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Faultless travel of

How to make the holiday rather cloudless? Especially for you we made the convenient schedule which will help to consider all necessary “trifles“.

is Advised by the director of the Moscow beauty shop “MIKS“ Svetlana Kononenko.

Three weeks before departure: artificial suntan

In order that skin easily adapted to change of the light mode, before departure it is worth visiting a sunbed. In three weeks you will just manage to receive easy suntan. Suntanned skin becomes a little thicker, it is better protected from influence of direct sunshine.

For this reason, having got used to an ultraviolet in advance, you will easier transfer beach “overloads“. And skin will quicker get a saturated bronze shade.

It is convenient to

also from the esthetic point of view. From the first days of rest already “ready“ suntan will look it far more interesting than aristocratic pallor. And light summer dresses look on a suntanned body better.

it is important to p not to go too far In a sunbed - there will be enough three - four sessions lasting 5 - 10 minutes. Before a session it is worth taking a shower and to remove a make-up. You should not neglect special protective equipment for artificial suntan - they will help you to sunbathe quickly and safely.

Alternative to a sunbed - procedure of autosuntan with use of the new Airbrush system. The essence is that lotion for artificial suntan by means of special “spray“ is evenly sprayed on all body. Suntan in 7 - 10 hours is shown and sticks to about a week. Therefore at desire it can be made later, in 3 - 5 days prior to departure.

“automatic“ gives to

In combination with natural suntan interesting effect. Skin color turns out more saturated and deep. The only condition - it is necessary to use sun-protection funds from higher, than usually, degree of protection.

Two weeks before departure: correction of a figure

Of course, it would be worth thinking of correction of a figure for 2 - 3 months a bit earlier. But if before holiday there were few days, and will not prevent to get rid of couple of kilograms or centimeters, it is a high time to take active measures.

the Most sparing and at the same time effective option in this case. They at the same time influence also volumes of problem zones, and a condition of skin. Several sessions will help “to expel“ excess liquid and toxins. So, you will get rid of couple of excess centimeters precisely.

At the same time skin receives additional food and moistening. Wrappings give effect of deep clarification of skin and at the same time sate it with useful minerals. As a result the tone and elasticity of skin raises, it becomes more equal, and you look even more harmonously.

the Full-fledged course of wrappings consists of 10 - 12 procedures which do every day or every other day. But it is possible to manage and five sessions - they will give good effect too.

the Result will be even better than

if you a little limit the diet. You should not go into extremes. It is better to choose some one strategy and to accurately observe it. For example, do not eat after six o`clock in the evening. Or put emphasis on low-fat proteins, having limited sweets and bread. It will help you to look remarkably in open summer dresses.

Week before departure: intensive care of hair

That hair as long as possible remained soft and brilliant contrary to influence of an ultraviolet and frequent washing, before departure it is worth paying them more attention.

the Program of active leaving will not involve from you considerable time expenditure. Everything is quite simple. Time in three days do a mask for your type of hair. In anticipation of holiday especially actually intensive moistening.

Attention: if you use the active moistening conditioner after each washing of the head, the mask can be neglected. Otherwise you risk “to overfeed“ hair with nutrients.

If hair were injured by

- for example, a chemical wave or decolouration, - it is worth using more active means. For example, it is possible to make an oil bath for hair.

procedure is quite feasible

in house conditions. You need an ampoule of an oil preparation for hair - similar means are in an arsenal of many companies today. It is warmed up in hot water, then opened, and apply oil on hair and head skin. After a light massage the head is wrapped in the warmed-up towel. In half an hour oil needs to be washed away carefully. Such procedure does hair stronger and live. to the Dyed hair of attention it will be required by

to p slightly more. It is good if you are able to update color before the departure. Then you need to take only with yourself balm for preservation of saturated color.

If you dyed hair one week prior to departure or earlier last time, you need a mask for a dyed hair. Apply its two - three times a week. It is good if the last application is necessary per day before the departure. The mask will longer help to keep gloss and brightness of color of your hair.

Two days before departure: a bioepilation

the Optimal solution for disposal of undesirable hair before holiday - an epilation wax. She will allow you to forget for two weeks about a problem. At the same time you will save the place in baggage: it will not be necessary to conduct with itself hair removal cream or the safety razor with shaving gel.

Bioepilyation can be done to

even on the most sensitive parts of the body, including an upper lip and a zone of bikini. Depending on features of your skin the master will pick up a suitable type of wax.

it is the best of all for p to address to salon for couple of days about “one day X“. In this case by the time of a departure skin will be absolutely smooth, without trace of possible irritation.

unpleasant feelings which such procedure can bring frighten by

of Many. Actually much depends here on skill of the cosmetologist who carries out an epilation. If skin is competently prepared, the discomfort will be minimized.

procedure takes with

not enough time. The master applies warm or cold wax on the prepared skin and in several seconds accurately removes it together with excess hairs. Other option - ready strips with wax. It is easier to remove them therefore it is possible to apply also at home.

If you decided to do to

an epilation independently, once some subtleties considers. It is the best of all to begin with an easy peeling. Then carefully dry up skin. You apply wax on growth of hair and remove in an opposite direction. After procedure process leather antiseptic solution and put the moistening means.


It is interesting that now there were means after an epilation which not only moisten skin and stop growth of hair, but also give a subtle shade of suntan.

One day before departure: the manicure and a pedicure

Well-groomed legs will allow you to sport with pride in fashionable open sandals. It is the best of all to make a preholiday pedicure in salon. The good master will carefully process feet, and your patches will gain desired infantile softness.

Today two main types of a pedicure exist. Classical means an obligatory rasparivaniye of feet in trays. Excess skin is deleted in this case by means of special tools. Then line for a peeling and massage of feet with the moisturizing cream.

the Hardware pedicure excludes preliminary “soaking“. Feet process antiseptic lotion then skin is ground by means of the special device with various nozzles.

of SPA - the manicure is a kind of classical procedure. For a rasparivaniye add essential oils, various herbs to water. Around light candles with pleasant aroma. All used means - srubs, creams, lotions - are created on the basis of plant extracts. Include various wrappings, trays with sea salt, therapeutic mud, paraffin in procedure. Massage lasts longer and brings the mass of pleasant feelings. Generally, this procedure not just does feet gentle and well-groomed, but also weakens, bringing a sheer pleasure.

the Choice of design of nails standing completely depends on your taste and style. It is possible to make modest “service jacket“ or to cover a marigold with a colourless protective varnish with anti-fungal effect. Artistic natures will suit coverings of bright saturated coloring. And if you are a fan neyl - an art, ask the master to decorate a marigold of thumbs with fantasy drawing.

Therefore before holiday can manage usual manicure - cut or “dry“. The master will accurately process a cuticle and will give to a marigold the beautiful form. If you chose SPA - option, then to usual ritual trays and wrappings, and also longer massage of hands will increase.

If you have fragile, brittle nails and a dry cuticle, it makes sense to try hot manicure. The essence is in what trays for a rasparivaniye fill not with water, but the warmed-up oil lotion. It nourishes and moistens skin and nail plates. After such manicure to your marigold will not damage even the drying-up southern sun.