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To Mumi - Decided to write to trolls of

a little to Naantali for those who are at a loss with the choice of the vacation spot with small children, testing some awe before the word “acclimatization“. Having traveled all over for two holidays up and down all Riga, Jurmala and their vicinities, we decided to expand several the horizons, having turned a look to the neighboring Finland. It is available the following advantages: it is possible to go by train, crowds of the people are absent (nobody obchikhat), we do not change climate. Though everything - another was the main argument in favor of such travel: all our family (both children, and adults) is a great admirer Mumi - Tove Jansson`s epics, and some time ago we learned that somewhere in Finland there is something like Mumi - park or Mumi - a lend. The favourite travel agency did not clear up this question therefore we addressed the Internet where we got necessary minimum data. Here I want to thank separately Diana whose story confirmed reality of our plan.

I Think that the trip it seems ours, is suitable for adults with children approximately from 2 do10 years (four were ours at that time and eight is an ideal period since younger already everything understands, the senior does not hesitate of own delight yet), adults there especially have nothing to do (except for pregnant women) and if children big and active, then costs, having spent with Mumi - trolls one day, to get on the ferry and to sweep to Sweden. Such organized rounds exist.

As we found out

, Mumi - trolls live not in the valley (that in Finland is geographically impossible), and on the own island in the neighbourhood with the summer residence of the Finnish prime minister. The island arrangement (very successful, by the way) is also defined by local geography. The archipelago of Turku where there is a town of Naantali - the second in the world by the number of islands. On one of them among tops of pines the red roof of Mumi - the house from a distance is seen. But about it ahead.

At first about the road. The train “Lev Tolstoy“ in a night brings you on the only vokzalchik of Helsinki. In an hour from the next platform you go along a route of Helsinki - Turku on the remarkable express: three cars, two floors, doors on buttons, the speed of 160 km/h, smoothness of the course strike. Two hours pass absolutely imperceptibly (it is worth taking with itself to eat). Just we take a taxi to Naantali in Turku and in 15 minutes you - on the bank of the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea in the ancient fishing town of Naantali. For informational purposes: this region is considered the most solar in Northern Europe.

It is possible, in Naantali there are various options of placement, but managers “Skandi - round“ offered us “Naantali SP - hotel“ what we are very grateful to them for. It “five stars“, moreover, as we found out then, the hotel is included into one hundred the best hotels of the world, and also - into top ten SPA - hotels of Europe. It is clear, what question arises the following. It cost 158 euros a day for number pass - the suit with a breakfast. By the way, there is also a half board. What pleasantly strikes, so this arrangement of hotel: it is ideally entered in a landscape. One end crashes into the rock which overgrew pines, and another goes down to the bay framed with a cane where there is on an eternal trick a ship which is the most expensive part of hotel. There it is few compatriots, in 11 days we saw only three families (the grandmother - the grandfather plus the grandson) though cars with Petersburg rooms on the parking were. The hotel as we understood, Swedes in a classical complete set - mother, the father and three children, and age younger - of 3 months is inhabited. In general this region bilingual - all inscriptions in Finnish and Swedish and any in English, and the bus driver or the passerby whom you ask something can not speak in English too.

A now about the main thing. If you never read “To Mumi there is a troll and a comet“, “A hat of the wizard“ and other books of Tove Jansson, then not all is lost. Just reach good bookstore and if read, but it was not pleasant, then do not spend time and money on nothing the animation meaning to you. Naantali - the place for those who come back to Mumi again and again - a dale, feeling as one of members Mumi - families, it is Mumi`s city - trolls. There is Mumi - the bus, Mumi - the train, Mumi - shop, Mumi - cafe, even road signs with the index “to Mumi - trolls“, without speaking about the island. Mumi - shop - in general conversation separate. In it it is possible to buy everything - from a pacifier with the baby Myu to a men`s tie with Mumi`s figures - fathers. Here all characters are much presented in the form of soft toys of the different size (only we did not find Mora), puzzles, brands, cards, stickers, ware, watercrafts, hours, hairpins, purses, backpacks, t-shirts with Mumi`s image - characters and many other things, for example, baking dishes in the form of Mumi - the troll and the others. But our family amicably decided what is favourite heroes we will not be able. The glasswares there expensive therefore I advise to visit the Ukkopekka supermarket (on entry into the city from Turku) where excellent plastic sets of children`s ware with sketches from mumitrollsky life are on sale.

So, Mumi`s island - trolls. We understood that we have to visit this place when we saw the website from where Mumi - trolls wave to you hands and tails. Children refused even to discuss other options of rest, we agreed, but at heart very much were afraid of disappointment. What can I tell? Fears were not confirmed, moreover, the reality equaled all most courageous hopes. Having passed hundred meters on the wooden floating bridge connecting the island to the embankment you get in desired Mumi - world. It is called quite so, but not “park“ or “Lend“, and is really special Tuveyanssonovsky world living in another dimension under the laws. They say that the house is built according to Tove Jansson`s sketches, probably, and all the rest is planned not without her participation because the atmosphere of the book and characters of characters are reproduced with an absolute accuracy, but still the magic of the place - smells of the sea, the wood and the tarred boards heated by the sun is added. Mumi - the house - a charm. And everything can be touched! There you can consider in detail Mumi`s kitchen - mothers: it seems that inhabitants of the house just left it after a breakfast; to sit at Mumi`s table - fathers and to popechatat on his typewriter; to try on a hat of the Wizard; to polazit on a rope ladder, and in Mumi`s storeroom - mothers all jams - the presents! From Mumi - the house on a twisting wooden flooring you can bypass all island and see a barometer of hatifnatt, the Royal ruby and many other things. By the way, there are also characters to the Russian reader unclear there (probably, not everything was translated into Russian). At Finnish - the Swedish readers as it seemed to us, favourite works - “Dangerous summer“ and “Magic winter“. On the island, having bought the ticket for 15 euros, you can spend the whole day, and for 20 - two days. Disappointed on the island only one - anywhere it was not succeeded to eat oladyev Mumi - mothers - and here the fast food reached.

Where to move still. First of all, Naantali and his vicinities - the beautiful place for walks. It is not enough people, it is not enough cars, smells of the sea and the blossoming dogrose. The abundance of this plant growing both in gardens, and in a wild look and is universal - one of my most pleasant impressions. By the way, do not expect to see the high sea - it somewhere very far. We did not manage to get even by the car there, moving from the island to the island. Probably, there was not enough patience. Local landscapes are precisely described at Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren - a heap of the gray-haired rocks and granite boulders overgrown with pines and fir-trees, the cut-up coastline and islands which acquired a cane. Along all coast small private yachts are moored, probably, it is possible to employ the yacht to drive. Very much we advise to hire bicycles. It is better to make it in the city - on the embankment, there cheaper and there are children`s bicycles (like “School student“), and children`s armchairs on a father`s luggage carrier are very convenient for small children. Naantali`s vicinities are created for driving on baizes - bicycle paths are wider automobile, in the wood they are strewed with pine bark, and it is possible to go on them to places of surprising beauty. We even found something like a farm or stables where, apparently, there is a hire of horses. In twenty minutes of walking to the right from hotel along the coast (or 5 minutes by bicycle) there is a small sandy beach under pines closed from all directions by huge boulders. If decide to bathe, go there, there it is better, than at hotel. We bathed.“ Thermal“ feelings same, as on the Riga beach.

Of course, once Turku visits. To reach very conveniently - the bus stops near hotel. The city peculiar - is not similar neither on European, nor to the Russian cities. “The museum of crafts“ - an ancient wooden kvartalchik like the ethnographic museum under the open sky is interesting to visit with children, except the lock. It is possible to reach Turku and some other way. From the mooring about Mumi - shop twice a day (at 12 and 16 hours) “Ukkopekka“ goes to Turku parokhodik. Generally it is lucky the people from Turku in the morning, and takes away in the evening back therefore flight at 12 o`clock - practically without passengers. Except us, was the person six, and our boys were children only onboard, and, maybe, therefore we were lucky: the assistant to the captain approached us and invited to the captain`s bridge where to children allowed to stand at a steering wheel, and then handed diplomas of the following contents:“ … participated in cruise in Turku the archipelago and rendered exclusive resourcefulness and good sea practice. As the proof this this diploma“. Signed by the captain, by the way. As the diploma was in Russian, probably such actions arrange in each flight for children of different nationalities, but it is always more pleasant not to stand in a queue. Parokhodik of 1 h 45 min. makes the way through shkher and, having passed through Turku port (it is possible to see the well-known ferries), moors in Aura`s mouth where two ships - the museum - a frigate and the world`s last wooden three-mast bark stand nearby.

Quite interesting place is Zoolandiya in Liyeto. It is not really far from Naantali - kilometers 15 - 20, but whether it is possible to reach by public transport there, I do not know. In general bus-stops are everywhere, even in a dense forest there, but we did not meet any bus there. The car can be taken in hotel, but it runs in Finland into money. It was called “from 80 euros“, and Renault - a mode“ exactly 1 euros for 1 km cost us our “. Generally, it is necessary to plan optimum all trips and not to order the car in day off. Zoolandiya is a zoo plus a few attractions. But the best there - an elephant cow who can be fed. For this purpose we stocked up with apples. But it is necessary to tell that she ate a roadside clover with the same pleasure, as apples for 2 euros for kg. In general fauna there not spoiled. The seagulls living near hotel jumped aside from us with wild shouts when we got to them with the rolls - are not accustomed, unlike Jurmala, maybe, because rolls there too for 2 euros.

That else should be told. We with pleasure ate remarkable dairy products of Valio. For some reason what is on sale at us in just the same jars has nothing in common with the Finnish analog. By the way, having fairly traveled on rural areas by car, we did not see any cow though it was warm and solar. However the big areas are set with a lucerne, so somewhere all of them - are. Time was necessary by the way, that about weather. Perhaps, we were lucky, but from 11 days three were a little windy at +18 degrees with periodic attacks of a rain, and 27 - 30 degrees of heat which held on within two weeks were established then. We were there at the end of June - the beginning of July.

Absolutely forgot

, in hotel there is everything that is promised in advertizing: three pools, saunas - dry and wet, the Turkish baths, SPA - procedures etc., and on the embankment - small small restaurants. So it would be wrong to tell that parents will make very big sacrifice if they bring the children on a visit to Mumi - trolls, and here wonderful memoirs will remain with children for the rest of life - it is precisely! By the way, quite recently the note in which it is said that “The British Independent Newspaper included “Mumi`s country - trolls“ in Naantali in the list of ten best children`s theme parks of the world got to me. Besides, “Mumi`s country - trolls“ is chosen by Guild of the journalists of Finland writing about tourism, the best tourist object of 2005. I think that those parents who in the childhood became engrossed in reading of the waste book “Fantastic stories of the Scandinavian writers“ will understand me, and on Mumi`s island - trolls also the Russian speech will sound.