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Trip to Father Frost

As well as were planned, for Christmas we went to Father Frost to Velikiy Ustyug.

the Idea of a trip was born

somehow spontaneously, on the Car. ru there were adherents and as a result there went even 13 adults and 5 children.

Left the house in 4 - 32, in 5 for ring met the avtorushnik following along the same route and already by two cars went to V. Ustyug. In both cars there were handheld transceivers, and we exchanged words practically all road (it VERY conveniently, especially when overtakings). On cars there was a studded rubber.


It is expensive from Moscow to Sergiyev Posad (Zagorsk) very good, almost the autobahn and further (to Vologda), a sin to complain - equal, cleared away and without the repaired sites.

On time turned out here that:
5 - 30 - Moscow, MKAD
6 - 30 - Sergiyev Posad (1 hour) of
7 - 30 - Pereslavl (1 hour) of
8 - 20 - Yaroslavl (50 min.)
12 - 00 - Vologda (3:40, there passed 480 km)

Very much wanted to see the city, but decided to make it on the way back as it was necessary to pass the maximum quantity of a putiz light day.

After turn adventures began

with the federal highway, is called - is what to remember. The matter is that the road clear away also a tractor there or as there it is called, snow on a roadside rakes up, from it the road seems more widely, than is actually.

Somewhere about Totma (~ without reaching 30 km) decided to stop to specify a route. Began to brake and come down to a roadside smoothly. Ahead sharply throws the going nine into the latest moment to the right and it buries the right wheel during snow. We brake stronger, ABS zastrekotat a little and also strongly threw us to the right. In total nothing, but our car is significantly heavier than the nine therefore we buried during snow just on a threshold (the car just failed the right side).

Clear business that under the own steam we could not leave any more. The nine was pushed out, and here it could not shift us.

It is good that the truck which stopped and offered the help by passed. It is good to be truck:-))), it pulled out us as a fuzz. With great difficulty persuaded drivers to take a vodka bottle, he looked taaky eyes - at them it is just accepted to help each other, everyone can appear in a similar situation. By the way, the cars which descended from the route saw only two - one on the road there, another on the road back. Natives in general drive on the route with enviable fearlessness.

reached by

B 15 - 50 Totma, twilight already began. The stop was small, came into Church of the Nativity, there just there passed the service. Remained very little (in comparison with passed) - it is a little more two hundred kilometers.

the Road became just remarkable - equal and gladenky (hi - hi), there were we under 100. Through some time the nine complained that when it increases speed, the car somehow strange behaves, throws it to the right and in general thorns ceased to clink... Like that, let`s stop and we will look, there can be a wheel lowered.

Stopped... Went out of cars and slightly were stunned - under legs there was a natural SKATING RINK!!! To Ustyug went ostoroooozhnenko:-))).

21 - 00 - Velikiy Ustyug, hurrah!!! arrived!!! (the general time in a way of 15 hours 30 min., 950 km passed).

the City looked very elegant, multi-colored bulbs and the decorated Christmas tree everywhere.

Took place in the Ptushny hostel, however, with sovkovsky adventures, but about it it is not interesting to write.

a small sit-round gathering Arranged

... here strange business - almost all met for the first time, and the company turned out excellent, people more and more sincere: -)))

went to Father Frost in the Morning, he lives, as well as it is necessary in the wood, in a tower (apparently, the former recreation facility), in eight kilometers from V. Ustyug. In the territory very beautiful ice figures, it is possible to drive on sledge and on snowmobiles. To Father Frost in a tower it is possible to pass too, there is a big fir-tree and its throne. Two rooms where remarkable exhibitions of children`s hand-made articles are organized are still open. Well we, naturally with Father Frost were photographed, the child communicated to him, found out whether the real pearls embroidered his fur coat etc., and began to make the way to an exit. Father Frost directly real - high, stately, deep-voices, but is very young-looking:-))).

Took a walk a little in the territory, but it is a lot of to people, a holiday, relax with vodka. In general, there was such impression, as from park of rest in a country town.

Returned to Ustyug by a lunch, but with this (lunch) there were big problems. Almost all institutions serve organized excursions, but we found bar, “Town“ in the center is called, near Sukhona hotel where have very decently dinner.

In the downtown the pedestrian zone where it is possible to take a walk, drive on sledge is. In the same place there is Mail of Father Frost where respond to childish letters and send their (answers) in beautiful envelopes. At 15 o`clock twilight begins, but we still managed to go to Dymkovo, very beautiful, but not restored church the 17th century there (but I can and I am mistaken, so much saw, in the head did not settle).

We took a walk in the city a little more and decided what here already could not be done and why don`t we spend the night in Totm? No sooner said than done, having said goodbye to avtorushnik, we left.

From Ustyug remained ambiguous impression: on the one hand, the city is obviously not ready to reception of tourists, problems with the organization, placements and food, are practically not present souvenirs, and so all familiar children wanted to give something from Father Frost, in the dedmorozovsky territory it would be possible to dress up all personnel in suits and by mail too that the fairy tale, and on the other hand was more felt, all the same it was very healthy, the child was satisfied and, it seems, did not doubt Father Frost`s existence, and this is important!

In Totm we stayed at Monastic Cells hotel which is located in the territory of Spaso - Sumorina of the monastery. The place is fantastic!! In hotel it is silent (in the case taaakiyetolstenny walls that sound insulation for 200% :)), heat, purely, comfortably. One place stands 60 (!) rubles a day. When mypriyekhal, in “Cells“ was nobody in general (and it after “razmestitelny“ “adventures“ in Ustyug).

In general, Totma very pleasant town. It is small, a nostarsha of Moscow (it is mentioned in the chronicle since 1137) . In the city 4 museums (besides it is the “full-scale“ museums with an exposition, but not po2 books in the room), 3 libraries. In the downtown 2 krasivyetserkv (Vkhodoiyerusalimskaya and Christmas), ochenyinteresny and big museum of local lore in which we are provelipocht 2 hours.

Totma to us very much was pleasant to those that the city like kaknebolshy, is located, we will softly tell, in a distance from “tsentrovtsivilization“, but people live somehow for themselves there and at all isolation from the outside world is not felt (not in respect of phone, the TV, etc., namely internally).

I still unexpected opening for us. Literature at us created impression that severyaneochen closed and suspicious, and actually okazalosyabsolyutno on the contrary.

At 12 o`clock 08. 01 we left from Totma to Moscow. Since nochyyubyl snow and routes were cleaned not everywhere, moved not really quickly, kilometers 90 in an hour. On the road met ostalnymiavtorushnik who left Ustyug in the morning.

Somewhere at the beginning of the fourth arrived to Vologda. Since uzhetemnet, decided still light-to sight-see the city to the maximum, apoty already to eat and move to Moscow.

Unfortunately, it was succeeded to visit only Spaso - the Prilutsky monastery and to resemble pokremlyu. Did not get to the museum since arrived in 15 minutes prior to closing there :((. Besides on a prichinedefitsit of time did not take any sightseeing tours though it could be made.


On Lermontov St. remarkable cafe “Lukomorye“. Onorabotayet round the clock, it is located in the downtown, not dalekoot Chernyshevsky St. on which and so you go to Moscow. The full-scale lunch for three with salad, the first, second idesert cost 270 rubles. They have very amusing cocktails:-))) Names like “Quiet happiness of Yury Detochkin“ (the 50th gin, 100apels. juice), “Sparks in eyes“ (50th vodka, 100 champagne), “Kind eyes of Pavlik Morozov“ (50th cognac, 150th Coca, 4 g of coffee), etc. We repent, zanykat the brochure with names iopisaniye of cocktails:-))).

Vologda left in 18 - 30, on the road overtook for “nine“ with which went to Ustyug. Closer to Zagorsk us dognalavtorushny “Muscovite“ Zheni_ma. To Moscow returned three to a mashinamigda - that to 1 one o`clock in the morning. In 2 we were already at home...

However, on the way back. Kilometers for 60 to Moscow in a driving beam of headlights across the road saw some wall (as children snow fortresses build) which is partitioning off practically the middle of the route; at the same time a wall bylaakkurat on a belt to the adult. The husband got a shovel from a luggage carrier and began to destroy an etukrepost. It is necessary to tell that it was constructed on conscience and some lumps it was necessary to roll away on a roadside. Split the others directly on the route (at least they can already be bylopereekhat from the course). When business already came to an end, on the left side of the road, izpolya (!!!), shouts “Hey, the man were distributed what you do it there?!?!!!!!“ and towards the route the group of “companions“ ran. Apparently, they bungled this trap recently, the poetomutropa still was not a natoptana, the husband managed to get into the car (the benefit vsebylo under steam) and we left.

At first we thought that it was made by children, but then, having analysed a situation came to a conclusion, “fortress“ stood OYKAK NOT INCIDENTALLY!!! If the truck, maybe, also demolishes its kcherta together with “authors“, and here the car easily could byrazbit to itself all “muzzle“ and be immobilized (it is a minimum) or to leave strassa (at most). Probably “natives“ stood guard also zhdalisvoy hour... :((.

Here it at us turned out Christmas travel, very much it was pleasant to kotoroyena. Such easy three-day progulkadliny in 2 thousand kilometers :)).