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Anapa - Dzhemete. Traveling notes of a season of 2005. Part II

Part I can be read here


One more question. How there with food and whether it is possible to prepare? I will answer: it is possible. In the majority gostinichek there is a common kitchen, and it is possible to prepare. We and ate, in the morning and in the evening mainly ate in number or on a terrace before number, there was a little table, and came into cafe in the afternoon. Not to turn rest into continuous cooking, did so - bought a ready shish kebab or chicken a grill, to children pancakes, and salad, cooked potato or porridge in kitchen. In the same place boiled a teapot. In some cafes, especially, if to warn in advance, will make both cream of wheat and what you want, for the child.

One more option - private supporters. About us there was just one such. It took out boiled potato, salads, cutlets, corn, salty and fresh cucumbers since morning. But mainly private wet nurses concentrate on Peschanaya Street and in pass on the beach behind the market. The range and the prices, I hope, are visible on a photo.

the Truth of a portion small, besides all this is thinnish, postnovato, cutlets and meatballs on accessory rather grain and potato, than meat, but on taste is acceptable, and on quality makes the real competition to dining rooms.

Everywhere in Anapa, and in that season and in Dzhemeta, trade in kvass. Kvass - very and very decent, though not cheap, but natural and saturated. We regularly reserved a three-liter bottle for two days and took kvass with ourselves on the beach.

Mineral water - local, dyoshevy and at the same time qualitative. Abandon Yessentuki and drink Seven-mountain - you will not regret. Ourselves drank with pleasure, and it was pleasant to children.

If to bypass at the left cafe Gulliver, and to pass it is sensitive forward, then to turn to the right behind the wine fountain, then it is possible to find municipal grocery store with the quite good range and the prices. In it the good choice of the main products and big wine department trading in decent bottled wines at much lower prices than in wine benches. In the same place near it, though small, but with the good range and low prices household shop, we bought spoons, additional towels, scissors and an other trifle which in tents is significantly more expensive there.

This time we did not even begin to taste casting wines, and at once aimed to try local famous bottled. Went on winery of Lenin. At first we were led on plant, we listened to information of the technologist on process to wine material preparation, all way process of production of wine, walked on shops, glanced to cellars, then according to the plan we had a tasting. To the surprise we found out that tasting will take place not at plant, and near that place where there arrived the bus. Then only, on tasting, understood that to what.

Still when only the bus arrived to the parking about plant, the strong guy dressed obviously not on weather in black and with rather stupid and impudent expression on … approached to the doors of the bus I cannot call it a face, exchanged courtesies with the guide and as it seemed to us, counted tourists. Then behind bus we saw old Zhiguli where three more same, only in cheap sports suits, but with the same ostrich`s expression of eyes were located. After this controller we met in this “degustayena“ and understood that here everything is grabbed. As soon as the technologist finished the story about those wines that stood at us on tables, and we stopped trying them, it quickly dropped in for a rack and practically demanded from tourists to stock up with wine on the place. The controller watched its work from doors.

Actually this degustarnya - the private office which does not have relations to plant though is in its territory. Sell it exactly all that can be bought in the next shop or in Anapa, only with the corresponding margin calculated on lack of information of tourists. It will want to buy wines of plant of Lenin - not obligatory to drag them from excursion at all, buy in Anapa and if it sharply wants to try something else on the place - cross the street, in the next shop the same, only without turn cheaper.

Yes, and still if you want to bring good wine home and you live not in boondocks - buy the Anapa wine in shop at home. It will be for certain cheaper and is not necessary to drag. Feature of delivery of wines is that the best wine is taken away in October - November to the large cities, and the remains try to sell extremely expensively during a resort season. So, the collection matured Abrau champagne - Dyurso in shop at plant costed 350 rub. In November in Moscow we bought it in rather expensive company shop of the Millesime network for 264 rubles. By the way, the matured champagne is delivered only in company bottles with the inscription Abrau which is squeezed out on a bottom.

Friends praised the Krasnodar cahors wines - decided to check, bought almost everything that they found (7 bottles of 6 different plants). A half was poured out after the first drink, from remained one was tolerable, and one more “cahors wine“ was quite good wine, but not cahors wine at all (on a blend). Two were very much and very worthy, it is “Cahors wine the Vityazevsky“ and “Myskhako`s Cahors wine“ of 2004 of a harvest.


not to spoil to itself rest, I want to prevent about some dangers trapping vacationers. In the summer to Anapa not only health-resort visitors, but also swindlers of all colors are flown down. Though in their that year already was less, than in the past, but we nevertheless periodically saw them. Usually in lunch time about an entrance for the market various kidala turn: stretch cards, offer a lottery, a discount in shop, to look at a new collection. Do not take any “souvenirs“ and cards from their hands.

If got to

- immediately make noise, on threats of swindlers be not conducted - nothing they can. Go to a cops` furgonchik that is slightly farther from the market to the amusement park - they, though very reluctantly, but help, at least, will help to return money. Noise is not necessary to none of them, either kidala, or the cops protecting them.

In the city and on the beach is actively stolen. The most widespread type of theft - night. In many lodges without conditioners of a door, window are flung open at night, lodgers after the beach sleep tight, and miss in the morning left on tables and window sills of a photo and video cameras, hours and mobile phones. Rags do not touch. Steal even on well protected sites. As pilferers are guided in the complete darkness of the southern night and verkholazit on fences - I will not apply mind, but this is the fact so for the night clean everything from eyes. On the beach steal primitively - just approach things, left careless bathing, and carry away hours, bags, purses.


(dealers from hands on the beach) though is said that pies, tubules and the other food of house preparation sold by them but which is really bought up in city benches, quality of such products very doubtful. Wafer tubules are not filled, and covered with a stuffing on both sides - inside emptiness, pies and chebureks are made of scraps from kitchens of sanatoria and cafe.

Pay attention, on the beach many children meet the redressed and plastered legs and hands - the reason for that trampolines on the beach, jumps on shoal and abrupt ladders in hotels.

Sending to

children to the sea, with the air-bed or large toys, keep an eye on them constantly! Along the coast there is a decent current which strongly takes down to the left - to the Anapa bay, and in the late afternoon, wind from the sea is replaced with wind from the coast and can carry away the child rather far from the coast.


Choosing excursions, consider that sellers, advertizing round, quite often diminish the time spent in way, especially on long routes. The buses which, as a rule, are written off without conditioners and if they also are, then work badly, and in the bus for certain will be hot, and the most part of a way can pass on twisting mountain roads. If you risk to go with quickly getting tired or rocking to sleep child, in advance stock up with motion sickness medicines (for example “Dramina“), water and napkins.

Some useful remarks

If the child caught a cold, that is such local recipe that quickly to cure it: if it has no temperatures, and day warm, then in the second half of day take away the child on the beach, lay on heated-up sand about barkhans - it deeper there, and there is no wind. Take with yourself a clean sock, fill in it sand and put it to the child on a nose. Few times replace the place of a stove bench and sand in a sock with hot. Long you should not suffer, it is enough to lie down so minutes 20. We tried - really such warmings up help.

If you have to use regularly drugs, bring them with yourself better. Though in Anapa of deficiency there are no drugs and to buy not a problem, in Dzhemeta there is even a large round-the-clock drugstore, but here the cost of drugs can be twice higher - the resort, however. Drugs that are necessary for you constantly, it is better to bring with itself.

September - excellent month for rest, but most of parents is afraid to pass the beginning of occupations at school and hastily leave by September first. However in the city there is a school where by agreement accept also the children having a rest in Anapa. I do not know details, but soon I will try to specify and I will answer the interested.

This time we already, of course, a lot of things knew

, on much “a rake did not come“ and saved money, had as a result a rest more quietly and was in time more. I will be glad if our traveling notes are useful to someone else.