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Toys for the street. What to take with itself on walk?

Gathering for walk with the child, parents often ask a question: “What from toys to take with itself on the street today?“. As a rule, stop on sovochka - buckets - grabelka, without suspecting at all how much interesting to think up moleno on walk and what stock is necessary for this purpose.

First of all should understand

that walk is not only advantage of fresh air. For the kid it is the valuable moments, walk is an opportunity:

Gathering for walk, it is necessary to pick up correctly toys, depends on it, than the kid will be engaged and whether there will be a time spent on the street, useful and interesting.

the Different season gives to

opportunities for various games and occupations on the street.

Winter. Snow is turned, flies and thaws

to Kids of 2 - 4 years shovels, molds, buckets are necessary for walks in the winter. Only for snow, unlike sand, high-capacity shovels with lateral sides and without them are necessary. The handle should not be thin or too long that in mittens and overalls it was convenient to dig; it is good if it does not slide.

the Bucket and molds for snow have to be the bigger size, than for sand. For kids the set of mixed buckets which are inserted each other will be good, it is convenient to carry and overturn them two hands.

the Kulichiki from a sleet well holds a form, the turned-out figures can be “recovered“, having painted with paints. For this purpose in advance at home it is necessary to dissolve in water paint in a jar, it is possible to paint creations from snow with a sponge, a big brush or just to water a figure with paint from above as glaze.

Snow - good stuff for experiments: gather a bucket of snow with the child and bring it home, so the kid will see with own eyes that heat turns snow into water. If next day to take out a bucket on the street again (if it is not lucky with frosts, put in the refrigerator), the child will see how water will turn into ice. The future of the brought snow depends on your imagination: it is possible to wait for water evaporation, to water flowers etc.

can also be caught snowflake hands in the Winter, being on a silver platter: on a warm palm the snowflake disappears. And if to take with itself a magnifying glass, then it is possible to make out their beauty and a variety. It will be to interestingly senior preschool children.

In a snow season, of course, the most beloved occupation of children - driving on hills. The ice-boat is useful after of 4 years . The most convenient and safe for kids - plastic, in the form of flat apple with one handle or small “dish“ of triangular shape with deepening. Later of 6 years the child will quite cope with a big round metal ice-boat (with a diameter about a meter). The metal plate during descent gathers a high speed and rotates during the movement that demands from the child of dexterity and good coordination of the movement. There are also similar plastic plates, however they not strong and easily break.

Children like to take

with themselves on walk of favourite dolls, it is good if they it is dressed on weather and they have small sledge. It will be interesting to kid to roll the favourite. It is an excellent opportunity not to interrupt subject game, and to move it to the street.

Spring. Streams murmur, we build the ships

at the end of March there is thawed snow, and in a sandbox did not thaw sand yet, and the attention of children is drawn by the appearing water and dirt. It is worth sending this interest to the constructive course. Of ships it is interesting to Puskaniye as the smallest, and to the senior children.

In shops many options of the ships are on sale: multideck cruiser and small canoes, heavy-load ships and simple boats. Kids of 2 - 6 years do not need difficult designs. Lay up this miracle of equipment for more advanced age.

Clockwork and large-size vessels are suitable

for deep pools. For small streamlets it is better to use easy plastic boats of the small size. That the ship did not turn over and was not filled up sideways, it has to be well centered. Check its road performance of the house in a bathroom.

the simplest boats can be made of paper, branches, skorlupok a walnut or pistachios.

Can arrange to

competitions to other children, to think out various stories about travel of the ship to the distant countries, to the fantastic worlds, representing itself the captain. Such fascinating occupation can last all spring, it is very interesting where next time your ship will go.

in the Early spring big scoops with the long handle and shovels will be useful to

again. With these convenient tools in waterproof clothes and footwear the child will be able to investigate and learn the physical phenomena on own experience (aggregate states of water: snow, ice; communicating vessels, direction of currents, management of streams, etc.) . Construction from thawed snow and dirt will be one more fascinating and useful occupation at this time. To children will be more senior than of 5 years interestingly to lay channels and to build dams.

in the Spring, as well as in the fall when strong wind blows, revolving objects and kites are very good

. Revolving objects on a stick will be useful for kids of 2 - 5 years . And for children from of 6 years kites which are on sale as in finished form, and in the form of a set for independent production are good.

the Design of a revolving object has to be easy and strong, petals have to rotate, without getting stuck and without coming off the central tack.

Kites won popularity as a sport and are on sale as in the form of simple and plain, so in the form of difficult multistage designs. To the senior preschool children the snake in the form of a triangle or a rhombus is better to buy is that simply and it is it is clear arranged and suitable for independent repair.


Since the end of spring and up to late fall need crayons and soap bubbles. For kids on sale there are thick pieces of chalk intended especially for asphalt, conveniently packed into a bucket with a cover. It is good if at them saturated, but not poisonous colors. Together with children it is possible to compose plots for drawing, to represent constructions, necessary for a role-playing game (a lodge, shop, the street etc.) and also to organize games with rules (for example, “classics“). Creation of a collective picture where ability to agree is necessary can be interesting occupation.

Soap bubbles are interesting by

to children for many years. If the child 2 - x can observe years and palms to catch a bubble which was inflated by mother or the senior children, then the child of 5 years can independently, without spilling, to hold a bottle and to blow bubbles of the different size and quantity.

Now on sale many different sets and devices for blowing of soap bubbles are: the mechanical guns and fishes who are starting up bubbles, and other various automatic devices. The last do not assume independent efforts on blowing. From these toys the image of the fish who is starting up bubbles is most adequate to reality. by

it is better for p to choose a usual bottle and a cover with a round frame on a stick. Pay attention to easy untwisting of a cover. With soap bubbles it is possible to play interesting games: to catch them in mittens (so bubbles will not burst), to pereduvat them each other, to compete in inflation of a bigger bubble. Such games very much are pleasant to children.

Summer, ah, summer!

It not three calendar months, but all warm season.

the circle of occupations and games is most extensive

In a warm season and time on the street can carry out more.

we Choose by

a set for a sandbox: shovels - sovochka, molds, buckets, a sieve, grabelk, a watering can, a mill, dump trucks - trucks.

has to be

of Shovels a little: a small sovochok it will be convenient to child to fill sand in molds and buckets. Big shovels with the long handle it is convenient to fill sand in a dump truck body, to dig big holes and to fill mountains from sand. It is important that the handle was proportional to the child`s palm. It should not be too thick or, on the contrary, very narrow. Square section of the handle of a shovel is absolutely inconvenient for children to of 4 - 5 years . Molds can be the most various: figures of animals, fruit - the vegetables, confectionery, various geometrical forms, glasses decreasing in size. Molds with thin branches (a trunk at an elephant, small stalks at a plant, etc.) are impractical because at production of a kulichik the elephant can be left without trunk that can upset the kid. With the constructed forms it is possible to play simple plots. Also as molds there can be glasses - inserts with openings on the bottom through which it is possible to pass sand. Pay attention that holes were done, but are not planned. Ability to do a Kulichiki demands from the child of accuracy and accuracy in actions it is not terrible if at the kid equal figures first do not turn out, help it to turn a mold and to accurately remove it. Surely praise the kid and be glad to construction together with him.

the Mill for sand: sand is put in an opening from above, and then is poured on two rotating castors. Children very much like to watch sand movement. Such toy can also be used for game in the cook. A sieve - an excellent toy for sand. It is very interesting to sift sand, separating pebbles, sticks, leaves. It is important that holes were not very small, differently there will be no effect.

special backpacks where everything that is necessary for game in a sandbox enters are convenient to

For walks. The kid with pleasure itself will carry the wealth.

of the Machine - trucks into which it is possible to load sand and pebbles have to be strong, with a big body. It is good if the car is made of light metal, - from - for low the center of gravity it will not turn over. It is possible to tie a string to the car, is younger than children ( of 1 - 2 year ) it will stimulate to walking.

Subject games in a sandbox. Interesting games can be thought up in a sandbox with small machines and dolls. For example, to build the whole city with roads, tunnels and houses and to inhabit it inhabitants. Figures of people of different professions - firefighters, sellers, farmers, and also figures of various animals will be suitable for such game. Natural material - sticks, branches and pebbles - allows to decorate the built city: to lay out pavements, to plant trees etc.

of the Figure and the machine have to be without fine details and openings, so they will be easy to be washed from sand.

Sand - excellent material for game in the cook. It is possible “to bake“ pies from molds, a sieve to sift “flour“, watering sand from a watering can, to knead “dough“. Also, any natural material can become “products“. Small sets of ware where saucepans, cups, plateaus and spoons enter will be suitable for such games.

One more unique toy for walk is a ball. Ball games allow to diversify walks and to get new friends. Ability to accept and give a ball as action becomes a basis for important social ability to accept and give, it is possible to throw and roll a ball each other, only “having agreed“ to play.


For the smallest will be suitable easy inflatable balls with a diameter of 35 - 40 cm. At first children learn to throw a ball each other, beating off it the handle or a leg, etc. Later, with of 2,5 years , continuing to develop dexterity, children will be able to play rubber balls of the different size (with a diameter from 10 cm). To catch balls of various diameter, it is necessary to hold hands differently. Gradually, when children will learn to handle dexterously a ball, it is possible to organize games with rules (“bouncers“, “edible - inedible“, etc.) and also to enter into game balls for different types of sport: football, volleyball and so forth

we Share toys
If at a playground between children there was a quarrel from - for toys, try to help to allow it to kids, but only not by a pristyzheniye and lecture that it is necessary to share and to be bad greedy. Offer kids joint game in which will be able to play several children at once, they are not able to resolve independently such conflicts yet, and interesting occupation will quickly distract them from dispute and will set an example of behavior in similar situations.

In a warm season when asphalt dry and pure, for kids from 1 to 2,5 can be taken years on walk of a toy - a wheelchair. They are in the form of animals or cars, on a stick or a string. Those which at the movement make various actions are most interesting: the bear cub knocks on a drum, the centipede moves pads etc.

In actions of pushing before herself mobile carts on castors and pullings up to himself objects for a string the child learns to coordinate the movements and the movement of a subject which it synchronizes on the speed and the direction with the actions. Besides, the child learns to distinguish objects which slide and do not slide (those that do not slide, need to be dragged for themselves), slide quickly or slowly, make sounds at the movement, or these sounds it is possible to represent most.


Now observe variety of toy carriages for girls. They are different type: sleeping, walking, carriages - canes as the presents. The choice like carriage depends on your taste. The main thing - to consider the following main criteria:

  • Durability. Many carriages are not provided for walks on the street. Look that the design of a carriage was metal, plastic often break and - easily turn over.
  • carriage Size. It is important that it was convenient to girl to carry her. The handle should not be too low or, on the contrary, high. Optimum height - at the level of a belt. The seat for a doll has to correspond to its size. Choosing a carriage, remember with what doll the child most often plays and what, most likely, will want to take on walk.
  • the Doll has to sit thoroughly in a carriage, without dropping out during driving, the thong is for this purpose provided. The lock on a thong has to be with the simple mechanism that the child did not ask every time for the help of the adult.
can take

For the senior preschool children on walk jump ropes, boomerangs and UFOs in a warm season.

Fall. We reap crops

in the Fall there are also actual games in a sandbox. Distinctive feature of an autumn season is the richness of natural material (leaves, acorns, chestnuts, cones, various sticks etc., various on color and a form) from which it is possible to create applications, hand-made articles, pictures, dolls and all there will be enough imagination for. Besides, such material can be used as objects - deputies. Only one leaves can become also money in shop, and a blanket for a small doll (the same cone or the figure created from chestnuts), both the letter, and a curtain (if to fasten stalks of leaves), and even some being. The main thing to include the imagination - and the world will recover around.

of Children, especially in rainy weather, pools attract. You should not limit the kid in aspiration to learn and what will be if to be run on it. It is not terrible if the kid a little is sprinkled, for this purpose there are gumboots, and the delight felt as a result of such experience is not comparable with anything. In pools it is possible to consider the reflection or, for example, the clouds floating on the sky.


For street toys it is necessary for a spatsialny box in a hall. After walk the kid together with the adult washes toys and puts them into place. Often children like to bring from the street of a stick, leaves, beautiful pebbles, you should not forbid them to do it. For such wealth it is also possible to take away a special box (for example, about a room door) where it will be possible to store the found “treasures“.

the Necessary minimum of toys for walk:
  • a set for a sandbox: shovels, buckets, molds, sieve, watering can and so forth:
  • children`s ware, plastic fruit - vegetables;
  • small figures of people and animals;
  • transport: the car with a big body, a set of small machines (including in what it is possible to put a figure of the person or an animal), boats, etc.;
  • various wheelchairs;
  • a carriage and the sledge for dolls;
  • soap bubbles;
  • balls of various sizes, jump rope, hoop, boomerang, UFO, kite;
  • set of crayons;
  • ice-boat, sledge;
  • and of course clothes for a favourite doll according to a season.