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Young mother, or the First days in maternity hospital of

we Gave birth together. On the fourth attempt Anka slipped out on hands to the midwife, and in her half an hour, already washed up, weighed, obmeryanny and dressed (the father controlled) put to my breast. Having a little sucked, the daughter fell asleep... also overslept even 7 hours. In the next 3 days (we arrived to maternity hospital on Thursday) the daughter well slept, well ate (as then it seemed to us) and in general behaved remarkably. Confused only what on time of “feeding“ was short at least about standard 10 minutes in any way - at best 8. But mother calmed, say, I small too quickly ate and too after food fell asleep, everything is all right. Milk at me was - be filled in, each several hours were necessary to wash off night dresses - “proceeded“, - we did not worry about anything and were going to be written out on Monday.

“As it should be“ ended with

on Sunday night. Anyuta (only on the floor) squalled so that sometimes to her, appear, did not gasp. We with mother in turn rocked to sleep the baby, she for some time calmed down, then began to shout again, without ceasing - and so several hours. We, thinking that it has GAZ cars and not to be passed by it, spread the poor thing on a stomach, ironed puziko, bent legs... Meconium (kcal which gathers even during pregnancy) came out then the diaper was empty already almost days. It was worth putting Ania to a breast - she calmed down and, having a little eaten, fell asleep, but in half an hour woke up and again began to shout. And I, remembering what break between feedings was before, began to shake it under talk that the child himself develops to himself the mode and it is not necessary to force down him. At last, to hours to 6 - ti mornings and mine, and daughter`s tortures ended, Ania fell asleep and I could dare to have a rest a little too. In total it seems as returned on the places, and we began to wait for an extract again (as there were days off, nobody could tell precisely, will write out us or not). The doctor was already ready to write out me, but here remembered about such small “formality“ as control weighing. Were weighed. The daughter, having been born on 36 - y to week weighing 2860, weighed slightly more than 2500! It just lacked forces is enough from my inflated breasts and, having exhausted top “water“, Ania fell asleep, lost flesh, weakened... and at it remained less forces is from a breast... It was the vicious circle. After that night of forces did not remain even on shouts, the daughter only thinly cheeped. To me it became terrible.

to us right there suggested to finish feeding Ania mixes, but I did not lose hope to bring up her. I well knew that any will not be compared to maternal milk super - a puper mix and, having gained weight with its help, it is possible to undermine immunity of the daughter seriously. And cases when after mixes children refused maternal milk, did not inspire me too.

So, to us was given the last chance. It became clear that I incorrectly gave a breast (here from - for what the daughter did not gorge on!) . The nurse showed how it is correct to do it: it is necessary that the baby took all areola (before she only procrastinated a nipple, and so a milk if you squeeze out, then absolutely slightly - slightly). Now Ania hung on a breast nearly an hour then again fell asleep. Scales showed an increase in 30 g, it encouraged us. It was decided to feed all - from a breast, to finish feeding the decanted milk. Defined norm in 40 g on each feeding, told to awake and feed Ania each 2 hours, considering from the beginning of feeding. The small bottle was urgently bought, and I began to be decanted. But now from the fact that colostrum began to be replaced by milk and breasts already 4 - y were crowded day, I began stagnation. From inflated as 2 pillows of a bust I could not decant more than 20 - 30 g how many I rumpled them. Even the roddomny electric milk pump which hooted at full capacity did not help, but squeezed out only couple of drops. Presented to me by this moment mechanical already was at home and to take away it there was no opportunity. If at me it was impossible to extract milk, then what was to do it to my weakened daughter! One of weighings, for example, showed that after an hour of “hanging“ on a breast Anyutin weight did not change on gram. Next time scales gave loss in 30 grams though the daughter remained in the same diaper. The nurse was alarmed and calmed down, only when it became clear that for the second time were weighed without bootees. And actually Ania added 3 grams...

hot water and the husband Helped to rastseditsya by

. In chamber there was a shower room so I could warm a breast under a strong pressure. Milk flew and when it was necessary to be decanted - again these 20 - 30 g! The husband rassasyvat stagnation too, “tasted“ daughter`s food - whether is tasty? But Ania ate not really willingly. We rubbed it patches, figs in a face - in every possible way awoke and prevented to sleep during feeding. She could eat from a small bottle of grams 5 and right there spit out them for a collar. Nevertheless, slowly, little by little, Ania began to recover. By the night was defined that it is fed every 2,5 hour: it was necessary to have a sleep and gain strength - to both her, and me. Early in the morning there was an occasion to replace a diaper - it there was a small victory. At the time of an extract the daughter weighed 2600 exactly, i.e. gained about 90 grams per day. It already found the normal voice and hung on me much longer, than standard 10 minutes. Seeing such good tendency, us, at last, wrote out. During an extract the daughter gave smacking kiss 2 hours my breast, and only the aunt explained to me that for Anki now a breast - not food, and a pacifier. Now I learned to distinguish when the daughter eats and when just “communicates“.

Then. There was a crisis in 3,5 weeks when I broke a milk pump and on the eve of an exit from the sick-list for study looked for it on the Internet at night. There was a feeling of empty breasts and on 180 ml of the milk (my personal record) decanted from each breast... There was an allergy to milk and a ban on tea with milk which, I was sure, and does me a lactation... There was nicotinic acid, from ½ which tablet I half an hour lay red, with the burning skin and the only thought: if only with small it was not... But the most important that was and is - it is the shining daughter`s eyes when she eats from my breast, and feeling of a warm little body of the person, dearest on Earth.