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What to give to the Italian paste? Of course, bottle of “Chianti“! - The representation which settled however not absolutely true. Each region of this country always considered as a point of honor to offer wines of a local origin to the dishes.

the simplest recipes of dishes from paste include only several ingredients. Besides actually paste it can be, for example, only olive oil, garlic and a handful of pine nuts. Light, fragrant white wines for which are especially well-known North - east regions of the country best of all approach such dishes. Pay attention to a “company“ Italian grade of a pin gridzhio - with the refreshing citrus bouquet and pleasant spicy notes. Pin grapes wines gridzhio well accompany pastes with green vegetables or herbs - from basic spaghetti with parsley and walnuts to refined penne with artichokes.

White wines, certainly, - the best addition to cold macaroni salads. Filled with olive oil, with zucchini, broccoli or green peas, salads are only benefited from presence of the wines to “Soava“, “Pino Gridzhio“, “Pino Byanko“, “Sauvignon Blan“ made on North - the East of Italy.

These drinks - excellent maintenance and for dishes with seafood - both cold, and hot. And in Lombardy, the central part of Northern Italy, to paste with seafood, most likely, will offer you the dry Franchakorta sparkling wine made by a traditional sparkling method. An interesting example of such combination - a pantachcha (the thin cylindrical paste reminding a penne) with combs, shrimps and zucchini which is served from “Franchakort extra brut“.

If to move to the west - to Piedmont, home classical thin wide egg noodles, then here in a basis it is wine - gastronomic combinations - white “GAVI“ with notes of citruses and minerals. Especially well it approaches the tagliatelle watered with the kindled butter and the seasoned sage. Add several shavings of fresh white truffles why tagliatelle develop unique aroma and a taste of mushrooms to a dish in the fall. In this case the well-known red wine of Piedmont of “Barolo“ possessing powerful male character becomes more pertinent wine partner.

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K Italian ravioli, to one of types of paste, offer the most various wines. Here everything depends on a stuffing. For vegetable usually choose white wines, for cheese and meat - heavy white, for example to “Soava“, “Arneis“, “Tokai of a gra pin“, or lungs red - “Dolchetto“ and “Valpolichella“. But firm rules do not exist. So, spinach ravioli in Emilia-Romagna can be washed down with red sparkling “Lambrusco“, and anyolott with veal and a sage in Piedmont - white “GAVI“.

Separately should telling

about paste dishes with tomatoes - for example, farfalle (bows) with tomatoes sauce, a basil and garlic, to an orekyetta (ears) with tomatoes and olive oil or spaghetti of a neapolitan with tomato sauce, an oregano and parsley. They are combined with red wines - but not too heavy that rich, sweetish taste of sauce was felt. “Chianti“ or “Merlot“ will approach “Barber“.

To paste with tomatoes are often added by meat, bacon and sausages. In each Italian region there are specialist programmes. In Emilia-Romagna it is spaghetti a bolognese with mincemeat, in Lazio - bukatin (thick spaghetti) of an amatrichan with two types of bacon, in Abruzzi - spaghetti alla a kitarr with tiny meat balls. In general choose the same drinks for them, as for pastes with meatless tomato sauce, only more saturated and strong. It is possible to experiment with generous red wines of the South of Italy from grades negroamaro and a primitive. Some consider them a little rough, but they really tasty and are perfectly combined with the rich tomatno - meat dishes.

If to prepare paste with cheese, then the choice of wine will depend on characteristics of cheese. Gentle ricotta ravioli give with saturated white to “Soava“ or lungs red “Dolchetto“ and “Valpolichella“. Sauces on the basis of firm, strong and blue cheeses, such as parmesan or gorgonzola, demand the powerful, concentrated red wines - Piedmont “Barolo“ or “Barbaresko“, “Amarona“ from Veneto, Cabernets, “supertuscan“ with addition, Sauvignon or a sir, Sicilian of Nero D`Avola. These wines will be worthy accompaniment and al`s paste forno - that that it was baked in an oven or under a grill. The lasagna, canelloni and pastitsio will seem less heavy if to wash down them with a good “Chianti of the classic“ with high acidity.

At last, paste can be also a dessert as, for example, pumpkin and Amaretto cookies ravioli in Emilia-Romagna. Serve to them sweet Tuscan “Santo`s Wines“ with gentle honey taste or the almond Amaretto liqueur and - enjoy life. Dolche of Vit...