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Examination in mathematics: three ways of preparation

are closer and closer entrance tests. You are nervous, are not sure of yourself. It seems that fill up mathematics? To despair early! Time for breakthrough still is.

1. Alone with the tutor

Tutors do not like to take

pupils on the eve of examinations. The express demands training not only brilliant possession of techniques of supply of theoretical material, but also ability to squeeze in the squeezed time frames all range of standard tasks with possible options.

That then was not excruciatingly painful, according to announcements of the tutor it is better not to look for. Rather good teachers hand over. If through friends and acquaintances nobody was found, it is worth looking in that higher education institution where you are going to arrive. As the option to talk to the teacher of training courses. He for certain knows what requirements are imposed what difficulties it is necessary to face at examinations.

At first the tutor you will surely test

, will determine the level of knowledge. Intensity of occupations will depend on it. The number of occupations - as a rule, on two - four class periods from three times a week. Preparation, naturally, will not be limited to it. After each lesson you will be given homeworks. They, believe, will demand enormous assiduity!

the Skilled tutor surely considers specifics not only higher education institution, but also concrete faculty. For example, by preparation on fizfak MSU such subjects as integrals, vectors, derivatives are not mentioned - they are not in examination cards.

the question Price

depends On the level of basic knowledge also preparation cost. The minimum fee of the teacher of MSU - 700 rub in 45 minutes. The worse you own a school course of mathematics, the more expensively it is necessary to pay. However, MSU - it is rather an exception, than the rule. Usually the teacher establishes the fixed price which does not depend on extent of training of the pupil. For example, if you come to MFTI and you want to be engaged with the teacher of this higher education institution, it is necessary to pay 1200 rub for an hour. If the tutor does not teach in MEPhI, but knows its specifics, two class periods will cost 900 rub

+ the Teacher from your higher education institution not only will bring on certain tasks, but also will explain how to issue an examination-paper and to avoid formal cavils and decrease in an assessment.

- Services of tutors are often offered by students and graduate students. Their fees favourably differ from the fees of solid teachers, and to save temptation always is big. Really, young people can perfectly know mathematics, but … hardly they own techniques of rendering “ambulance“. And you need it! If decided to look for support at the tutor, you remember: in your case group occupations are excluded. Only the personal trainer is necessary.

2. Courses according to the individual program

Short-term training courses exist in many higher education institutions. Terms of training vary from one week to three months. There is a form internal and correspondence. On the last we will not stop - it suits only for very purposeful young people with the high level of self-checking and good basic knowledge.

It is free
the Entrant - 2006 it can be prepared free of charge for mathematics on remote training courses of faculty of calculus mathematics and cybernetics (VMIK) of MSU. Free of charge, because so far these courses work in the test mode. The curriculum is absent - developers of a course note that material can be mastered in different terms: of a year to one - two weeks, everything depends on your preparation. The course is broken into lessons, each of which consists of three blocks: theoretical, for independent work and control. Users can pass a test - whether correct chose version of the answer, it will become known at once. For more careful examination there is an examination which is estimated by the teacher.
On remote courses VMIK MSU are absent control of virtual attendance and consultation of teachers so far. But it is partly compensated by approach to the solution of the offered tasks. Will offer you a task, will show several ways of its decision and will give step by step hints which will lead to the correct answer. Authors of a course believe that such preparation is universal. On its basis you will manage to pass competitive test on mathematics in any higher education institution.

On two - three-months courses should perform homeworks and to write tests. Do not shirk occupation. Pass more than a third - to total control will not allow and will not give the document on the termination of courses. One - two-week intensiv does not assume homeworks, polls and comments. Only tasks - at very fast speed.

+ Occupations are conducted by teachers of higher education institution (or even faculty). You will solve those problems and those ways which enjoy “love“ at this institute.

- About an individual approach out of the question. Courses will hardly help if are familiar with mathematics superficially.

the question Price

In MGTU of Bauman four hours of mathematics once a week within three months cost to

4800 rub. If decided to arrive on mathematical faculty of MGPU, still you will manage to sign up for monthly courses. However, except mathematics, it is necessary to pay and other objects - separately exact science do not teach. The cost of courses - 2500 rub of MFTI offers short-term courses on mathematics from June 20 to June 30. Ten days for three hours will cost 2750 rub

3. Training on the Internet

Remote courses - a new form of preparation for examinations. But while they are available only to those at whom is at home the Internet. If with self-discipline at you everything is all right with self-discipline, safely start occupations.

of RGU of oil and gas of Gubkin are offered by a four-months course of training to mathematics. It consists of two sections: theoretical and practical. The first - the methodical grant in which all important subjects are listed is given theoretical material and recommendations to the solution of tasks. Practical contains control tasks. You carry out them, teachers check and put down a mark.


course Cost - 1486 rub

- the Entrant is deprived of contact with the teacher, so, it appears in private with difficult material. There is no curriculum, consultations and explanations. Control of virtual progress completely is absent that, undoubtedly, discourages.

At chemical faculty of MSU remote preparation were approached much more seriously. The express - courses are calculated on 13 weeks. The mathematics is broken on 13 those. On everyone you receive the list of the textbooks recommended by the teacher, the electronic textbook devoted to methods of the solution of tasks, tests and examinations.


+ On each work hold virtual consultations. However, no more than three on each control. Authors of a course say that it is quite enough for successful preparation in higher education institution.

the Great value on courses is attached to discipline. Control have to be executed in time and sent for check. The teacher will estimate your work and will return with comments. If more than three a time in a row you do not hand over work in time, from courses will deduct and money will not return. Though still you will have access to training materials, contacts with the teacher will stop.

the Cost of a course is 4000 rub

Typical mistakes

Alexander Gromov, the vice-president of the subject commission of RUDN on mathematics, the head of the department of mathematics and informatics:

- the Main gaps in knowledge are connected with the program of high school. Often graduates badly remember that they passed with sixth on the ninth class. Though during this period the fundamental base on which all subsequent training is based is put. Even if you well learned a derivative, integral and other main subjects, will hardly be able competently to solve complex problems. Nevertheless the positive mark in USE consists first of all of strong basic knowledge. So, the correct answers to questions of group “A“ (simplest) give at examination of 20 points, groups “B“ - 64 and “S“ - 34 points (problems of the increased complexity, the level of the mathematical Olympic Games). To receive the four, it is enough to perform tasks “A“ and “B“ without mistakes, i.e. to show good fundamental level.

the weakest places in preparation on mathematics: