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This such pleasure of

my opinion that when mother nurses the child - it is so beautiful!

Gave birth itself and it is very heavy, but when child put on a stomach and the baby began to do attempts of the movement to a breast, it is a class. Through some time put to a breast - it is such pleasure and the pain receded into the background.

Now to Angelina 1 g 10 months, loves books, calls all animals. I do not want to be praised, but in comparison with children us people around, our teeth got out to 3,5mes, started walking 8,5 months (though weight at us slightly exceeded, according to doctors), began to say when slightly more than a year was. In a year itself sat down on a pot if strongly on something it is not keen, and by one and a half years and began to go outside without disposable shorts. Ceased to feed only in 1 g 6 months there was a suspicion on quinsy at me - antibiotics were drunk.

Around acquaintances frightened by

that it is necessary to separate from a breast - the longer, the heavier. It is impossible in the summer when hot when the foliage falls too it is impossible, but nobody could explain why. I considered that it already big (1 year) and what will be enough to nurse, she so did not think. In December to us 1,4, years - I began to train gradually her for what it already big needs to be eaten at a table from a plateau and to drink from a cup (she drank juice and tea from a cup with a tubule how she began to sit). Gradually it already approached a breast less - only before going to bed (two times a day). Milk was when Lina fell asleep without breast in the afternoon, decanted. And in February I caught a cold, it was necessary to drink antibiotics. Descended to the gynecologist, she advised me, tablets - three views of the choice, it was necessary for me quickly to treat quinsy. Only one day and one tablet. It is not necessary neither decant, nor to be drawn. But for the second day I could not touch a breast. I - again to the gynecologist, she calmed me and told what needs just to be forgotten about it for some time. It is good that it was by a weekend - the husband of the house was engaged in the child because how to sleep he it remembered about a breast. The husband laid down with it, and they amicably fell asleep. In a week and the child is quiet and there is no milk in a breast. Still the breast was afraid to show long time, to change clothes before it. Somehow she saw me after a shower, ran up, joyful, with shouts “SI - sya“, kissed and - to play further. Now we are fine.

I consider

Ya, it is necessary to nurse at whom as it will turn out, well, of course, not to school, but to a garden it is possible.

If an opportunity to nurse is, then it is necessary to feed. When the pregnant woman went, to feed or not, I did not reflect yet, but is already closer to childbirth knew that I will feed. And then - any small bottles and pacifiers.

All of health, good luck and patience.