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Anapa - Dzhemete. Traveling notes of a season of 2005. Part I

Continuation of article about rest in 2004. In fact, answers to questions and new notes on a trip of 2005.

After the first article to me letters with questions began to come regularly, and I tried to answer everyone in details and even promised to write continuation, but did not happen, but it turned out so, as we spent summer holiday of 2005 in the same place. The summer, questions continue to come soon. It is visible there is no escaping fate - I sit down at a feather, I write.

with the choice of the place of “settlement“ had not to suffer This time - the family decided that it let well alone and in March reserved the room in the same hotel for tranquility of soul. Began to prepare for a trip slowly. The beach accessories taught by experience this time with themselves did not carry in general - why to buy and drag from Moscow if in Anapa everything for the beach can be bought on the place cheaper? And the wife additional entertainment - to wander on little shops.


This time reached p from the airport hotel by a minibus. Having parted forcibly rather impudent taxi drivers, found a minibus No. 3, plunged and in 15 minutes were on the place, all pleasure of 15 rubles from the person and from a suitcase. Feature of a trip to Dzhemete on a minibus that if it goes along “the lower road“ - (Pionersky Avenue) that inevitably passes through all Dzhemete, but the part of minibuses goes along the top road, so, it is necessary to reach to a stop “the Company of traffic police“ and to pass on foot to the necessary hotel. If she in the center of the area or is slightly farther for the market, then it is better to sit down on any other minibus going towards the settlement of Vityazevo.

is even closer than

From the railway station. The station “Anapa“ is in only two kilometers from Dzhemete. Especially heroic persons in general can reach there on foot, all the same it is impossible to miss - farther than the sea will not leave. But nevertheless it is simpler a minibus. Taxi drivers will convince you that the minibus from the station does not go - really, from the station does not go, but if to pass 100 meters from the terminal to the highway, then it is possible to catch easily a minibus No. 10 and to reach to the same stop “the Company of traffic police“. To go 5 minutes.


Where is the best of all to be placed? As this question was the most frequent, we honestly tried to carry out small marketing and to bypass all hotels which attracted to us, however understood soon that got excited. In - the first, it is very difficult to estimate hotel only according to external data, and inside not always let since we were taken whether for idly unsteady, whether for agents of the tax inspection, few times even asked to show documents:-). Often owners just did not appear at home, and to sit to wait for them it was silly, nevertheless we came to rest. Generally, we quickly enough understood that for though some tolerable review a great lot of time and forces will be required, and refused this invention.

I Can only tell

that very many vacationers who moved in hotel where we stopped abused The Fairy - 2 boarding house. The main complaints were such: the equipment in numbers is broken, feed which - as, and is very noisy - the disco roars under windows till the morning, a wall thin and boozes - parties of neighbors very much annoy peace family lodgers.

So recommendations such: make to yourself the list that for you is critical that irritates most of all and what you can offer, and farther choose and compare, putting pluses and minuses to hotel according to the websites and to communication with owners. As we understood, each hotel has problems almost, and, alas, not always they can be provided in advance.

I Will give couple of examples.

- Here in appearance good hotel, but cars of owners and vacationers are in the yard, children run among them, cars endlessly come and leave. Such business not eco-friendly and dangerous to children seemed to us.

- another has no yard at all, children walk on the street adjoining nearby.

- In the third hotel 4 floors and ladders narrow, metal, like firefighters. Elevator, clear, no. After the beach to get on ladders into number - will break any high received at the sea and it would not be desirable to break a neck somehow.

- In following everything it is good, and even food is, but all fumes from kitchen since morning in numbers...

already told

Ya that behind a fence gifts there can quite be others garbage can or loud cafe about which never you learn, becoming populated in the afternoon. That year we found two more similar tricks - the first: at our neighbors in the beach the boarding house fronted on a youth camping and private lodges. Unruly students in a camping spent nights behind wine to the guitar and abusive songs to the dawn, and with a dawn they were replaced by the same unruly neighbour`s roosters... Our poor neighbors on the beach slept off...

the Second misfortune - sand and wind. Not often, but there are in Anapa strong winds and if the hotel is about the dusty road or at the beach behind barkhans, and sand in Anapa very small, then dust blows off from roads, and sand from barkhans, and all this flies to windows, clogs a mouth, a nose, covers a floor, beds and furniture, generally, does not give pleasure. Choosing where to lodge, pay more attention to an environment.

One more important thing. Ask not “how many meters to the beach“, and “how many meters to the sea“, and are better how many to it to go as some the house? stand so that to the sea it seems as no distance, but directly it is impossible to get - it is necessary to bypass quarter, and even two residential buildings or the long fence of departmental boarding house. And it is still good if it is necessary to go the quiet alley, and that is more often on the dusty road or building.

As for the hotel chosen by us, the gostinichka at us was without claims - small and not luxurious, is called “Heavenly“. It is located in the middle of Pionersky Avenue precisely opposite to ancient and well-known boarding house “Dzhemete“. The building is built in the Mediterranean style - all numbers and windows come to one party, to the covered terrace. Numbers with conveniences - only 3 - x and 4 - x local, still it is possible to put an occasional seat almost in each number since they rather spacious that and was pleasant to us. Double rooms without conveniences. There is still a room in an old lodge for three, too without conveniences. For numbers without conveniences there are a civil toilet and a shower in the main building, more precisely it, the general bathroom if children run in the yard, then it is simpler to them to reach there, than in number.

the Court yard small, but the main thing for us and other families was the fact that the yard closed and without beds - it was possible to leave fearlessly children of one to play. Besides there the grandmother periodically “is on duty“, she though grumbles sometimes, but looks that someone from children did not svikhnut to himself a neck on a ladder during games.

is not present

of Food in hotel, too it small for this purpose, there is a common kitchen, as in many hotels of such class on the coast. The Rumservice is rather poor. Change of linen of times a week. Cleaning as required, i.e. the hostess asks whether it is necessary to be tidied up. Owners pleasant and not greedy people, tried to help us as could - advised, helped to treat the sick son, it was pleasant to us to return to them. To simplify to itself life, answering questions of readers that there yes as in hotel and to thank owners for reception, made the website of hotel. If there are enough forces and time, will lick it into shape and I will spread useful information there. For now it to be empty and I do not give the reference.

the Beach, sand, the sea and the sun

Second on frequency a question - what Dzhemete`s beaches differ in

from Central? Even somehow it is inconvenient to compare... In the downtown two beaches:“ Medical“ and “City“. On the medical beach let only on sanatorium books and to vouchers (1), and the city beach is so filled by vacationers that even about garbage ballot boxes since morning there are no vacant positions any more. Sand on both beaches stamped is also hammered with small dirt (large is cleaned). After a storm wind and a current take down all ooze and jellyfishes from the coast in a bay where the central beaches are located. If the Medical beach is cleaned actively, then City - occasionally, and began to smell decaying on the bank of seaweed and the flies crowding around them cause irritation, and layers of ooze and jellyfishes floating at the coast discourage to bathe in this porridge.

In Dzhemeta the sea and the sun, clear, remained the same. We hoped that will be better to clean sand, but, alas, inspectors have no special equipment, and clean seldom, generally before a season. Unfortunately, - stoppers of bottles and bull-calves which some wildish health-resort visitors consider a duty to thrust the main garbage on the beach in sand though on all beach, and it is rather frequent, tanks and trash bins are placed.

this year of beach entertainments was much more. In particular, more inflatable hills, trampolines, hydrocycles and paraplanes were obvious. More often the equestrians suggesting to sweep on a horse and to be photographed flashed. Near us the owner with a horse by the name of “100 rubles“ most often wandered. But it appeared not always, everything depended on activity of militia and the local inspectors of the beach who were ruthlessly sending such equestrians.

Again the photographer dragged

on the “Most - Big - the Monkey - On - the Coast - On - the Name - Vasily - Ivanovich“ beach - the tortured monkey in shorts who flew into a rage from infinite photography and attempts to stroke. Now competitors at photographers with wild beasts increased. If in 2004 we saw the African students only in the downtown and few times on the beach, then in this season they already went herds and actively entertained public draws, songs and dances, earning, generally from photography in Papuan dresses. However, all these dresses were made of absolutely not exotic mylar tapes and a colored post band, but feathers the most real!

But it is men, and their girlfriends and wives generally took away bread from local hairdressers. We were surprised, having found the whole industry on registration of the heads of female part of health-resort visitors in the African style. A sacrifice to beauty was made not only by young persons, but also very solid ladies, however, tormented they mainly not themselves, but the children. If you decide to check patience of the child thus then find the place where do it in a shadow, and buy a hat, differently a sacrifice to beauty it is necessary to make still, at least a week - burns of head skin are extremely unpleasant and long do not heal.

This time we did not begin to suffer with rent of umbrellas on the beach, and at once bought in the city market a personal solar umbrella more decently for 350 rubles and a scoop to drive an umbrella shank in sand. However, the scoop behind inconvenience of use had to be given to children, and to drill sand with a tablespoon, so it appeared quicker and easier. To compensate loss of a scoop, charged to do a hole for an umbrella to children. If you buy an umbrella, you do not stint, it is better to choose qualitative, in a cover and with a possibility of an inclination, he though is dearer, but it is more and more reliably, and, above all, is steadier - at flaws it is not necessary to jump behind it on the beach, using foul language and stepping on the heads to neighbors.

Still we bought children a mask, flippers, a mattress and an inflatable dolphin whom they abandoned for the second day. All this is much and in little shops and tents on the way on the beach. If there is no desire to be spent for this stock and there is no confidence that all these beach gadgets will not bother children every other day, it is possible to take them in hire directly on the beach. There almost everything that is necessary for happiness - be not too lazy, approach and ask. We found even a grid and a ball for beach volleyball there.