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In holiday with cellulitis?!

From the beginning of summer, holidays and a beach season the cellulitis problem seeming not so serious under covers of fur coats and trousers become really actual. If in your life there were cases when for few weeks before holiday you suddenly understood that a magnificent bathing suit - bikini should hide all under a long pareo if “treatment“ of cellulitis “unique“ pills and creams did not bring the expected effect, then this article for you.

What is cellulitis?

Military wisdom says that to choose the correct tactics of fight against the enemy, it is necessary to find out everything about the opponent and to learn his weaknesses. Means, for a start we need to understand what it is necessary to fight against, eliminating cellulitis.

First of all, we will note what from the medical point of view of a problem of cellulitis does not exist, i.e. cellulitis is not an illness which can be cured drugs. In 1978 officially declared the magazine of the American Medical Association JAMA it. At the same time, cellulitis is a metabolic disorder in hypodermically - fatty cellulose, and sooner or later it can be shown at of everyone women.

the Female body is inclined

to accumulation of excessive fatty deposits in certain zones: on hips and buttocks. Fatty tissue consists of cages - adipocytes which are surrounded dense soyedinitelno - the woven fibers attached to a skin surface. At fat accumulation adipocytes increase in volume, putting pressure upon skin from within. At the same time, the fibers connecting fatty cages and a surface of skin are condensed, pulling in skin deep into. Together these convex hillocks and poles also give to skin a type of “orange-peel“. The more the size of adipocytes, the is stronger tension soyedinitelno - woven partitions - and the more so pronounced is an effect of “orange-peel“.

Interesting fact : cellulitis is the exclusively female problem caused by a structure hypodermically - fatty cellulose of a female organism.

How to struggle with cellulitis?

the Most effective method of fight - the prevention assuming complex impact on an organism. It is necessary to improve blood circulation in hypodermically - fatty cellulose, to make active a metabolism, to strengthen muscles and connecting fabric. Therefore, active lifestyle, the balanced food, and also refusal of addictions is necessary, the contrast shower and massage improving blood circulation are also useful.

However what to do if cellulitis already proved in all “beauty“?

the Modern medicine offers

many methods of professional treatment of “orange-peels“: lymphatic drainage, vacuum massage, thermal wrappings and others.

Extreme means of fight against cellulitis is the surgical technique of pumping out of fat from hypodermic cellulose by means of the special syringe - a liposuction . This method is effective for selective removal of fatty layers in certain places, but it will not help “to remove“ integral obesity.

What to do if the problem of “orange-peel“ is obvious, and holiday not far off?

the Answer to this question were found by specialists of VICHY laboratories which offer innovative approach for the complex solution of the problems connected with excess fatty deposits and actually - cellulitis: of LIPOCURE, LIPOSYNE, LIPOSTRETCH . Each of these means has unique “specialization“.

LIPOCURE Serum Adrenaliz TM helps women to cope with effect of “orange-peel“ at the expense of the patented Manganese complex which is its part unique + . Manganese weakens a tension soyedinitelno - the woven fibers causing deformation of a surface of skin. The cellular activator Adrenaliz <“ - 1“> TM stimulates with FONT SIZE= removal of fatty deposits. This ultrafresh gel perfectly moistens skin, has easy gentle texture and is instantly absorbed. Researches of VICHY Laboratories confirm reduction of a bugristost of skin and smoothing of its surface by 20% in 14 days.

For an integrated approach to the solution of the problems connected with excess weight, Vichy Laboratories offer two more effective remedies: LIPOSYNE and LIPOSTRETCH.

of LIPOSYNE helps to get rid of excess centimeters and has drainage effect.

the Simular of a silhouette of LIPOSTRETCH returns to skin the lost elasticity, density and elasticity, owing to private fluctuations of body weight.

Specialists of VICHY Laboratories note that women can achieve desirable effect, applying as all three means in a complex, and everyone, depending on the problem which is most concerning them.

Thanks to innovative means of VICHY Laboratories cellulitis will not be able to spoil your holiday even if till its beginning you had not enough time!

More detailed information on the website www. lipocure. ru