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And we are on friendly terms families of

- Well, all mamul, I took away documents, we can go though to the world`s end!

- the Daughter how visors?! 2 more courses to study you!?

- Well, here we will also go to the North, to the grandmother, there it will be easier for you, is closer to mother, and I will replace an obstanovochka, learned in one place three years, I will finish in another.

… Day. Mother has a hysterics, it in full shock. Correctly, she was not going to move anywhere, it appears, just frightened me. Well, and I since the childhood harmful, both told, and made.

All summer mother devoted

to that to fatten me, cooked my favourite rolls, pancakes. And every day persuaded me not to leave for three thousand kilometers.

the Summer came to an end with

, and closer by September, having said goodbye to all, I went to submit Siberia. On the platform remained mother in tears and Zhenka with hope that at least for winter vacation I will arrive to it. When got on the train, in five minutes I awfully began to miss all the relatives and the family. But when I got acquainted almost with all car, I began to dream of new life: people, city, relations.

With me remarkable couple - the husband with the wife went, already on pensions, and all the parental care they decided to splash out in the next two days on me. Tried me, such thin to fatten. In the next compartment the young man in my taste went. It at once was pleasant to me, its singularity was evident at once, it it to itself(himself) also attracted me.

At one of stops we with it left to breathe fresh air, one of those women who trade at stations ran up here, what they paid out a wages, and speaks:“ The father, buy the daughter of swans (crystal)“. It was necessary to see his face and us with it when we laughed, especially after when it became clear that I am his daughter and am youngest for 3 years. And went, I called him “daddy“, and it me “daughter“.

So lovely and quickly two days flew by, and my station already showed the empty platform. And here I sit on bags in others city, and it is not known, far farther to go and how many still to reach?!

I here pleasure, I see the uncle and cousin little sisters. Super, same it is great that I was met, and I will not get into the next crapes. And that I one cannot be released anywhere, especially in Moscow.

I will Never forget when we with mother arrived to the market, to buy things. The whole month moreover mother saved got paid, and so with blood came, we look what to save on that it is more things to buy. And here on our trouble flimflammers met, well we then did not know that it is divorce at full scale, here listened openmouthed, so there was a wish the refrigerator for some 700 rubles moreover and money, it seems, will back return.

we Stared in the computer, something is quickly played there, we, of course, with mother even did not manage to see anything plainly, and here we are told that all of us won. We are shocked. Here from crowd the woman runs out is enough our money and with them I rush in crowd, of course, behind it, mother for me, it is clear that we did not catch up with it and nothing was won. So us with it to kopek also cleaned. We go back on the station only with a skirt which was managed to be bought before our crash. Mother is glad that though on the road back managed to perepryatat money. And I with the destroyed dreams of new clothes.

Mother went behind tickets, and one suspicious person approaches me and speaks: “Hare, you do not wish to earn additionally?“ Eh, I for these words was ready to kill him as though knew that there is no money, dreams are broken, he is sure to appear with “easy“ earnings of money. Well, I, of course, sent it to a long journey. And could not understand all road not only that parted as a lokhushka, so also in the prostitute wrote down.

on each trip something is obligatory for

I happens to me, in the subway anxious some will be pasted, the militia scoffs. Yes, hardly in this life it is necessary nice young girls.

And so, we will return to my departure, three more hours by car - and I in the most beautiful northern cozy town. I did not see so many fires on streets, except Moscow anywhere.

- Well, hi, the new city, new people, new life!

Till September first remained two weeks, and it was necessary to manage to settle with housing, to carry documents in institute, to convince the director that I am the most diligent student and is worthy to study in the best group of this institute.

the Director was

the newcomer too, as well as I, just started performance of the duties therefore accepted me with pleasure, one may say, in ranks of the recruits. Only for some reason took an interest in my nationality, and all. Strange, of course, well, maybe, hoped that we with it also one blood.

With the director managed to agree quicker, than with the commandant of the hostel, same not the woman, this “The iron woodcutter“! The ideal head of hear on the head, will not drop out any hair, not without reason so many efforts and on a bottle of hairspray are used every morning. Purely white boots, without uniform speck, a make-up “and - la 60 - e“, the rough smoked voice, iron nerves, and strong legs. That`s it legs, she is not able to knock at the doors, she just knocks out them! Looking at it, does not go in in any way that it has children and grandsons, and she very much loves them. I would have such grandmother, I would be afraid of her.

After long interrogation at the iron woodcutter about all my relatives, the family and addictions, I left her office as if from tortures of the guerrilla by Germans. From one look on a body run goosebumps the size from an elephant. Told to come tomorrow, maybe, as it will turn out.

one more day Was necessary to press my two-meter little sister. To sleep with her on a single bed is just penal servitude. All night long you catch her long legs that they once again did not load to you in the head.

It seems to

, life on - to a tikhonk, it begins to be adjusted. Took in institute, the iron woodcutter took pity and made room in the hostel. She obviously does not love newcomers, the head thought when I saw this poor room flew in mine. Bums, probably, live one thousand times better! We with my new neigbour were exiled to the room, not most not suitable for housing. After acquaintance to my neigbour Anechkaya we began to bring order.

Anechka me at first was not pleasant to

because looked at me as on the enemy of the people, but then, having communicated, I understood that with such neigbour I will not be gone.

as a result from cleaning at us turned out: three big bags filled by empty bottles from - under alcoholic drinks, two bags of some dirty men`s wear and several buckets of any garbage. It appears, to us the team of builders who spoiled lived here, and to clean - so we!

After carrying out of this property on a garbage can, it turned out that except one table, we have a big case and a lame bed on three legs nothing! We went from Ankaya for trade on production of furniture and things of household consumption, walked on rooms, won one bed, two mattresses, pillows and one chair. However, with a lattice at a window and without curtains on the first floor it is horrible, and to perfection of our corner it was far, well, at first it is possible to live.

U me these terrible lattices at windows, a release in 22 did not go in at all. 00 moreover check of everyone on the heads, and if your head after 22. 00 was absent, in the morning your things and it is natural, you were driven out on the street and were left without the place of residence.

After such difficult harvest day we went to walk near the hostel.


, you see, the car goes?“ - Anka speaks, - “It is tenants, you do not look at them and if stop, then do not talk, and that we will walk smack, then we will not get out“.

So far I tried to consider

, these tenants, they also approached us moreover near us and stopped. At me directly heart went to heels, well everything, I think, got! Here the window falls, and the man`s voice invites us to sit down to them and to keep the company. I according to Anyuta`s instructions am silent, I tell the word, as well as ordered. Anka, tried to send them far and for a long time, but they were more cunning.

- Little girls, a water-melon you want? And that the whole day dangles here on back sitting, is necessary to nobody.

A me as was brought up while give - take.

- Of course, we want, give here, it is not necessary to you, we will eat. And for these words I receive from Anka sideways, but, I am already useless to be stopped, I already climbed on back sitting behind that water-melon, having painfully felt hungry. And students when still will have a grant, it is unknown.

- Well, you, little girls though would sit with us a little bit, chatted, and then we to a main entrance will bring you, together with a water-melon.

So us they persuaded to get acquainted with them, well, we not absolutely naive, our names and where we live told lies. Then from - for it it was necessary to run from the neighboring hostel in slippers and dressing gowns in the native. And the hostel, you understand, big, hungry, such as we, much, therefore it was necessary to mask a water-melon. I, without hesitation, thrust it to myself under a dressing gown, and I come important gait of the pregnant woman, I go along a corridor and I pray that it did not drop out.

After the operation done by us we from Ankaya practically in thirty minutes ate all water-melon. So we celebrated our housewarming, and night was even more cheerful when we competing in speed rushed in a toilet. Rose swelled up, here in the morning when you understand that it is necessary to share with all.

there Passed two days, and our ranks of exiled were joined, there arrived Tanya and Sonya, they were ruined by love to an opposite sex and cheerfulness therefore they also joined us. In the same evening it became clear that we study together and in one group. And as the newcomer I can tell that all accepted me warmly and joyfully.

the First night it was four together ridiculous to tears, we slept with Anyuta on one bed together, and Sonka slept on a three-legged bed, Tatyana as the princess, settled down in the middle of the room on a table. And the next nights it was necessary to us and to sleep because Tanka managed somewhere to pick up louses, and at us in the room elimination of these insects was conducted. And what folk remedies we only did not fight against them, the most ridiculous was when we Sonke rubbed the head with mix from onions and vegetable oil and when it was necessary to wash the head, water in the hostel was disconnected. And to it at this time on appointment there arrived a young man, I from shame would burn down, and it does not, the good fellow, naplet to it about a mask for hair then it with pleasure took it to itself(himself) home that it washed the head. And as he did not choke only with this smell because hair at Tanka after this jet folk remedy stank a week more.

Main that the frightened Sonka attacked our first-aid post, grabbed with

means against louses and forced us to use it that they to us did not run across. But I can safely tell you, any louse could not sustain such jet means from onions therefore we did not suffer at all, and Tanka not so long waged with them war. Though it was horrible.

After a month of existence on two beds and a table we were awarded by new furniture and of course, new pleasure that we it is not worse than others now.

During a week went to institute, did clear-out in the evening nearly every day because “The iron woodcutter“ checked rooms every morning. Consolidated knowledge in the evening, had supper and to sleep. And here on days off, since the Friday evening, our routine life quickened. In total - it is good that there is a release in 22. 00 and windows on lattices and angry grandmothers of the watchwoman, without them life would be boring, it is unambiguous, and without them I would not hand over with such ease “tourism“ perfectly well.

As soon as there came our admirers, or ourselves awfully wanted to descend on a disco, we rose by the second floor, pulled out a nail nail-catcher, opened windows, lowered a cover or a sheet and on these self-made ropes got on freedom.

I Remember

, one of same as we, an ekstremalok broke a little and counted the teeth the lower lattice. Well, thank God, got off with a fiasco of a piece of one tooth.

Yes, to get out, the problem was in one, to wait when the watchwoman falls asleep, and here to get back, it was more difficult: in - the first, it was necessary to wake only one person who will open for you a window, and will lower a cover, but not all hostel, and in - the second, forces there was already much less after the quantity drunk and dances till the morning.

of the Practician on tourism at us occurred weekly and when were on a last year, and daily, only on preparation for state examinations and thesis defense it was necessary to sit locked up, to teach, pozubrit.

So we with little girls also lived - were on friendly terms before the termination of institute, and after obtaining the diploma decided to remain in the city and not to go to the provincial villages. Besides Zhenka was forgotten by me right after the first session because never reminded of himself and after he learned that between us everything is over, filled up my box with love messages. And in a month itself arrived to me, fell on knees, begged to return, but the offense in me sat so deeply and reason I well understood that it is not my person, and I do not want to live with it. Therefore he left with the broken heart through my fault. And to come back home I had no slightest desire.

Anka ran away from the married man too therefore to meet his wife not really - that and there was a wish.


- the princess on a pea, never kissed, all sat under a window and waited for it, and it did not appear in any way. And obviously nobody waited for her house except the shepherd or the tractor operator, and to it the prince and on white Mercedes give.


- in general a separate case, twisted everywhere where could, at the weekend in the village, and on weekdays in the city.

So, there passed two years upon termination of institute, and all of us are on friendly terms, and as usual, on Fridays, we are going to have a good time.

- You go on a disco today? Or perhaps we will play bowling?

- Well, little girls, give already solve, will sleep it is necessary to lay down soon, and we did not solve yet where to go.

- Everything is solved, we do a fighting color and we go for searches of the next victims.

Today we gather at Anka again. Drank wines for a mood raising, shook up clothes each other, dressed up, it was necessary to make up lips, to call a taxi and at way.


, as usual, begins to stick to the taxi driver if unmarried, then begins to pull the wool over the eyes concerning its magic force, and ability to predict future. Correctly, and suddenly will carry, and to itself will find the husband.

we Go to a disco, we sit down at a little table, we order on cocktail. We look narrowly, noticed the cheerful company from young people and we begin the attack.

Tanyushka, is enough, as they say, a bull for horns, that is invites the elect to all slow dances which only play, and tries to untwist it on champagne. Will tell all all week then as he was crazy about it, and every minute whispered it compliments, and then it will turn out that at the end of the evening he to it proposed marriage to be his wife, but it refused to it. And so almost every time, we already trust in it a little, but we pretend that so it, probably, also was. The main thing that if to trust in it most, it for certain happens.

Anyuta begins to perform the erotic dances with a stare on the one who will go to spend the night to it today that at it cool turns out. Anyutk in general the master in hypnosis as will sink down on whom, everything, consider, it was caught in her net, it is just surprising while she is drunk. As soon as sobers up, nobody is already necessary to it. And so also we cannot marry her though it at us the most senior, and years - that go.


fondly tries to outvoice this club music, something everything jokes and laughs, and its victim does not know how it will get rid of it. It so - that cheerful, can also fate - N - to dance a beater, and a twist, just now another is necessary to young people, and it another, not all understand it, and in vain, the main thing of a shower!

Ya, as usual, I sit, I watch this business, I go to dance only under what is pleasant to me. And any more not news, chtabout at the end of night, is closer to morning, some clever botanist or, will sit down by me even worse, the former prisoner who was starving on female caress, and on length of my skirt he is sure that he also will receive it. And the love wants me, as well as any other girl, romanticism, colors, serenades under windows, smart gifts, well, it is possible also flowers, at least field, well that it is pleasant, and is not present!

of Romanticism, well where all of you got to?! Hey!!!

Yes, already for two years, so at us there pass days off and if nobody was picked up, it turns out, all evening to nothing and next working week too, to talk and to laugh there will be nobody, and there is nothing.


A in the summer … We started anew to rescue Anyuta who vtyuritsya in the convict over head and ears. Gave all salary to it, fed, dressed. Poor, everything grew thin, he, it seems, too loved it, but the fact that he used her kindness, it precisely. As a result after a week trip to its aunt on the South we learned that Anka is pregnant.

the Young father at first while Anka was not pregnant, shouted that wants the child that it seems as it is time for it. And after news that literally in nine months his dream will be achieved he made the scared person, dodged that to it still early, and was such is. As a good few of the man`s population does. As business reaches responsibility, so they in bushes …

We - that our Anka supported at once

, and parents did not understand. After the next court of her darling sent to places of confinement, Anka gave birth to the wonderful girl, and I hope, droplets is not sorry about it. And itself says what wonderful, the most beautiful at it the daughter on light.

Somewhere in half a year already Tatyana found the dream - the businessman. We are, of course, girls all good, we dream of big pure love. And Tanya never hid that the big rich pocket is pleasant to her more. The most ridiculous was then when his Tatyana everything - married, and it became clear later that she receives more it, and its business all in debts.


But, all the same, whatever you may say, and it it was very lucky with the husband, let not such rich of which dreamed, but careful, loving, kind. When she gave birth to it to the remarkable chubby sonny, from it the magnificent father - the nurse turned out. And Tatyana decided to earn further more and to open the business.

A at our Sonka, it turned out as in the song: “The love will unintentionally appear suddenly when you do not wait for it at all!“ . It walked at a wedding at the sister, was a witness, and the witness was just in her taste there. So it to itself found the husband who very attentively listened to it and understood all her jokes, and, above all, they suit so one another. Well, as two golubochka. Yes, nearly forgot, in a year after their wedding they gave birth to the remarkable boy, and, above all, he eats much and attentively listens, especially to the mother. And they are two romanticism, make each other every month different gifts - kickshaws, and it is very pleasant to both. Floret, autumn leaflet, in a word, romanticism all the year round.

A as for me, so he found me. Met the destiny under the windows. The stranger was knocked, asked to drink waters. Got to talking, invited to go out for a walk. I, of course, at first did not want, then I think and why I and am not present? Agreed, looked narrowly, our eyes met, feelings woke up, did not pass also month as I already walked up and down in its apartment in the dressing gown presented to me and burst favourite “rafaellka“. In three months all May the gang walked at our wedding. The wedding took place is noisy, cheerfully, in due form repayment, a list, festivities at restaurant. In nine months our family increased exactly twice by twins Yulya and Yura. Waited for one, but two it is even better, for once it otmuchitsya.

And so also we gather with the angels on days off, tradition already such. Earlier, that on a disco to descend, now it is necessary to discuss all whom what hurts, and than it it is necessary to treat. And in general now all life - for the sake of our children and who know here will pass twenty years, and our children will meet. Perhaps will also become related?!