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The passing values of

Hire of household goods - rather convenient and unfairly the forgotten service. And it is possible to hire practically any thing today. As it is correct to build the relations with rolling offices not to overpay superfluous, the correspondent of “SP“ Natalja Naiman found out.

rental centers of household goods enjoyed

In Soviet period when an opportunity to buy the TV or the refrigerator to Russians had to wait for years, wide popularity. In the capital there were over 1500 such establishments where the necessary thing in economy could be borrowed at reasonable price. And all of them were state.

C of others shoulder
hire of clothes is in p in Great demand. And it is possible to borrow both a fancy dress, and an evening dress for a secular reception.
Before New year in prokata sort suits of Father Frost and Snow Maiden - from 700 rub per day. Besides, carnival costumes of the count Dracula (from 250 rub a day), Harry Potter (150 rub), the Spiderman (600 rub) are in demand .
Often hire wedding dresses, evening dresses, dresses for graduation parties, tuxedos and dress coats for secular receptions.
However, to rent expensive dress for a long time it will not turn out. For example, the Ivanna salon borrows a wedding or evening dress to the client only on three - four days, Madonna salon - for a week. In the last salon it is necessary to pay not less than 50% of dress cost (and there are they from $1000). As a deposit the client will leave an overall cost of a dress - then will subtract the cost of all small damages to which the dress will undergo during violent marriage celebrations from it. If you decided to hire a wedding or evening dress in Ivanna salon, you should leave to film distributors 5000 rub regardless of dress cost. Before returning clothes to hire, it needs to be carried in a dry-cleaner. If the salon has claims to a condition of a dress (the torn hem, not cleared spots), pledge to clients, as a rule, is not returned.

Now rental centers in the capital no more than one hundred, and all of them are commercial. So small number speaks, probably, and the income of Muscovites allows to buy by the fact that the household appliances are on sale much today it.

However, sometimes to borrow a thing for rent it turns out more favorable, than to go to shop behind new. For example, if the video camera is necessary to you only to remove week stay on Maldives. And the puncher is necessary to hang up book shelves in the apartment. Eventually, it is possible “to give a ride“ to scales for the pregnant wife, need for them will disappear after nine months. In present rental centers of household appliances small, but continuous inflow of clients is observed: film distributors claim that daily five address them - seven people.

to choose the hire suitable for you, it is better to ring round a little at once. Rules by which rolling offices work today can strongly differ.


All the matter is that to citizens of household goods which regulated work household having rolled the standard contract on granting provided by the old Civil code in temporary use, became invalid about ten years ago. In the new Civil code of requirements to work household having rolled does not contain: it defines only the basic rules of game, for example a duty of the film distributor to check serviceability of the rented thing in the presence of the client. Hire establishes all other points: tariffs, penalties, need of bail etc. To lease to the thing population, the rental center does not even need to obtain the license. The only document which certifies that hire renders the services legally is the certificate on registration granted by Registration chamber Russian Federation.

can be Lent to

Under pledge and a registration for a while now anything - household appliances, the laptop, an evening dress, skis.“ Goods “number one“ which can be found in each hire, - the manager of firm “told Hire. ru“ Olga Bodrova, are scales for newborns“. It is worth taking scales for a month 550 - 700 rub

One more kind of goods which often rent, these are working tools: drills, punchers, grinding and detachable machines. Days of hire of a drill or the puncher of Makita firm will manage from 90 to 150 rub

Other goods are in demand depending on a season. For example, in the spring Muscovites disassemble sports exercise machines to grow thin by a beach season, before New year in prokata take fancy dresses and masks. To Wick - from having rolled enda usually skis, tents, braziers for shish kebabs and other tourist equipment disappear.

For rent can be taken even to a piano - the truth, you will not take such bulky subject for a week - another. In hire SUE Royal (the name remained since former times) where it is possible to rent the domestic tool “Lyric Poet“ or “Nocturne“, will ask to pay for half a year at once - on average it will cost 1600 rub. Home and back the client should pay for delivery of the tool most.

should think Of search of hire and booking of the things which are in seasonal demand in advance. it is easy for p to Find

rental centers of household goods: as a rule, their addresses are posted online. It is also possible to recognize the address and phone of the next to you of point in paid help service MGTS by phone 009. Before making a final choice, does not prevent to ring round having rolled a little: in everyone there will be different models of TVs, chambers or laptops. Respectively, possibilities of leased equipment, hire cost per day, the sums of pledges in each hire too the.

As a rule, it is possible to find in prokata also new, expensive equipment, and cheap, being in the use. Hire cost, naturally, depends on quality and the price of the leased thing. One more moment to which the client of hire should pay attention: whether the office takes pledge for the property. In the Civil code nothing is told about pledge so to take it or not and if to take, then in what size, solves the management of rolling point. Usually the client should leave the overall estimated cost of state property.

And an assessment of a thing entirely lies on conscience of film distributors. The cost of expensive things in prokata is overstated not to remain in minus if the client borrowed does not return. The things which served the term and beat off prime cost, on the contrary can estimate below to attract clients. So, for example, to clients having rolled, the laptops which are engaged in rent, usually it is necessary to place considerable money: pledge for the cheapest equipment (Toshiba) in Aberon salon will make $400.

In some firms, for example in “Hire. ru“ to borrow things, without posting for them bail, only happy owners of the Moscow registration can. To the Moscow housewives wishing to preen in the house feathers by the next holiday, similar “trifle“ will not seem superfluous. Hire of the professional washing vacuum cleaner, for example, costs 200 rub per day. Clients who have no Moscow registration should post bail at a rate of an overall cost of the vacuum cleaner - 18 thousand rubles. However, it does not belong to cameras and computers - vigilant film distributors of this firm do not want to risk a difficult technique and demand to leave from them an overall cost of a leased thing irrespective of the tenant`s registration.

the Contract is more expensive to

than money

to borrow some thing in hire, it is enough to client to show the passport. If you want to lease expensive goods which cost exceeds several hundreds of dollars, for example a slide - the scanner, the laptop or a fancy video camera, passports it can appear insufficiently. The Aberon firm which is engaged in hire of laptops demands one more identity document of the client, for example the driving license or the pension certificate. And, for example, SUE Royal will borrow you the tool only after you show the reference in which your position, the working address and phone is specified.“ You will delay payment or date of return of our property on two - three days - and we should get you at work“, - declared to SP in this office.

In the law it is not specified by p that the citizen who reached 18 - summer age can only become the client of hire. However any film distributor will not give to the minor expensive thing. So if on skis or a maskaradny mask school students are more senior still can never count, then on the audio system or the laptop-.

According to the Civil code, hire is obliged to sign the written contract with the client. All passport data of the client, the place of its work and registration, contact phones, cost of a rent which the client pays in advance, cost of the rented thing, rent term are specified in this document (it cannot make over a year). In the contract even the exact time to which it is necessary to return the lent thing is written: for example, if you rented something to 17. 00, you have to return property to hire too to 17. 00.

you Will be late for a minute - you will pay for excess days. By the way, days are the minimum term for which it is possible to rent goods: even if some thing, for example a drill, was necessary for you for half an hour, it is necessary to pay as though you drilled holes in a wall day and night.


enshrines in the contract and the right of the client to refuse ahead of schedule hire. According to the Civil code, for this purpose it is necessary to warn in 10 days film distributors in writing: then will return you spare cash for rent.

However, it is worth appending the signature under the contract far not at once. At first the film distributor is obliged to show to the client that the thing really works and upon the demand of the client to check all its functional features. The instruction and the warranty card surely are attached to the rented thing, they have to be stored at the client all the time of hire.

If the equipment during a warranty period suddenly ceases to work with

, the client will need to carry a thing back in hire, and that is in turn obliged to give faulty equipment to the service center. If there it becomes clear that film distributors are guilty of breakage, for example, the thing incorrectly was stored, they will have to return to the client money for rent.

to the Client should examine captiously rented thing and to insist that all scratches, roughnesses, the brought-down corners and other insignificant defects were specified in the act of transfer of property - the document which is attached to the contract. Further it is worth taking an interest: what, actually, system of penalties in this hire? It is not empty precaution. Almost in each hire there is own instruction about a procedure of payments of penalties where penalties which hire will demand for this or that damage are specified. Having signed the contract with hire, you automatically agree to all its conditions, including to penalties. If you did not look in advance in how many scratch on the camera or a prefix - a karaoke, the account which will show you hire will manage, can strongly surprise you.

film distributors will not return

And bail which you posted for a leased thing to you until you pay all penalties.

“to Play“ to court

to Detain at itself a thing for a long time, for example, because of strong employment, is not necessary. Such concept as “a penalty for overdue time of return“, of prokata usually does not exist: the client just will have to pay for each day of delay, as for day of rent. Other punishment can threaten the “forgetful“ client.“ In the contract, - the employee of law firm of Legas Mikhail Yemelyanov claims, - usually is established how many days the client can with impunity (it does not mean - free of charge) not to return a thing to hire. After this term hire has the right to file a lawsuit against the client“. If under the terms of hire the client posted bail for leased property, you should not wait for reminders and calls from film distributors. By a court decision and on quite legal grounds hire will just keep your money, and the “forgetful“ client will become the happy owner of a maskaradny mask or other state property. However, if the seized pledge did not cover hire losses, can collect the missing sum from the client.

A here if you did not post bail, film distributors will apply many forces that to find you: passport data and references - not mere formality.

If business reaches judicial proceedings, the client should return to hire the “played“ thing or to compensate its cost, and also to pay for each day of rent of property: the sum can run considerable. However, as the manager “Hire assures. ru“ Olga Bodrova, in such cases tortured by reminders to which regularity service MGTS can envy, clients prefer to come cap in hand and to pay off with film distributors to court.

“To collect a penalty for damages with which it returned a leased thing from the client, - the lawyer Mikhail Yemelyanov claims, - it is already more difficult. You can have own opinion concerning what scales of these damages and, respectively, what sum have to be compensated to hire“. In such cases the client and film distributors usually resort to the help of “the arbitration judge“ as whom the guarantee workshop or the service center act.

is finally defined There what damages were put by the client to property of hire and how many he will have to pay for it. By the way, in this case the client should pay examination. Prokata do not consider natural wear to which all things are subject. As the manager of Makita firm declared to SP, the drill or the puncher which were received by the client have to be returned just in the same look - terms of the contract are that. If you took a musical instrument in SUE Royal, put it at home and did not approach it more, and in the tool the moth was got, for it will collect from you - a pier, it was necessary to hang up sacks with pepper.

In the contract which concludes with clients “Hire. ru“, it is specified that the hired goods have to be returned in the same state in which you received it. For example, if the surface of the TV became dusty while it stood at you in the apartment, you will have to wipe it or to pay a penalty that returned it “not in that look in what took“.“ To prove that the thing is subject to natural wear and that the equipment was rubbed and became dusty not because of the client, - the employee of law firm of Legas Mikhail Yemelyanov assures, - it is almost impossible“. In the Civil code it is told about “natural changes“ with which the client can return leased property. However instructions how to define whether the concrete attrition is natural, do not contain in the law. Therefore guilty will always be a client.

Final settlement

“Before addressing in hire, - the manager of firm “claims Hire. ru“ Olga Bodrova, - the client should estimate whether really rent is more favorable to him, than purchase of a similar thing“. For example, to take the digital Canon A60 camera in “Hire. ru“ longer than for a month - business extremely unprofitable. The estimated cost which equivalent it is necessary to leave as a deposit makes 4 thousand rubles. Such devices do not let out for a long time therefore new it is impossible to find in sale, and being in the use it is possible to buy easily for $40-60. Days of hire will cost the client 150 rub, week - 700 rub, and month - 1500 rub (about $60, as make the device price). Not to put to the camera of any small damage, any scratch will not be able even the accuratest person. Respectively, some sum hire will surely demand for repair of the equipment. If the client takes the camera for two months, he should pay at least 3 thousand rubles, a maximum - 3 thousand rubles plus a penalty.


it is unprofitable to Take in hire scales for newborns at all. Usually they are necessary until to the child half a year is executed, then it can be not weighed in general or to weigh once a month. The estimated cost of scales - 2800 rub. Approximately at the same price (at most 200 - 300 rub more) these scales can be bought. Renting them for a month, the client should give 550 rub. The payment for half a year, respectively, will make 3300 rub. It will be more favorable to buy them, and then to sell or present to other happy family.

But the brazier will be much more favorable to take

for the weekend, than to buy it. Three days of hire will cost the client 120 rub while purchase - in 400 - 500 rub. If after fun to wash up it, then hire claims which can pour out in penalties will manage to be avoided, and the bulky box will not take the place in the apartment.

the Most successful example of use of services of hire - rent of tools like a drill or the puncher for short term. If you only also need to drill couple of holes in a wall, to hire the tool much more economically and to pay 100 - 150 rub, than to buy it.