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When the child needs the doctor? There are no

Probably, such parents who at least once did not ask for medical care for the child. The decision on a call of the doctor is given someone more hard, someone tries to manage by own efforts and not to resort to medical care, and someone on the contrary entirely trusts doctors and tries to consult with the expert in any aspects concerning health of the child. Often harmless, at first sight, problems with health of the child can have serious consequences therefore it is correct to estimate a condition of your kid, only the doctor can take measures for prevention of any complications with its health. In this article we will try to allocate the main, most often found cases when all - is better to ask for medical care.

can allocate to

Depending on age of the child the following cases.

aged till 1 year most often disturb the child:

  1. intestinal colic
  2. concern, shout
  3. temperature increase
  4. skin allergic reactions

Since 1 to 3 - x years:

  • allergic reactions
  • of a trauma
  • of poisoning
  • breath violation
  • of frustration zheludochno - an intestinal path
  • Is more senior than

    1. 3 - x years:

      1. temperature
      2. of a trauma
      3. breath violation
      4. allergic reactions

      1. Intestinal colic: signs - the concern of the child caused by a meteorizm (gas generation), an abdominal distension, an unstable chair (a lock or a frequent chair), vomiting, vomiting.

      Why needs to ask for medical care? In principle, intestinal colic at children of early age can pass also without medical care, but all - the doctor is necessary as these signs can be characteristic not only of functional violation zheludochno - an intestinal path, but also intestinal infection, surgical pathology of an abdominal cavity, at diseases of kidneys. Therefore the doctor has to exclude above-mentioned serious states.


      Than will be helped by the doctor? Will correctly make the diagnosis, will appoint treatment, will correct a diet of mother and child, in case of need will appoint inspection for specification of the diagnosis.

      2. Temperature increase is characteristic of children of all age. Very few people from parents did not face such problem. If temperature does not decrease after reception of febrifuges and with firmness keeps higher than 38,5? With, medical care is necessary.

      Why needs to ask for the help? Temperature, as a rule, can be a consequence of a viral infection and any other infectious inflammatory diseases. A task of the doctor - to define the reason of temperature increase and to choose means for its decrease (medicamentous preparations, grinding etc.) what will be facilitated by a condition of the child (see recommendations about care of the sick child).

      3. Concern is more characteristic of children till 1 year at intestinal colic, temperature increase, neurologic diseases, a teething syndrome, vaccine-challenged states, acute infectious diseases, frustration of a dream.

      the Equivalent of concern of children the bad dream can be more senior than 1 year .

      Why to call the doctor? It is necessary to remember that the concern is only a consequence and it does not happen from scratch. The doctor establishes the concern reason, finds difference of a functional state from a disease.

      4. Vaccine-challenged states . Parents should pay attention to concern of the kid after vaccination. In vaccine-challenged states the child can have painful feelings in the place of an injection from - for hypostasis, an indisposition due to immunological reaction and small temperature increase that is not complication, and an admissible vaccine-challenged state during the term established at application of a certain vaccine. If similar states at the child proceed more established periods - professional survey of the child as these signs can accompany other diseases is necessary. The doctor will define whether really these problems are connected with vaccination, but not with a debut of any disease. In case the concern of the child is connected only with the carried-out vaccination, the doctor will take measures for simplification of a condition of the child and prevention of undesirable consequences.

      Attention! Indispensable condition for a call of the doctor is shout of the child more than 2 - x hours in the first days after vaccination, the redness in the place of an injection more than 8 cm and temperature is higher than 39 degrees.

      5. Allergic reactions cannot also be disregarded. At the child till 1 year meet skin allergic reactions more often that is caused by reception of a certain food. There are an itch, concern, sometimes temperature. The doctor will surely appoint inspection regarding identification of a food product from he at which kid of a problem, and also will appoint a necessary diet that will give relief in a condition of the child. Also are characteristic of all age such allergic reactions as skin rashes, allergic cold, reaction to stings of insects. The doctor will surely establish the reason of emergence of a problem and according to it will appoint necessary treatment.

      6. Not the last place among problems with health of the child is taken of poisoning .

      Poisoning can be food, connected with intestinal infection, and also medicamentous.

      Food poisoning can lead to dangerous consequences, life-endangering the child. Any kind of loss of liquid at the expense of a frequent chair or vomiting leads to dehydration (eksikoz), intoxications (toxicosis) and, perhaps, to neurotoxicosis. To prevention and correction of consequences of above-mentioned states parents can independently apply the following package of measures before arrival of the doctor:

      needs to give
      • plentiful glucose - salt drink (regidron),
      • to accept adsorbent (a smekt, pekto, akivirovanny coal)
      • by
      • to make a food pause for 6 hours
      • to control temperature
      • the special equipment of a vypaivaniye of the child surely has to be applied - to give to drink to the child on 1 teaspoon each 5 minutes (fractionally).

      in case of of medicamentous poisoning needs to call urgently the ambulance and to try to wash out a stomach very weak solution of potassium permanganate!

      7. Complaints of the child to belly-ache are also frequent cause for the request for medical care . Are the main reasons for such pains:

      • Food violations
      • Food allergy
      • Sharp diarrhea (diarrhea)
      • the Inflammation of a stomach, the 12th perstny gut (gastritis, duodenit)
      • an intestines Inflammation (thin, thick)
      • the Inflammation of a gall bladder (cholecystitis)
      • a pancreas Inflammation (pancreatitis)
      • Damage of a liver (hepatitises)
      • Damage of a spleen
      • the Inflammation of a shoot of a blind gut (appendicitis)
      • of Hernia
      • of Quinsy, pneumonia
      • the Inflammation of kidneys, urinary tract (nephrite, pyelonephritis, cystitis, etc.)
      • by
      • At girls - an inflammation of female genitals
      • At boys - an inflammation of testicles, scrotums
      • the Periodic illness
      • the Helminthic invasion

      to Determine the reason of belly-aches and the diagnosis only the doctor can. But parents have to know about danger signs:

      • belly-ache does not cease within 6 hours and more
      • notes belly-ache and hypostasis of a scrotum
      • by
      • repeated vomiting
      • the emetic mass of flavovirent color

      Immediately ask for medical care. It is not recommended to calm down if belly-ache passes and the child recovers. Obligatory inspection and clarification of the reasons of belly-aches

      is necessary for

      you Remember: health of your child in your hands.

      can Call the pediatrician round the clock for rendering the advisory and urgent help with ph. 768 - 10 - 03

      of Consultation of doctors in policlinic: 101 - 36 - 47

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