grumbling at the same time on - kind something it seems “it was attached without me here“) and carried in a bedroom.

Here hormone of “tearfulness“ suddenly leaped, and I began to poor-mouth that to me it is awfully bad that is I feel sick wild, and heartburn, and I am tired on - terrible, and at all there are no forces my any any more. The husband looked at me, silently listening to this tirade. Seeing that words have no due effect, I decided to tell in a makeweight: “And in general, with the first pregnancy at me so was not“. The husband stroked me on the head: “Means, now will be“.

of Hm, and it is valid. Where it is told that all pregnancies take place equally? But me everything, probably, was a little. “And there is no wish to go to work absolutely. How I will be able to work in such state?“ - I say.“ And why to you to go? Stay at home today, have a rest“, - the husband quietly answered, stroked on the head, gave smacking kiss and went for work. Hm, the most right decision, as always, lies on a surface and is the simplest. At me pacification hormone leaped, and I calmed down. Lay and looked out of the window. For the first time noticed this spring that the white lilac blossomed and friendly to me wags on wind with the branches. Everything, I send the SMS to the employee that to me badly and today do not wait for. Eh, well!

I suddenly I was attacked by hunger. Sweeping away everything on the run, I rushed to the refrigerator and understood that me its contents have nothing to choose from. Having had a bite yogurt, bananas, rice, tea, a chocolate, two sandwiches, a glass of peach juice, a chicken leg and cupcake, I decided to descend in shop behind food. But while put on, changed the mind 20 times and sat down at the computer. Found photos of an embryo on the 5th week of pregnancy, standard daily rates of vitamins, recommendations about physical. to exercises etc. Then communicated on 7e and got the LJ on the Internet where described the pleasures to life. Eh, again it is good!


Ya that it would be advisable to buy a cartridge for the printer, and vitamins are still necessary, and into the phone bill it is necessary to dump money, and still I want some cheese and the next book in the library on pregnancy and childbirth. In the light of last events, and remembering the appeared absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, I made the list of the fact that it is necessary to me (and safely left it on the table). I pull the favourite jeans. And here dawns on me that in about 2 - 3 months no I simply will get into one trousers! Because these accessories of a toilet by the principle “here only are chosen at me recover though on 1 cm, and - farewell, trousers!“ The same thoughts arose concerning linen. And then and concerning shoes (all my footwear from the series “all the same I will be highest in the bus on these heels“).

I Go outside: the sun shines, birdies sing, trees turn green, towards girls - senior pupils in huge white bows from the last call go flocks. Life was successful, generally! And, it seems as, also does not feel sick even. Also getting again hungry. Several times passed there - back by all of the known restaurant with junk foods. The brain whispers: “It is impossible for you French fries and fried cheese hearts with cranberry sauce“. And the organism presses: “If do not eat all this now, then you will die immediately!“ Won against an organism fight. I ate these dishes. And nothing to me for it was... till the evening when inside everything rebelled against torture.

A home the husband came then, and we went to opening of fountains at Moscow Square (the benefit, to go to it 15 minutes). To the people was... When we came, freely it was possible to stand only meters for 50 from a scene. Certainly, nothing was visible to me. It`s all right, I think. The main thing - to look at fountains. And suddenly I hear that Lyudmila Putina and Valentina Matviyenko will act now. I begin to jump in horror, understanding at the same time that I all the same, owing to the tiny growth will not see anything, except backs ahead of standing. And I told the husband that I want to become the high-ranking lady too right now. The hint was understood. The same minute I flew up on two-meter height and it appeared at the husband on shoulders. As it is good! Now all is visible.

Yes, a show of the fountains dancing to music - just enchanting! Illumination in all flowers of a rainbow was poured! Also similarity of salute was arranged!

Having received the mass of pleasant impressions, we in the rain came back home. And when I went to bed, thought that the feeling of happiness has two properties: to arise and vanish unexpectedly, and also to amplify and decrease. It seems that so far it is not going to disappear and continues to grow. Eh, well!

P. S. To my dear and dear critics I ask to notice:

does not have
  1. In article the purpose.
  2. does not have
  3. In article contents.
  4. do not have
  5. In article recipes.
  6. is not present
  7. of Article at all (to you seemed:-)).
  8. is forbidden to Judge the pregnant woman strictly (and the one who knows whom it under heart carries, suddenly is future or future president of the Russian Federation. Still will be upset and will be then an angry governor).