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On knurled paths of

From the beginning of spring in Moscow the driving season on roller skates, skateboards and bicycles opens. Fans of these simple vehicles fill city streets and park avenues, quite often causing discontent of ordinary pedestrians. In where it is possible to ride and where it is impossible, the correspondent of “SP“ Yana Pozolotchikova

How many Muscovites own roller skates, scooters, boards and by bicycles, of course, understood nobody considered. However it is worth descending in a warm season in any Moscow park - and at once it becomes clear that fans of alternative transport in Moscow tens of thousands. And some “park“ officials and simple militiamen patrolling city streets see in them an obvious threat to security of other citizens. To fans of active recreation often forbid to ride in parks, sometimes for driving in allegedly not put place they are fined by militiamen. However, as found out SP, it is not always lawful.

Where legs on wheels to put

it is possible to Skate on roller-skaters or boards all the year round and in any weather in special closed a board - parks or on rollerdroma. The biggest platforms in Moscow - a skatepark “Adrenaline“ in Medvedkovo and rollerdry “A beater the hall“ on Tula. The entrance ticket costs 100 - 190 rub: the price depends on in what day - week, output or festive - you go to ride. Besides in the city there are about 15 free open areas which are taken away especially for a skating. However, as soon as asphalt dries, scooters and skateboarders prefer streets and park avenues. On the website intended and to fans of roller sport, and that who just prefers to drive laid out the special atlas of Moscow where the most popular routes are specified. These are not some directions which are specially approved by the city hall: the atlas was made by scooters. For example, to sweep on the pass - wheels with a breeze it is possible from the Mayakovskaya subway to Vorobyovy Gory or from the Nakhimovsky Avenue subway to Manezhnaya Square. In the same place all pluses and minuses of each route are written.

can Get acquainted with the rollersky atlas of Moscow to the address.

the Vast majority of the fans interrogated by SP to drive claimed that it is not enough existing special platforms for Moscow and they suit not all. “Those who work tricks as there is a special stage go to rollerdroma generally. For example, interestingly it is simple to me to drive in the city“, - Nikolay told a scooter. However, and those who are engaged kataniyemseryezno “official“ rollerdroma and a board - parks do not favor.“ In Moscow not enough special parks, and what is, very low level. Therefore nothing remains except how to ride near monuments. There, as a rule, the good marble covering, plus is a lot of steps and sides on which it is good to fulfill tricks“, - the project manager of www considers. skateboarding. ru Eliseus Gladnikov.

Driving with barriers

in principle, any scooter or the skateboarder can lay to

own route. However be ready that in some places you will meet difficulties. If on Poklonnaya Gora, favourite place of the Moscow scooters, it is possible to ride freely, then in some parks, for example in the Kolomna and Botanical garden, restrictions for rollers, boards and bicycles work.

As told

SP a press - the secretary of the memorial estate “Kolomna“ Marina Tsaturova, rules of conduct in park are approved by the order of the director.

“We imposed a ban on a skating, boards and bicycles, in - the first, for the sake of the benefit of visitors whom riding can bring down. And in - the second, we quite often have construction works, there go cars, and they can bring down the same scooter which jumped out on the road. And then to bear responsibility to us“, - Marina Tsaturova explains.

However according to the Moscow lawyers, the management of parks has no right to establish such bans.“ The matter is that these rules contradict the resolution of the government of Moscow: there places where it is possible to skate on roller-skaters, boards and bicycles are accurately listed“, - the lawyer of the Moscow Bar “Legis of Groups“ Nadezhda Popova told SP. According to the annex to the resolution of the government of Moscow No. 623 - software from 06. 08. 2002 “About the organization of avenues and roads of park, a forest park and other large objects of a recreation“ (which boulevards and squares are among. - The SP), is allowed a skating, boards, scooters and bicycles on their main and minor avenues and roads.

As for especially protected natural territories where, according to lawyers, also memorial estates, the list of the actions forbidden in their territory enter contains in the Land code of the Russian Federation.“ In the Land code of the Russian Federation it is told that in especially protected natural territories restriction of economic or recreational activity is allowed if it adversely influences the earth. But in the same place it is not told anywhere that the earth is spoiled by a skating, boards or bicycles“, - the lawyer Nadezhda Popova specifies.

In turn, the head of department of information and public relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow Victor Biryukov reported to SP that “the list of so-called prohibitive places for occupation by extreme sports (to which roller skates and a skateboard belong) in the city of Moscow is not defined by regulations“. That is in parks, squares and it is possible to ride streets.

A here where unambiguously should remove rollers, so it in the territory of Moscow Metro. Its rules specify:“ it is forbidden to move across the territory of stations and substreet transitions on motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other similar transport and sports means“. In Moscow the ban on rollers, boards and bicycles extends also to stations of the monorail road. According to the order of Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation will not let you on rollers, a board or the bicycle also in the Kremlin and on the territory of a necropolis (the place of burial near the Kremlin wall). For violation of these rules of the citizen can fine 100 rub

As for shopping centers where people on rollers, as a rule, are not let by security guards, and here everything is lawful.

“According to the Civil code of the Russian Federation if the shop territory - a private property, then the owner can establish the rules. Certainly, if they, according to the citizen, strike at his rights, then he can appeal against them in court“, - the lawyer Nadezhda Popova says.

on the verge

If for fans of roller skates and cyclists important that asphalt was good, then fans of a skateboard look for places where there are sides, a handrail, ladders on which it is possible to fulfill tricks. Riders - those who work tricks by special bicycles quite often join them also. Monuments suit skateboarders and riders as well as possible. The main places are a same Poklonnaya Gora, ENEA, Manezhnaya and October squares, and also areas around monuments to Karl Marx, Indira Gandhi, Natalia Sats - only about 15 places. Nobody forbids to ride ENEA and the Manezhnaya Square.

also official bans on driving near monuments do not exist. However skateboarders often have conflicts with the militiamen who are zealously preserving cultural heritage.

“Generally the militia sends us from monuments. Happens even that boards select or take away skateboarders in office. At someone documents check and release, and some sit in “monkey house“ for prevention, - the project manager of www tells. skateboarding. ru Eliseus Gladnikov. - On the place if the skateboarder does not want that selected a board or took away in militia, the issue is resolved informally, that is we pay militiamen 50 - 100 rub - and they do not touch us“.

according to the lawyer of the Moscow Bar “Legis of Groups“ Nadezhda Popova if the militiaman takes away a board from the young man, then itself breaks the law.“ According to the Civil code of the Russian Federation and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, nobody can be deprived of the property differently as by a court decision“, - madam Popova explains. It is possible to take in hand the zealous militiaman, having written the complaint to the head, for example the chief of the district Department of Internal Affairs. If internal investigation confirms the fact of excess by the employee of the powers, to it will declare reprimand and will deprive of an award. However, according to the head of department of information and public relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Victor Biryukov, complaints to militiamen from the citizens skating on roller-skaters, boards or bicycles did not arrive.