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Honeymoon in Dagomys of

at the end of April we with the husband had a silver wedding anniversary. And here our children presented us permits to May holidays, to week, in Sochi, not for advertizing will be told, in very good hotel.

Who was in the spring in Sochi, that will understand me. It is an extraordinary excellent situation. Everything is impregnated with unusual smells. The set of subtropical plants, names of the majority of which we did not even know, blossoms. But what we precisely could define, these are the blossoming palm trees. A tremendous smell brightly - yellow clusters on them.

In spite of the fact that our hotel was too good, but, of course, our main program were made by the Sochi sights. Agree, it would be silly to spend all the time in number even if excellent, comfortable and overlooking the sea when behind a window such beautiful blossoming city!

Certainly, we bypassed all tourist meccas of this resort. Especially as people at this time not so much, as during the high season.

Of course, a tree nursery with its exotic for us and usual for it (park) plants. The only small minus in absence of people is that the funicular did not work.

Sochi park “Riviera“. New, “restored“ - reconstructed last year. This expanse for fans to have a rest and loving attractions. I do not know how here was earlier, but now the park looks just perfectly: exotic and not really plants, all roundabouts, small summer cafes and, of course, it is universal - new tiled paths.

on May 1 in Sochi - the City Day. So we still got on a concert of new stars of our platform.

the Only thing that struck in the city, is poor animals almost at every turn who are exploited, suggesting to be photographed with them. There is only no monkey, krokodilchik, owls, eagles, monitor lizards, snakes - whom. The pathetic and tortured, uncomplaining slaves to the owners.

From a morvokzal we swam by motor ship along the coast. A little, however, froze on a main deck.

By the way, in Sochi a big set of cafe and not really expensive small restaurants. So hungry you will not manage to remain there.

But our main opening of this trip became a yew - a box grove. We practically heard nothing about it earlier therefore we very much were surprised to what was seen. There is it in Khostinsky District (it in the party, opposite to Dagomys), from the Sochi station of minutes of the 20th driving. And then as much again, maybe, it is a little more on foot. But this “eternal“ rise uphill compensates what reveals then before us. Century, huge trees. A yew and a box - we even could not imagine that these as it seemed to us, “city bushes“ happen such size. Fresh air from which the head and a smell of century history of development of all live is turned. It is so remarkable to go on a path and know that these of neobkhvatny diameter, several tens meters of height trees age-mates of dinosaurs. Tiso - a box grove (though among themselves we called it the wood that much more approaches both on scale and on absence of people (not a season)) consists of one path in several kilometers with periodically placed benches and ballot boxes. So if you do not turn from a route, then do not get lost. (!) This place so was pleasant to us that during our stay we several times there went. The feeling of a unification with the nature - is incomparable!

Still we went to excursion to Mount Akhun. A tremendous observation deck on a tower on it. Grandiose types! On the one hand - the coast with numerous beaches and hotels, with an arch of the side of the mountain with foothill settlements, and above - only stars! And in the bottom of a tower the most beautiful stylized restaurant: stone walls, oak tables, with skins of animals on benches and on walls, stone furnaces in a corner for cooking and the twilight. You feel not less, than some medieval prince. Unforgettable impressions.


In general, in Sochi offers a huge set of various excursions, but owing to our restriction on time we could not look at everything. But, now we have an occasion to return to this heavenly spot on the earth!

our excursion program was very saturated, but we always came back to our favourite hotel where we were always waited by our cozy number, a tasty dinner and friendly personnel. And where we could enjoy with each other much! We did not forget and about “Yarina“ which did not give to our feelings which arose so it would seem long ago, to die away!

So, if to you suddenly (you never know!) will offer the permit in Sochi in May, do not deliberate. It is worth it! Comfortable rest for “middle class“! Only do not forget about “Yarina“, it surely is useful to you!