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Full children of

the candidate of medical sciences, the dietitian, the physiotherapist, the director of the Center of an esthetics and health of “Rimmarit“ in Moscow Rimma Vasilyevna Moysenko Tells.

- whether the Truth that before full children was not so much how today?

- This is true. To us, today`s adults, it was just lucky. In our childhood there were no computers and other “entertaining“ equipment. And on a table there was a porridge, home-made soup, meat or fish, it is a lot of vegetables. The full child in a class was a rarity in those days.

Today children with obviously excess weight become more and more. Both the sedentary life, and unbalanced food are guilty of it. Look how many around appetizing temptations for the child. All of us buy semi-finished products more often, unconsciously we accustom children to “fast - foot“.

- Turns out what responsibility for the weight of children is born by their parents?

- Quite so. Recently on reception mother took the three-year-old daughter who weighed to me - only present! - 32 kg. When I asked that she likes to eat most of all, the baby smoothly answered:“ Braunschweig sausage. And there is a lot of“. Who is guilty that the child is forced to drag such weight on the yet not created legs? Answer one: mother and father.

of the Basis of good health and symmetry of the child are put even during pre-natal development. And in many respects depends on behavior of future mother what her kid will grow up.

- But unless the quantity of fatty cages in an organism is not defined genetically?

- Heredity really plays a role. But, in addition, in life of each person there are three periods when fatty cages actively breed. And the probability to catch obesity grows in a geometrical progression.

the First period begins

approximately with 24 - 26 - y weeks of pregnancy. Overfeeding the child during this period, future mother creates prerequisites for completeness further.

the Next dangerous period falls

on the first two years of life of the child. Even if the kid was born with a small or normal weight, he cannot be overfed. And if he constantly demands an additive to usual volume, consult to the doctor.

the Third “critical“ age is the moment of puberty, approximately from 8 - 11 years. At this age the adult figure begins to be formed. The teenager`s overfeeding during this period can lead to the fact that then he all life will battle against excess weight.

it is important to p to fill the child`s diet with natural products, watching balance of the main nutrients. So you will insure the child from painful complexes concerning own figure.

- But it is difficult to p to accustom the child to a diet, probably?

- Of course, it is hard. Especially, if parents are not ready to change the way of life. Often mothers put the full child on a diet, and continue to eat as before. Do not injure children`s mentality. Suggest to grow thin together better.

I advise

Ya to the parents who faced such problem at first to address the pediatrician or the nutritionist and together with it to plan the action program. Consultation of the endocrinologist is also necessary if you cannot understand, from - for what the child so quickly gains weight. it is important to p to know

that children are born with already ready program of healthy nutrition in the head. They prefer each 2,5 - 3 hours to eat about 200 - 250 food. And if we do not break this ideal natural rhythm, the child will not face a completeness problem.

- With what it is better for p to begin?

- Together with the child you learn to eat p slowly and to well chew, feel taste of food and to eat consciously. Try not to mix firm food with liquid. Gradually reduce portions and adjust a diet. Act unostentatiously, do not force the kid to feel unfortunate. Gradually limit amount of fat and sugar, increasing a share of vegetables, fruit, fishes, cottage cheese, greens.

Is important to move much. Begin day with morning exercises - together to do it more cheerful. Send the kid to sports section or just more often get out to walks.

I pay attention to a psychological state of the child. Very often full children communicate with peers a little, and quite often also become the victims of their sneers. Do not lose contact with the kid. If it is necessary - communicate to teachers or invite the psychologist.