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How to create comfort in the room of the kid?

the Plush pink paper bag move and snuffles. The trousers stretched on a waist and jeans overalls can be cleaned with quiet soul in a case. The place of honor far away from a window leaf was taken by a crib with a pink canopy in the form of a roof. Multi-colored toys are spread still accurately out. There came the most “careful“ parental time. Now mother and the father will puzzle round the clock over how to make life of the kid better and more comfortable.

They control everything: what quality products are eaten by the child whether he blows to it from a window where diapers and shirts are bought. It becomes frequent care of too persuasive: in the apartment where there lives a newborn, all windows - balconies are corked (suddenly will blow?), constantly something will be sterilized on a plate (and if viruses?) . Some parents, on the contrary, profess a healthy lifestyle: in the winter the child sleeps nearly at an open balcony, walks every day till several hours. At the same time if the kid gets sick, most of parents goes in cycles in expensive drugs, without understanding that for a start it is necessary to change a situation in the house.

Health of the child for 60 - 70% depends on Wednesday in which he lives. Look around: a wall synthetic carpet, a heap of toys in a corner, open racks with books, a screen and hangers with clothes - all this excellent havens for dust pincers, pollen, dispute of fungi, viruses, bacteria and allergens! Even at the adult hit of all this variety in lungs can generate an array of problems. And now imagine what will be with the child, - at least, he can have an allergy.

creation of optimum climatic conditions is also very important

For children. Doctors recommend to maintain constant temperature in the room of the child: about 22 degrees for newborns and babies (at all not 25 - 26) and 19 - 20 for children of advanced age. It is necessary to clean the room daily, surely using a wet rag. But independently all the same you will not catch dust from air therefore the only way to create really ideal atmosphere - to buy the home conditioner.

Purchase of the conditioner - a disputable subject for many modern families. One since the earliest childhood accustom the child to the conditioner - that was not ill. Others are convinced that the conditioner dries air, and at the child mucous dries up. The third after unsuccessful office air conditioning experience are afraid that the child will constantly catch a cold. Doctors assure: on condition of the quality conditioner, correctly chosen mode of its work and reasonable use, it will not do any harm and even on the contrary - will be useful. There were even carriages with conditioners what to speak about a nursery.

So, several simple rules to use of the conditioner. The current of air should not be directed to a bed with the child at all. It will be much better if the device freezes up in general in other end of the room. It is very important that the conditioner (unlike an open window leaf) will not suit draft: it is capable to distribute air streams without this phenomenon, pernicious for children`s health. Constant temperature in the nursery can be arranged by means of the conditioner too. The main thing - do not change it during the day from 19 degrees to 27. Sharp changes of temperature are harmful to the child.

a Special role in development of children`s mentality is played by the pure, oxygenated air. But what to do if windows come to the highway, and from a balcony the view of the highway opens? The modern conditioner will help to oxygenate air and negatively charged ions thanks to which it is so easily breathed after a thunder-storm. The formed intelligence of your child will absorb in itself only useful substances.

At the choice of the conditioner pay special attention to existence in it of the special cleaning filter. Filters are capable to catch particles the size in the 100-th share of micron. Such conditioner will relieve your child of pathogenic microbes, viruses, allergens and other “evil spirits“.

the Only problem of filters - them needs to clean

each two weeks (otherwise the got littered conditioner will “exhale“ dust back to the room). Occupation this harmful (the part of dust inevitably gets enough sleep, and you and your child inhale all this), difficult (it is not really easy to balance somewhere under a ceiling with a rag atilt) and, generally, not palatable. The most successful decision in such situation is purchase of the conditioner with function of autocleaning of the filter. So far such conditioners are made only by Panasonic. The unique technology is called AC Robot: special powerful brushes - robots at each turning on of the conditioner clean all dust from the filter and carefully delete it on the street. Very conveniently and, the main thing, does not demand your participation - the filter joins independently, cleaned and also independently switched off.

So, all arguments in favor of the conditioner. If to learn them it is correct to use (not to direct a current of air to a crib, not to do big temperature drops, to choose conditioners with a humidifier and the ionizer of air and, the main thing, with the AC Robot technology), then no indispositions and diseases threaten your child - only comfort and excellent health.


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