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Our children in a world wide web of

the Web - the chamber not worse than the nurse looks after the kid, and the virtual tutor cares for intellectual development... The world of high technologies is fascinating. But whether it is possible to release the child in far walks?

“By no means!“ the grandmother will declare and will remember that you were brought up without any computers - the Internet and even lack of home telephone numbers in each family did not prevent you to grow full-fledged citizens. Do not argue with the grandmother especially as her tirade is not deprived of common sense: without ZhK - the display before eyes and hands - free in an ear the child will grow up healthy, will not spoil sight or hearing ahead of time. But, on the other hand, why to go on foot if already invented the bicycle? To deny what was thought up by progress, at least strange.

Computer. First acquaintance:

Has to take place not earlier than 8 - 9 years (it is admissible, but it is undesirable from the first class). At this age the elementary programs (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer or other web - the browser) for the first time can be necessary for the child to perform some homeworks or to communicate with schoolmates. If you cannot be carried to the advanced users, take care of specialized literature (pick up as the books written especially for children, and training grants for themselves).

the First sessions at the computer should not exceed 20 minutes, for children of 6 - 7 years 15 minutes, for teenagers (12 - 15 years) half an hour. Every month time behind the monitor can be prolonged for 5 - 10 minutes, leading up till 1,5 - 2 o`clock in day. The optimum schedule for the child: 15 minutes of work and 10 - a minute break (and not at the TV or with the book on a sofa!) .

Safety measures:

do not save

Hidden threats:

of the Measure of fight:

of E - mail

can Catch a computer virus not only wandering on network back streets, but also in own mailbox. Here spam of mailing of messages of advertizing or entertaining character “is found“. Besides, by mail or in ICQ it is possible to receive messages which contents will appear obviously not for children`s eyes: not the first year parents complain that virtual hooligans distribute files or references to the websites with cheerful computer games, children willingly consider their contents, but suddenly on the screen the grin of the dead person emerges. Even for mentality of the adult such turn of events will be unexpected... Be not afraid to tell about it to the child, you remember the phrase: “It is warned means, it is armed“.

of the Measure of fight:

In the USA not the first year investigate IAD problem
Patients with such diagnosis will see off at the computer of 16 - 18 hours in days, complain of almost drug addiction from the Internet - desire to be connected as soon as possible to a network, hardly woke up or came back home, and a condition of depression or aggression if it long does not manage to be made. The biggest age group with such complaints - teenagers from 14 to 19 years

Chats, forums, ICQ, dating sites

would Seem what bad is in if the child communicates with other people in real time? But one business if he discusses animated films with the friend - the age-mate, and absolutely another if his interlocutor the adult giving himself for the child. On the Internet about 30% of young users of a network annually are exposed to harassments of podofil. Malefactors use standard and always the working receptions: give themselves for fantastic heroes, send references to “an interesting resource with cheerful pictures“ or suggest to meet to exchange posters of favourite football club. And the child is, as a rule, very trustful...

of the Measure of fight:

Explain On-line shops, virtual casinos, the websites “freebies“

I forgive to

, a mother`s award and father`s advance payment!. On-line resources are in the lead in the list of the reasons inducing the child to steal money from parents. At desire it is possible to buy all and absolutely legally a disk of the favourite singer or spirits for mother here, and it is semi-legal through a bulletin board or a specialized forum drugs, the weapon, sexual toys... And in the virtual casino invitingly suggesting to win the transcendental sum and there is a wish to test the good luck.

of the Measure of fight:

  • of As well as in a case with the forbidden websites , control access for the child to undesirable resources constantly being nearby if there is such opportunity, or using for this purpose the special program.
  • Tell
  • to the child about that that easy money does not exist, as well as online - freebies. Remind that there`s no such thing as a free lunch. The child will not manage to earn from mailings, banner displays or from a virtual roulette. And here can get into an unpleasant situation quite. If he persistently looks for network earnings, reflect whether it is time for it to find a feasible side job out of the virtual world.

the Game console (or game programs on the personal computer). First acquaintance:

Dangerous symptoms
has to guard you with

if the child:

  • after the conflicts, quarrels or just in bad mood at once grab the mobile phone or sits down to the computer;
  • even in time, free from the computer, what happened to it in a network or in game continues to discuss
  • with you or with friends;
  • refuses to use books, encyclopedias, to consult with teachers or adults, and only the cher seeks to find the necessary informationez Internet;
  • usually silent, suppressed, reserved, but the situation in a root changes (eyes burn) when it goes on-line or begins to play.

Safety measures:

As well as in a case with the personal computer, do not put a prefix in a nursery to dose access for the child to it. At once agree how many hours daily or in a week the child will play, and surely you watch to what games the child gives preference if necessary to take away the young gamer to the children`s psychologist.

Hidden threats:

  • cruel games or games with elements of violence, game for adults, game of improper contents
  • with what often sin online - game portals. Here it is possible to dismember, for example, the opponent the chiansaw, to play on the party of terrorists and to meet bright blondes topless. However, and some purchased games allow similar elements. An exit one carefully to check a computer game, to attentively read everything that is written on its box, from time to time to approach your young gamer or to play for the first time together with it.

the Developing games which are not suitable the child on age

  • to Everything needs to know when to stop. By Glen Doman`s techniques it is possible to develop the baby from a cradle, but hardly you will train the baby in bases of mechanics and nuclear physics. Psychologists in panic: modern children obviously advance in intellectual development of peers 5 - 7 - summer prescription, but at the same time about emotional age and their physical development parents even more often forget. And the emotional and physical party of development is much more important than intellectual development of the child. Kids are able to read in English, but badly run and suffer from tens of phobias... That is why with the training games it is necessary to be very careful. Even if they “are recommended for preschool age“, maybe, your kid is not absolutely ready to perceive them yet.

of the Measure of fight:

the Main thing governed
  • of : play a computer game to understand whether it suits the child, whether it is worth playing it now, in a couple of years or it is better to throw out a disk at once while the child did not find it.
  • to define whether game on age approaches, to the data designated on a label add from 3 to 6 months (and even 1 - 1,5 years if your kid is irritable, emotionally unstable, show signs of a game addiction, dependence on games or he is less than 6 - 7 years old).
  • Study responses about game on the Internet before buying it. It is quite good to take an interest at acquaintances what good games their children have.
  • Give to
  • preference to games with those characters who are already familiar to your child according to fairy tales, animated cartoons or your stories.