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The most tasty WEB - the review of

That who keeps to a diet is better to read this review after its termination, Ito if you are sure available at yourself will power. Because pryamoseychas all culinary magnificence of the Internet will fall upon you.

we Will begin

with the most famous and visited pages, such as, for example, “Culinary specialist“. Powerful website, huge number of information. Besides actually recipes you are naydeteobzor of restaurants, fast - feet, shops, auctions, the book on cookeries, councils for hostesses, a culinary horoscope, news of the culinary world, a mirvin and much, many other. Practically for all subjects there are otdelnyekonferention. Through “Culinary specialist“ it is possible even to try to find odnoklassnikapo to number of school.

we get on a visit to the woman Varya From there. The section “Housekeeping from the woman Varya“ is intended for those, “who wants to kukhnyusdelat the cozy and functional, for those who only learn to prepare, idelat the first steps in comprehension of culinary art“.

also the culinary portal “Cooking - Book looks Not less solidly. ru“. Rubrikiprakticheski the same, as on “Culinary specialist“ except other, is archive, conference, the newsletter. It is a pity only that information, seemingly, not daily is updated.

Very convenient electronic recipe-book mozhnobesplatno to pump over

on the computer. The book included recipes from “Culinary specialist“, from mailings of “A city cat“, and also the recipes published in Smak and Rabotnitsa magazines.

Recipes of ridiculous and unusual dishes were found on the website “NewsPepper. ru“. It turned out that even the grown hateful Russian salad can be made a secret. Well, and names of dishes corresponding, like “A breast white. Chicken“.

On the website “At Igor on a Visit“ you learn everything omikrovolnovy furnaces and an originality of microwave kitchen. To you to pomogutvybrat suitable type of the furnace, considering their features. Well, and, of course, here you will find a set of recipes, tables of time of defrosting, cooking and the main methods of preparation in the Microwave oven.

I found

On the website “Recipes at Elena“ 1983 recipes of various dishes. Ochenkrasivo the issued website with convenient search. I to myself copied retseptpod the name “Puchero Argentino“ - the Argentina dish in pots.

being Already exhausted from excess salivation, I pass into the section of “Kukhnyarazdelny food“ of the website “Harbour of a Krasotya of Health“. The fact that it is necessary for followers and admirers of a sistemypitaniye of Michel Montinyak. Besides, in anticipation of Great postarekomendy to glance in the sections “Orthodox Kitchen“ and “Vegetarianskayakukhnya“.

Absolutely indelible impression on me was made knigiv. Century. Pokhlebkina “Secrets of good kitchen“, “Entertaining cookery“ idrugy. Their electronic versions can be found on the website “Melissa“. What is written by Pokhlebkin in many respects changed my understanding about kitchen and cooking. Besides, Melissa has a tremendous collection of recipes, one tolkoretsept of sandwiches too - 1500 pieces, 276 recipes of dishes from fish of imoreprodukt, 206 recipes of house preparations. Remarkably poleznyyrazdet recipes of dishes for Maslenitsa and Easter.

For those who monitor the food will not be superfluous to visit “the Recipe-book of the Nutritionist“. Each recipe includes vsebya the list of products with the indication of quantity and a way of processing, the description of process of preparation, and also content of nutrients, vitamins, macro - and minerals in a ready dish. The system poiskapozvolyat to find recipes with the necessary product or such recipes, in nazvaniiil the description of a way of preparation of which contains specified by Vamislovo. You can fill up “Collection of culinary recipes“ with the svoimsobstvenny recipe.

the Big and interesting collection of recipes for kids was collected Elinai Maria. Girls did huge iochen useful work for what to them the lower bow from all fathers and mothers.

I, at last, for fans of east kitchen two websites - very much simpatichny the witty website “Culinary aspects of a susevedeniye“ and more initial, but not less interesting “Sushi. ru“. Having visited them, I begin to trust, as I sometime will beautifully ipravilno be able to make this sushi or sushi.

To a holiday table do not forget to choose a sootvetstvuyushchiynapitok correctly. What from alcoholic beverages is preferred in the different countries, councils for the use of alcoholic drinks from “Domestic tyranny“, a nakachestvo of alcoholic products, and also a huge number of retseptovdomashny drinks - about everything read tests on the website “Russian Alcohol“.

I do not forget to come on Conference about cookery. There with you podelyatsyaretsepta of the most tasty dishes prepared according to mnogokratnooprobovanny, family recipes.

needs only to wish

A to me to you bon appetit!