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Dream on the way of

“When I go to business trip, I cannot often fall asleep in the train. Whether there are not medicinal methods which will help from sleeplessness with the train?“
Ekaterina S., Syzran


the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor of nervous diseases of the Moscow medical academy of I. M. Sechenov, the doctor - the somnologist Mikhail Guryevich Poluektov.

- If planned a trip by train and at the same time it is important to sleep normally, it is necessary to follow simple recommendations for improvement of a dream:

  1. before a trip cannot go to bed in the Afternoon. It is better even not to sleep a little bit at night that a certain sleep deficit was felt.
  2. In the train should not abuse tea, coffee. It is better to drink some easy milk or sweet drinks which contain carbohydrates. The Uglevodisty food promotes release of substances which provide falling asleep. It is an easy and sweet dinner - yogurts, cottage cheese, something baked, a glass of milk. Such food is necessary to bring itself to a slackness state. And here strongly you should not gorge on before going to bed because the filled stomach will not promote a dream.
  3. Is recommended to be considered it before going to bed. In the train constantly shakes, and eyes should change more often situation to be in time behind the text. Quickly the fatigue of eye muscles develops. As physically to load itself on a trip there is nothing, reading becomes option of physical activity. Relaxation after reading promotes the fastest approach of a dream.
  4. needs to ensure comfortable conditions in a bed. You should not put on too warmly. Whenever possible try to keep approximately those habits which developed at home - if you sleep in a pajamas, then it is better to change clothes in the pajamas which is not holding down the movement or an undershirt. Or just pick up to yourself comfortable clothes.
  5. to
  6. to protect itself from noise of wheels, and often and from snore of neighbors, it is desirable to take antinoise inserts - earplugs. They will allow not to react to external sounds. Before going to bed it is desirable for li to be aired by
  7. in the platform. It is possible to open a window leaf and to breathe fresh air.
  8. Take
  9. with yourself a player. Before going to bed listen to gentle, quiet music.
If these measures appear

insufficiently, that is the whole arsenal of not medicines. Take bags of valerian tea in the road, drink it several minutes prior to a dream. Besides, there are various preparations containing a valerian, hop, a hawthorn, a pustyrnik - “Persen“, “Is new - passit“, “Trioson“, “Sanoson“, “Morpheus“. All of them have the calming effect. Dependences and accustomings do not cause preparations.

one more fine method which will help to fall asleep even in the train - listening of music of a brain Is. At first the electroencephalogram of the person in the weakened state registers, then it is transferred to music. It is the easiest option of relaxation. Record can be made in the centers which are engaged in a dream of the person.

in the Morning, after the train, it is quite good to p to take a shower in hotel, to make morning exercises or to make small walk. The breakfast has to consist of the products rich with protein: eggs, cottage cheese, fish. Because the proteinaceous food adjusts on a working harmony, makes active an organism. For greater cheerfulness it is possible to drink coffee in the first half of day.

Categorically is not recommended to lay down to doze for a couple of hours. It is better to suffer and lay down in the evening on three - four hours earlier.