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To make sure of the identity of

Recovery of the lost passport - matter in the principle not it difficult. The main task - to find on the place of all necessary officials and to receive at them necessary signatures and documents. And still it is necessary to stock up with patience.

Without passport can live. Difficulties arise unless with purchase of an avia - and train tickets, registration of any transactions and realization of absolutely global civil rights like participation in elections. For all the rest it is quite possible to manage the driving license, the student ID card or the admission in local library. However if you were lucky to lose the passport, to you it is not necessary to delay registration of new: it is necessary to remember that its restoration - process quite long. Procedure needs to be begun with a campaign in the MISINFORMATION. In this establishment it is necessary to choose that which conducts in a window of a passport office from all turns. By the way, consider, the schedule of working hours of this instance was thought out by the person with the big imagination, it does not coincide even with the schedule the MISINFORMATION. You should not come under closing - to finish work for half an hour before the put term quite in the spirit of these organizations.

to Return to
freedom of departure
Much more simply the situation in a case of loss of other identity document of the citizen of Russia is, - international passports.
For a start it is necessary to address to militia and to take there the certificate of loss of the passport. All it is made in office at the place of residence easier. However, you receive the similar reference in any police station if you tell that you lost the passport of their territories.
needs to be collected Further: all-civil passport, four photos and service record. With all these documents it is necessary to address in air defense at the place of residence. According to the instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “About an order of registration and issue of international passports“, have to issue the new passport instead of lost within ten days. However, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that if before the termination of period of validity of the passport there is less than a year, then to you, most likely, will suggest not to restore the passport, and just to receive new - it are obliged to give out within 30 days after submission of necessary documents.

In a passport office to you needs to receive an empty piece of cardboard with the proud name “form of loss of the passport number one“, and also the receipt on payment of 50 rub of a penalty for damage of state property. It is possible to pay this penalty in any Sberbank branch.

the Receipt about payment needs to be brought to

together with the filled “form number one“ back in the MISINFORMATION. At its filling it is useful to remember that it is necessary to write with printing letters and precisely on the established sample. The trouble is that it exists only in the heads of passport officers and in the Samples of Documents folder on a wall of a passport office. So if, for example, in the column to write nationality “Russia“, but not the “Russian Federation“, it is necessary to rewrite everything.

needs Seriously to approach

also filling of the column “city of a residence and address“. One line is allocated for all data on the place of residence: did not go in - take the new form. You have to get “form number one“ back after the serving MISINFORMATION checks your paper regarding compliance to samples and will write on it:“ I confirm the signature, subscribed is so and so“ (actually the identity is proved by checking of a sample of the signature on a card with its prototype in archive of a passport office). Quite often passport officers forget about it so it is worth tracking independently.

to Attention of guests of the capital
Unfortunately, it is impossible to restore the passport on temporary registration (for example, to nonresident students).
When went an exchange of the Soviet passports of the Russian, the situation allowing citizens to change and restore passports in the actual place of residence worked. Since January 1, 2004 when the exchange of the Soviet passports was finished, this situation ceased to work.
Now at loss of the passport in Moscow of people from other region of Russia has to work as follows. First of all he needs to submit the application for loss of the passport to any police station. Having adopted from you the statement, the police officer will issue you the certificate of loss of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. On it it is possible to get an avia - and train tickets. Then it is necessary to go in the place of the continuous registration and there to begin procedure of recovery of the passport.
If the person has neither continuous, nor temporary registration at all, to go to restore the passport it is necessary directly in that pasportno - visa department which issued the lost document in due time.

the Following item - the district police officer. The schedule of prisutstvenny hours of workers of a law and order which was considerably thought more over: accept there from 18 to 20 o`clock. By the way, about the place of dislocation of district police officers have to report in the MISINFORMATION. To the district police officer it is necessary to bear the certified “form number one“, four photos and the receipt confirming payment of a penalty for damage of state property (you already showed it in a passport office). Having accepted all these documents, the district police officer will suggest you to write the application for loss of the passport. If there is a literary talent, can write all if is not present - the district police officer will dictate to you standard “fish“. Quite often they just suggest to sign an empty leaf. It is not necessary to be afraid: the district police officer just has no time now and he wants to fill in the application form without visitors tomorrow morning. So in this case all your task will be reduced to that on an empty leaf to write “is written down from my words, agrees with the above“.

should not report

At all that your document is stolen. Otherwise it is necessary to open criminal case, and then document transfers from the district police officer in air defense (pasportno - visa police station) it is necessary to wait for 30 days. If you honestly reported that the passport “is lost“, then the district police officer is obliged to report documents within 10 days.

As a matter of fact, all this. Only when all papers get to air defense, and recovery of the passport begins. Having received all papers, air defense is obliged to send a request in that table which issued you the lost document. Well if you did not change the residence from the moment of obtaining the previous passport - otherwise it is necessary to wait. Documents from one district of Moscow go to another about a week. It is necessary to the being nonresident citizens much worse. From the remote places of paper there can be several months. However, for this time it is possible to take “the temporary identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation“ with your photo and the press of air defense.

It is full substitute of the passport with one amendment: give its maximum for half a year. To accelerate procedure of obtaining the main document, it is possible to try to convince employees of air defense to hand out to you request for obtaining documents and to independently bring it in the place of the previous residence.

needs to be remembered that nobody will call you and to report that the passport is ready. Employees of air defense fairly consider: it is necessary for you more, than to them. Therefore it is necessary to run periodically in passport department and to be interested in destiny of your document.