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About a year of

Ya always wanted the child from conception. How many myself I remember, always near me there were children. Even in the childhood I played not only with peers. It was worth appearing in the yard to young mummy with a carriage as I turned into the nurse. Then the kid grew up, new carriages, new lyalk etc. appeared. I even to study went to teacher training college, then graduated from the pedagogical university (then, however, for entire happiness it was learned on the economist).

Somehow time one “dear“ grandmother told that supposedly who so strongly loves other people`s children, has no. I in a temper muttered that to spite of it I will give birth to 10! Of course, I was not going to give birth to ten children, but always very much wanted the child.

Ya married and through some time became pregnant! At first I tried to keep the secret. Approximately minutes 10 (so far did the test). Then congratulated the husband on big enthusiasm (he, however, strongly became puzzled). In 10 minutes I called the mother, then a theta, then to the familiar doctor. The next day shared with girlfriends at work (and all on a big secret!). In 2 months my waist in 62 cm began to increase considerably, and my small stomach was noticed practically by all. It is interesting how some manage to keep a secret the pregnancy of months to seven?!

to me liked to go the pregnant woman! I just adored my stomach! I liked attention of people around, a reverent attitude, delights! I was the first of our youth kompashka at work who went to the decree. For me afterwards with an interval half a year went two more girls, and two more think to follow our example. At work at first rejoiced and be touched, then laughed at it supposedly the virus of pregnancy flies, then shrugged shoulders - who to work - that will be? Poor employers!

Being a pregnant woman, I managed to hand over 3 (!) sessions. At me to the third trimester such working capacity opened! I even refused the put next holiday at work, however, in the decree me all - sent.

Approximately months in six reached me that I should give birth. Euphoria was replaced by terrible fear. At one thought of it I broke into tears. Thanks to mother who told that for the first time it is not terrible to give birth at all since you know nothing plainly. Thanks to the given rise girlfriends who, knowing my impressionability, told that all this trifles, and already at the end of childbirth everyone wanted to give rise to the second time (well, they would begin to think so if there was everything so awfully?!) . Well, of course, thanks to the aunty - to the doctor from consultation which pleased me at school for mummies with the fact that childbirth lasts 15 - 20 min. and shouts only mummies - egoists who instead of helping to be born to the kid, shout and irritate doctors.

Despite assurances of people around that everything will be good, in maternity hospital I was going, as to the front.

In maternity hospital I laid down in advance what I did not regret then about at all. At once got acquainted with little girls on chamber with whom we were united by one purpose - to give rise and be written out about New Year. Maternity hospital old (any to you a fashionable tile, pictures on walls, etc.) but very lovely, cozy and clean! But what personnel! Attentive doctors, benevolent midwifes. For childbirth we were trained, took necessary analyses (in thousand time, and this only thing that saddened my stay in prenatal office). We even went to special gymnastics thanks to which childbirth had to take place successfully and the instructor is oath promised that in three days after the beginning of occupations we will surely be delivered. The show, of course, was comical and gymnastics in 38 - 40 weeks - it is loudly told, but I for the third day, as well as it was promised, safely gave birth to the lovely baby.

prenatal I appeared

B together with the little girl with whom we together lay in chamber. Pulled together us not only the forthcoming childbirth. I called the husband, and reported that on phone money comes to an end, and the cell phone is the most necessary thing in the rodzal, so, at least, it seemed to me at that moment. As time was already later, the husband remained nothing how to dump the SMS - which number of the card ekpress - payments. And at the same time to watch the SMS and to make payment it was unreal. Here to the aid Vika also came, having written down number of the card on the mobile. In breaks between fights which became shorter we dictated each other a pin - a card code, giggled, sighed, cried, on themselves nurses laughed and tried to catch puzzled looks again. But will be what to remember!

Well, and everything was farther than

, like clockwork, I tried to listen to the doctor and the midwife, following their teams, and in ears there was one phrase “I am not an egoist!“

Frankly speaking, there was no wish to shout at the time of delivery to me really.

Until the last minute I did not know

who exactly at me will be born though very much wanted the daughter. Of course, I adjusted myself, as I will love the boy not less, but even we pasted wall-paper in a nursery pink color. And here to me on a stomach put a small lump to which I declared at once: “You are called Alice!“ (Thanks to Alice Brunovna Freindlich who celebrated the anniversary on my 36th week. Looking at this tremendous woman, I wanted to name the daughter Alice.)

So far I had a rest, the nurse brought phone that I called the family. Here it, service! And any angry aunts, shouts. Usual maternity hospital, any frills, and such warm human attitude!

At an extract I wanted to kiss each employee of this wonderful institution, not to mention the doctor who delivered. Lyudmila Viktorovna Plaksina! If you read this article - low to you bow!

A then calls - congratulations, numerous SMS - ki, questions: “Well, how?“, “To whom the daughter is similar?“ etc. I wanted only one - to appear quickly at home.

Knowing a sign that it is impossible to leave anything in hospital, I all - managed to forget the slippers. However, here I still few times would return!

the First month

Probably, does not happen everything in life smoothly. The ventricle badly worked for my baby, and we instead of the house went transfer to city hospital. I write it in order that little girls were not afraid, and on the contrary, knew that people in white dressing gowns do not want to intimidate you at all and to separate from the child. Their task - to help the kid and mummy to overcome problems with health. Three weeks my daughter was in hospital. It seemed that it is a doomsday. Of course, big support was given by my relatives - parents, the husband, the brother, friends and series “Sasha + Masha“ which in connection with New Year`s holidays were shown till several hours a day. I even dared to cry no more than 2 - x minutes. I had one purpose: to keep milk, and I kept it! But when in three weeks to me allowed to feed the daughter, I saw with what greed she bursts and gives smacking kiss, and then understood: here it is happiness!

is Correctly told: what does not kill, does stronger. Having looked back, I understand now that the main task of mummy - not to become limp at a difficult moment, not to give in to panic, to be going and to help as much as possible the child. Happiness of our kids depends only on us! Perhaps, in an award for it God helped us grow for a year healthy, and in hospital we went only to be weighed and take root.

Sensation of fear and alarms for health of the daughter was replaced by big pride. I would even call it euphoria. There was a wish to shout all around that I have a little daughter! If I walked with a carriage and met someone from acquaintances whom I did not see long ago, the first that I spoke: “I have a daughter!“ . I was very proud of myself.

Sometimes me it seemed to

that my daughter grows before the eyes. Each turn of the head, the movement by a hand or a leg caused in us a delight storm. And when by two months the daughter began to sing along with musical toys, the pleasure was not a limit! I wrote down on a dictophone in the mobile phone and with pride showed to everyone to hear future Lyubov Kazarnovskaya or Monserat Kabalye. I felt like the happiest person on light! Besides, I began to notice that Alice grows at my small copy. Often looking at it, I recognized “myself on a photograph“ in the childhood.

Even our father constrained on emotion began be touched, ridiculously to talk and “crool“ with the daughter. In an award for it the first word of Alice was, to my envy, “FATHER“.

to three me society of people became terrible not to be enough for Months of

. If before I with the head started carrying out duty mamochkina - washing, an ironing from two parties, feedings, cooking etc., then now I very much wanted to communicate! We ceased to communicate with many girlfriends close, probably, interests dispersed. Someone has no children yet, and having phoned several times, you come to a conclusion that it is with each other not interesting to us, at someone, on the contrary, children already rather big, and again - there are not enough subjects for talk. And I understood that I want to communicate with the same mummies as I.


It is surprising, but it is much easier to meet the child, than without it. It is rather simple to tell: “What lovely kid!“ or “How many to your girl?“ And, at least, conversation for 10 minutes and as a maximum, friendship with good little girls. Little girls! Got acquainted, exchanged phones, agreed together to take a walk. Stylish and sports Svetka, soft and tactful Irishka, strong-willed and vigorous Janka, Tanyushka is the talker and, of course, the Daw - the advanced “internetchitsa“, the idea man. No matter, who as whom worked and to whom how many years. Our children about one age, therefore we communicate as equals though to us from twenty to thirty with a tail. We are mothers! We have common interests. We exchange experience, we discuss the read articles, we consult:

- Little girls, we it is bad to eat something steel, advise to prepare something.

Everyone according to the recipe, and for the week ahead does not hurt me the head, than to interest the daughter at dinner. It is not necessary to rummage the mountain of literature, trying to discover something suitable.

With cold weather approach when especially you do not clear up, began to be visited to each other:

- you Come to play

to us, we bought the wonderful designer.

- And at us the piano is, come to sing to us!

- we have a fantastic baked pudding today! We wait!

we Change not only ideas of education and development, but also toys. I do not say about what is to whom to leave for some time of the child if it is necessary to reach shop while our busy fathers work for the benefit of families.

over time we relaxed in respect of personal care a little. Went outside in jeans, with tails, without cosmetics. Once I saw myself on a videotape and was terrified - absolutely unattractive lady with the swelled up a little eyes (it appears, non-compliance with the mode after twenty five years and the drunk 10 - 15 glasses of tea with milk for a lactation affect a face at once). I learned to drive hypostases, began to make up eyes more brightly, tried not to leave homework for the night and, going outside, to construct some similarity of a hairdress. It was necessary even to fight against laziness - to periodically do itself cosmetic masks which I never in life did. Well, I that my daughter, looking through house videos in several years, saw not young and beautiful mother, and the got out of hand aunt do not want.

- Oh, you today at a make-up, - speak maliciously little girls. But next day all of us were tinted. And here we already discuss novelties cosmetic firms and we ask husbands to buy “something fashionable“. Spring!

Daw. We got acquainted last summer in the yard while we waited for the father to go to sanatorium. It turned out that our little girls almost coevals. After holiday happened, got to talking, made friends again. We do not allow to become limp each other, we do not allow to be lazy each other. We exchange ideas and we realize them.

thought up

Ya to sew for Alice by New year the developing rug with a fir-tree which could be dressed up, but did not represent how to make it technically. While we went to the Daw with the bought material, that had already other idea.

- We will sew a volume fir-tree! - with the burning eyes the Daw tells us.

already we cut

I, we sew, we think how to strengthen that the fir-tree did not fall, to fill cotton wool, or to make a framework. Fir-trees turned out remarkable, instead of toys - old costume jewelry and cuttings from magazines which are perfectly attached by means of an adhesive plaster. Kids were delighted. Besides, we well acquainted our one-year-old daughters with necessary attribute of New year and showed how to decorate a Christmas tree, than they with pleasure also were engaged all December and January.

our babies do not linger

too while their mothers are engaged in creativity. My Alice early began to speak, but did not want to creep and go in any way, Irishka, on the contrary, is ahead of us in physical development. After our joint visits, we safely spread on all fours and got up on legs, and the girlfriend Irishka started talking! Here it is advantage of joint pastime.

It is ringing from the Daw:

- you are not interested in pockets? We put to the father in a pocket carrot today.

- Listen to

, we too fingered today my pocket on a dressing gown.

- Let`s sew a panel with different pockets! On a flypaper, on a lightning, on a button, I just now will more brightly pick up material. You have nobody familiar with the sewing machine?

Irishka! She studies at faculty of service and light industry! And already we fly to it with our idea, and in reply we receive cheerful pockets. The entertainment for kids is ready. And absolutely free and with good power!

- On the Internet a new competition! - the Daw declares to me.

Frankly speaking, never participated in anything similar anywhere. Though not bad I compose. Never won anything, but the Daw does not lag behind.

- You do not represent what there prizes! - the girlfriend is not appeased. - Give compose something more decently!

When the courier brought

to us on a huge frying pan - the crepe maker from Tefal, I understood that my talent found application. Now we with pleasure participate in different actions and competitions, not so much even for prizes how many for pleasure.

the Daw was also written off by

with several websites, and I have the page on one of the websites of congratulations now. Now, when my baby sleeps, I have lawful 1,5 hours on creativity. And still it is well composed during walks in the fresh air. Who told that to sit in the decree - melancholy green?

Ya I adore the daughter! I like to be engaged, read with it to it books, to teach something, to develop! She quickly everything grabs, literally on the fly. And I do not cease to be surprised, well as from a small lump the person with the thoughts, emotions, feelings turns out?! We together dance, I will eat, we draw (here and my pedagogical education was useful). At the same time you do many things intuitively, and then already you read about them in magazines and books. I notice as far as Alice is musical! Will approach a synthesizer and sings: “La - la - la! La - la - la!“ also will stamp a leg, get supposedly quicker, we will sing!

It appears p to be engaged with the child, madly expensive grants and time are not necessary at all. We do a lot of things between times! I prepare or I wash the dishes, and Alice touches at this time peas or haricot (we develop small motility) or a finger we draw on a semolina, and sometimes together I will eat and just we knock a spoon on a pan.

Alice from 10 months has duties. The first - to water flowers. It has a small yellow leechka. The second - to help me to disassemble the washing machine. With a serious look gets from a basin strictly on one thing, rastryasat and gives me! And of course, my daughter will not miss for anything an opportunity “to help“ me to cook and wash up a floor.

I teach

Ya the daughter of independence. We begin to play together and when the baby plays, I quietly depart and I go about the own business. Alice can play long with a doll, dress up it, feed, stack. Itself gets books and “reads“ to me. And to us only a year and four months! Agree, each mummy wants to have a little svobodny minutes!

I do not set

Ya at all as the purpose to grow up the child prodigy, just I so like to be a mother and to spend time with my baby!


to us executed one year! When we were 11 months old, our uneasy grandmother (my mother) attended to idea of celebration of our first birthday. Two weeks we called up, periodically coming back to a celebration subject. There was a dilemma: how, having the little kid to invite everyone us to congratulate, but at the same time not to tire the daughter and not to be tired most? On the one hand crowd of relatives, and the closest, on the other hand - our dear friends - girlfriends - malyshnya from the yard. There was no wish to go somewhere to a pleasure institution at all, the age everything is not suitable so far.

On a family council is decided to be celebrated in 2 stages. In the first day our remarkable grandmothers - grandfathers, uncles - aunts came, and kids with mummies came next day. One week prior to a name-day I began to direct maraft in the apartment especially as not far off there was also a New year. There passed times when order was brought by a work involving all hands in one day. With a holiday table my mother helped, and absolutely the day before I was engaged in creativity.

I released

To a name-day of the baby 2 newspapers - one as a peculiar result of the lived year with photos, since the moment of expectation of the daughter as we did repair in the nursery and interesting photos of every month, ridiculous attractive faces and cheerful signatures, and I and called another: “Hi - hi, I - mother`s portretik!“ In this newspaper I placed photos in pairs. Looked effectively - identical muzzles in color and it is black - white option, so we are similar!

Then we with the husband inflated with

bright spheres, hanged out on all apartment cheerful pictures with words: “Hurrah! Alice has a Birthday“, “I am 1 year old!“, etc., and also a small poster - “My achievements“ what Alice learned that she is able to speak and do.

As our guests were almost our age-mates, I did not begin to invent the superprogram of celebration that nobody was tired, having left the embodiment of other creative ideas till next year. On a table together with salads, we heat, bright boxes with children`s juice and “festive“ drying since at many children teeth were cut, etc. flaunted with fruit. Kids gave us gifts and played them. At the end we sang children`s songs a little, and guests began to disperse slowly. All were happy.

All this so far that I managed to write down.