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It is competent to hand over the friend of

For owners of pets holiday outside the city - a headache: where to put the favourite? It is possible to leave keys to the neigbour. Or to pay money and to place an animal in special hotel. As it is correct to choose a shelter for your pet and what responsibility is born before you by his holders, the correspondent of “SP“ Natalja Naiman found out.

Where to call
Department antiepizootic and lechebno - preventive actions of the Moscow association of veterinary science:
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So-called points of overexposure of pets where it was possible to hand over for the period of the favourite, existed in Moscow in Soviet period: the animal was put in a usual cage, put pans for food and drink, and “lodger“ celebrated housewarming.

Today the maintenance of hotel for animals - one of the directions of small business. In the city about 30 points work: from institutions with the unclear status to “elite hotels for your friends“ ready to undertake foreign cares.

during New Year`s, May holidays and summer holidays such hotels are instantly filled with pets who for the period of departure there are attached by owners. It is not so easy to make it, by the way. According to official figures, about 1 million domestic cats and about 700 thousand dogs live in apartments of citizens. The number of rooms in average hotel fluctuates from 20 to 30. Means, to services of Muscovites (owners of pets) there are no more than one thousand places, and rooms for the favourites need to be booked in advance.

can Attach any animals: both cats, and dogs, and birds, and hamsters, and even so-called ekzot (pythons, crocodiles, pak, geckoes).

All hotels which are engaged in overexposure of pets have to be checked by employees of Association of veterinary science of the city of Moscow on the basis of “Provisional rules of keeping of the dogs and cats in the city of Moscow“ approved by the government of the capital in 1994. However actually not all hotels are checked: audit has to take place time in two years, and the majority of hotels for animals open spontaneously and only for a season of holidays, naturally, without being registered anywhere. So quality of the offered services needs to be controlled that who is going to use them. And it is worth making it really because in one law the rules of keeping of animals in points of overexposure and norm concerning the admissible sizes of cages or open-air cages, the minimum quantity of walks in day for dogs are not specified. So if you do not want that stay in hotel for your pet turned into torture, carefully examine the chosen hotel and number where there will live an animal, and then demand to specify in the contract all requirements to the smallest details to keeping of your favourite.

In numbers

it is possible to Have a hotel accommodation for pets - a cage or the open-air cage for any animal and for any term. In “elite hotels“ cages can argue on the area with numbers of some hotels for people: allocate to one animal 15 - 20 sq.m. Keeping of a pet in such number costs quite properly too - from 1 thousand rubles a day. Hotels with more democratic prices which can be considered as averages across Moscow are addressed to those who is not ready to give in two weeks of parting with the favourite $500. One day of stay in hotel of a cat is usually estimated at the sum from 200 rub to 300 rub, a dog - from 250 rub to 400 rub. a parrot - from 150 rub to 200 rub, a python - about 500 rub. Whether is included food of an animal in this price - depends on terms of the contract.

Some hotels accept on temporary residence both cats, and dogs, and parrots with canaries. Therefore if houses you have the whole menagerie which should be attached for a while, pets it is possible to give easily in hotel “wholesale“. However, you should not count on discounts in this case. And still the majority of hotels prefer to specialize in a certain species of animals. For example, Cat`s Dream Hotel accepts only cats, and Terrariy. ru specializes in ekzota. In such “legibility“ there is the logic: stay in hotel of a cat will not be comfortable if from the next cage dog bark constantly reaches.

the legislation does not regulate today

of Relationship of owners of animals and the management of hotel in any way. In the all-Russian qualifier of services the population (PERCH) of hotel for animals can carry unless to the section “Rendering Personal Services to the Population“. It means that all subtleties of communication of clients and hotels for animals are regulated by the contract.


In the contract between administration of hotel and the owner of an animal usually specify requisites of both parties, the detailed description of an animal (breed, color, a sex, age, a nickname, sterilization) is given, things which were brought by the owner (rugs or toys) are listed. Conditions of keeping of “lodger“ - food, the cage sizes, the number of cleaning in day and cost of all these services have to be here too written down. The procedure of payments depends on the decision of administration: in one hotels the client should pay in advance, payment after delivery of rendering service practices in others, in the third - the scheme 50 on 50 is applied (a half to and a half after).

Besides, it is necessary to specify whether it is obliged to watch of personnel of hotel over health of an animal and to give it drugs in case of need and also who should pay these expenses. If during a certain term the owner is not for the pet, the contract will be automatically prolonged. However, not forever: after time specified in the contract (usually from two weeks to one month) the animal can be sold or given to a shelter. However, as assure the director of hotels, it happens extremely seldom.

the Contract can add

with any points according to the client`s wishes.“ Sometimes people ask to specify in addition in the contract that their dog or a cat will eat some special food - for example, chicken hearts, - the director of Cat`s Dream Hotel Maxim Kivva tells. - If owners bring with themselves that food on which insist, we will prepare it and to give to “lodger“. Someone demands that their pet was not touched at all and were not ironed. To an animal, of course, caress does well only, but the owner has the right to solve as to him will like“. However, sometimes clients demand impracticable. For example, one hostess persistently looked for such hotel where he could communicate and play with other animals for the cat.“ Such wish will not be executed by any hotel respecting itself: if animals fight and will wound each other, the administration will answer, - mister Kivva explains. - Besides they can infect each other with worms or fleas. Contact between animals cannot be allowed at all“.

Animal lawlessness

According to “Provisional rules of keeping of dogs and cats in the city of Moscow“, hotels for animals have the right to accept “lodgers“ only in the presence of the veterinary certificate and certificates of inoculations. But actually this rule is carried out not always.“ We accept all animals who even are not imparted from rage, but we specify in the contract that the management does not bear responsibility for life and health of not vaccinated guest, - Maxim Kivva claims. - And we do not guarantee that your animal will not catch some illness in hotel“. By the way, such point is specified in the contract of the majority of hotels.

can strongly differ with

of the Condition in hotels for animals. According to the leading expert of department antiepizootic and lechebno - preventive actions of the Moscow association of veterinary science of Georgy Kalugin, any law cannot forbid the Muscovite to organize similar hotel at home. Some and arrive: post online advertizing, take animals, lock them to one room, two times a day bring food and clean. It is clear, that such life to the pet will not be wished by any owner.

Any citizen has the right to open hotel for animals, and even at himself in the apartment. For this purpose it needs to carry the certificate on INN, the passport and the statement in tax administration - then he will be registered as the businessman without formation of legal entity (BWFLE).

“However, secret standards to which there has to correspond the hotel for animals gradually nevertheless are developed, - Maxim Kivva reports. - Unfortunately, all hotels will conform to these standards not soon. Most of businessmen will organize hotels outside MKAD, on seasonal dachas. There is enough place for spacious cages and walking of dogs“.

owners of hotels Make out numbers. In some cages, for example, to cats put an aquarium with small fishes, and dogs are given toys. The diet of animals makes a reservation especially, usually the menu for the pets owners can order any, naturally, previously having paid.

of the Toy and various food - it, of course, is pleasant, however it is much more important to find out whether veterinarians are on the staff of hotel. Ideally, before accepting an animal, the expert has to examine it, find out whether the pet is ill, whether he can infect other “lodgers“, and process an anti-flea preparation. Presence of the regular veterinarian as declared to SP in Pets Hotel hotel, guarantees that if your animal suddenly gets sick or it will aggravate an old chronic illness, he will be given help in time. However, the owner should pay treatment: will show it checks for drugs.

of the Toy, cardboard lodges which often put to cats laying, bowls in good hotel have to be only disposable. Cages after each “lodger“ need to be disinfected special solutions or the steam generator. Only after this procedure it is possible to check in the following animal.

Unostentatious control

of Times in two years representatives of one of ten stations existing in Moscow on fight against diseases of animals check

whether all “lodgers“ have vetspravka, whether regular cleaning of rooms and their disinfection after each animal is carried out.

However, can appear suddenly in hotel with audit and according to the complaint of her clients - for example if the signal comes to the Moscow association of veterinary science that keep in hotel of animals without veterinary documents (where to complain - see the reference). If the next check reveals violations (contents the animals who are not vaccinated from rage or insanitary conditions), it threatens hotel with a penalty. However, insignificant. According to Art. 10. 6 “Violation of the rules of quarantine animal or others veterinarno - health regulations“ the Code of Administrative Offences of 50 - 100 minimum wage rates, or 5 - 10 thousand rubles.

This control of the state over the hotels which are engaged in overexposure of animals is limited to

. Responsibility of the management of hotel in case of death or an illness of an animal the administration has the right to define and specify any in the contract. For example, if your pet dies in Cat`s Dream Hotel, will pay you compensation at a rate of 5 minimum wage rates (500 rub) . Even if it is about an animal of rare breed who costs not one hundred dollars.

you can agree to the offered compensation or not sign the contract and attend to searches of other haven for the pet. And here if the administration of hotel deceived you and instead of “number promised in the contract spacious luxury“ placed your pet in a close cage, you have full authority to appeal to court: your interests will be protected by the law “About Consumer Protection“. However, any similar case still in vessels was not considered. The only way to avoid such situations at all - to go to hotel and to make sure that your pet is waited there by worthy conditions.