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Breastfeeding and work of

Ya always loved the work. Even when I was 13 more years old, and I only dreamed of legal education, I already represented myself at favourite work. And it turned out.

When I became pregnant, behind shoulders there was MSU, seven years of work, creation as the work of Bar and it is a lot of clients requiring attention it is not worse than the six-months baby. It was impossible to leave work, and I did not even think of it as there was nothing to support children, and having rummaged in practice for the lawyer - it is not just a step backwards, and need to start everything anew. With the daughter - my first child - I got to maternity hospital on Monday, having honestly carried the day before on Friday the case in court.

Together with it I perfectly understood that if I undertook such business as the child`s birth, then it is lifelong responsibility, and its first stage - to do everything possible that breastfeeding was long and successful.

to Childbirth were preceded by long travel on the Internet where there was a mass of useful information about feeding by a breast.

Traditional small bottles in maternity hospital did not ugasit my enthusiasm, and I took away the girl to myself in chamber at once, giving only for survey of the doctor. Yes, there was not enough experience, nipples awfully hurt, the daughter poorly sucked, managing to bite only a breast, badly put on weight. The cracked nipples were saved by cream from pure lanolin. It should not be washed away, and it is possible just to wipe a napkin.

Many forces took away washing of a uterus for the tenth day after the delivery under the general anesthesia and clients whom I accepted directly in chamber, disturbed too. But I did not give up.

Now, being mother of two children, I would like to share the experience and tell about mistakes which I made.

the Daughter at “kind“ insistance of the mother I began to lure

mix. It is difficult to arrive differently when you have the first child, and from all directions it is heard - yes as so, she does not put on weight, you will exhaust her, you work etc. As a result, she began to refuse a breast. This problem with time was solved. The main thing - to endure the first three months because up to this point the child sucks that it is easier (that is a bottle), and after three months it is more interesting to children to eat sisyu as they begin to understand that mother warm, holds on hands and milk is more tasty. Better the first three months not to work at all. And I had to come to work next day after an extract from maternity hospital.

For minimization of bottle feedings accepted the following schedule - feeding by a breast at 12 o`clock in the afternoon, then run for work, at 15 o`clock she was fed without me from a bottle with the decanted milk. I in the same time at work (and sometimes in the car or in court) decanted a breast and kept milk in a bottle in the refrigerator or in a bag on the cooling element from a cooler bag. In 18 - 00 I already at home and again I nurse it. The remained work completed houses at night. Thus, I missed only one feeding.

C itself always carried a set - a milk pump, two empty bottles to it (if suddenly I am not in time, it is possible to decant milk the second time), and also the cooling element wrapped in the newspaper from a cooler bag that irrespective of existence of the refrigerator to keep milk fresh. Further the decanted milk was used during my absence next day. Milk pumps tried many, but the best - Avent Isis. Just out of competition. In order that the milk pump did not cause hypostasis of a breast and, as a result, narrowing of dairy channels, I always held it at a breast leaky, giving access to air. And that at the same time milk followed, supported and squeezed a breast a little.

the Problem of refusal of a breast was solved by

as follows:

  1. Applied the hardest pacifier which only was throughout the entire period of feeding a breast.
  2. If the daughter did not take
  3. a breast, then I did not force it, and carried some time on hands, distracted, and after offered a breast again. Repeated several times.
  4. When the last way did not help
  5. , gave it a bottle and as soon as she was fond of sucking, imperceptibly changed for a breast.
  6. At the heaviest moments used silicone overlays for nipples (then the daughter took a breast for a bottle and was not indignant).
  7. Always fed with
  8. the sleepy daughter early in the morning (from six in the morning to nine).
  9. did not work with
  10. on Wednesdays. Respectively, in days off and on Wednesday nursed the daughter only and so many time how many she will ask.
to Feed with

at night for the working mother very important. My daughter slept from 11 in the evening to 6 in the morning tight, and passed that important time when milk is produced. That milk was not gone, I got up at two o`clock in the morning and was decanted.

Also experience showed that if strongly you are tired and you sleep a little, then milk vanishes. Therefore I had to eat much, especially meat. In this plan unemployed mothers are lucky more - it is possible and to feed and keep a figure, simply not to increase a diet, and to sleep more. I had the most large amount of milk when I got sick and three days lay in a bed (at the same time almost ate nothing, and milk flew a stream). Excess 20 kg of which I now successfully get rid became a result of the strengthened food. But all this trifles in comparison with the children who are brought up by a breast.


by trial and error established also sequence of sucking from each breast - one breast is exhausted by the first and up to the end, and the second - how many will eat. On the following time the second breast is given the first.

Communicating with other mothers, I found out that we have a common problem - babies fall asleep, having only touched a breast and without having eaten at all. One my friend (strangely enough, the man) gave to me a piece of good advice - if you see that the child falls asleep, it should scratch gently that place where behind the head grows into a body (as the neck at such age is not observed). It turns out somewhere around the skull basis. My daughter did not wake up from it, but began to suck actively.


Also drew a conclusion that means for increase in milk not always help - from them the breast becomes hard, and it is difficult for child to exhaust the increased milk. Personally I was helped by Mlekoin who did not have such side effects.

From - for works I strongly was tired therefore I nursed, lying on one side and having pressed the daughter to itself the person. She sucked long, not less than 30 minutes, and allowed me to have a rest.

When to the daughter was 6 months old, and she began to eat fruit and vegetables, all problems disappeared because ceased to give it a bottle in general. Except milk, she received all food from a spoon and did not refuse a breast any more.

the understanding why the daughter refused a breast came Already later, and there was not enough milk. Everything from - for a feeding up. Actually at the child instincts are very strong, and he hungry will not remain (I, of course, do not speak about weak or sick children). Therefore it is impossible to finish feeding after a breast mix at all. Will want to eat - will ask once again a breast. Let better it happens 20 times a day, than to have such problems with refusal of a breast and a lack of milk as I.

Breastfeeding we finished

when daughters there was a year, by agreement. I should have left for two weeks, and she was already interested in a breast a little.

But on it my history did not end with

. Literally in two months after an excommunication from the daughter`s breast, I learned that I am pregnant again. By then I was already loaded at work almost round the clock.

In the mornings to 12 - ti I walked with the child. The daughter often asked on handles, and, it is necessary to tell, was to carry very conveniently her, having put on the growing stomach. When Dusenke was 1 year old and 9 months, we gave birth to the son. He was a little less daughter (it - 4 050 g, and it is 3 800 g) and was born easily and quickly.

this day I came Into maternity hospital just like that, before work, and I was told that I already give birth, and in 30 minutes, probably, it will logically come to the end. So it also left. This time I in maternity hospital did not lie too long and in three days was written out home. Fortunately, there was already an experience of the previous mistakes and a little more time. With the son I spent at home two weeks.

was guided

At its bringing up by the following rules.

after the delivery also did not give
  1. In maternity hospital of a visor of the son from the nursery in two hours, despite all arrangements, for a minute. For survey of the pediatrician brought it and was with it. If abused and demanded to leave, carried away back in chamber.
  2. the Son slept with me in one bed all night long (I took away the daughter to myself only by 6 in the morning) and sucked a breast each 20 minutes.
  3. When I was not at work, on each peep I allowed it to eat milk, naturally, only from a breast and even if peep happened in public places.
  4. Tried to provide the correct capture of a breast, pushing a nipple as it is possible more deeply in the child. But it is difficult to explain it, it is necessary to feel.
  5. Ya did not give to the son a baby`s dummy until disaccustomed to a breast.
  6. ate with Platosh`s
  7. only milk. Any water or mix. When I was not, ate milk from a hard pacifier, and it was all once a day.
  8. If the son did not take
  9. a breast and was capricious, I kept full calm and just was engaged with it something another which is not connected with food. Sooner or later hunger at it overcame.
  10. rare minutes of strong whims carried the child on hands, having put to a breast, and fed on the run. Walking calmed him.
  11. It was always necessary to
  12. will keep strong belief - the son will suck either a breast, or anything.
  13. As I have from time to time a hard breast, I always helped it, supporting and slightly massing (squeezing) a breast. It helped to avoid zastoyev.
  14. If milk was has not enough
  15. , then all the same any mix the son was not given. Just he long sucked, and after that I was decanted to a drop. At first milk pump (besides unsurpassed Avent Isis, but already new model), and then hands. As I understood, the brain received as a result the necessary signal of a lack of milk, and it came within a day.
  16. it is A lot of
  17. and variously ate, preferring meat (for some reason eaten meat turned at me inside into milk).
  18. did not eat anything red. Therefore the allergy was not.

Breastfeeding very much helped me when Platosha in three months was seriously ill. It had an obstructive bronchitis (probably, result of the infection brought from maternity hospital) and in hospital where to it saved life, I would never cope with sterilization of bottles and cultivation of mix. And the next injections in the bottom which turned blue from pricks, seemed to it not such painful because at this time I gave it a breast. Sometimes he did not even notice pricks, having been fond of sucking. And surprisingly quickly recovered.

as a result the son till 6 months (and it weighed 10 kg at this time), ate only milk, very seldom refused to take a breast, and was finished feeding by milk about one year and to 13 kg.


Now, three months later upon termination of feeding of the second child, from my excess 20 kg remained very little. After the strengthened food during feeding the breast, at me developed deep disgust for meat and to all high-calorie therefore observance of a diet and sports for me pleasure.

Yes, to me it was necessary to refuse for long four years former “model“ appearance, for a long time (if not forever) to throw out from life slow Sunday shopping, swimming with an aqualung, visit of beauty shops, manicures - pedicures and other pleasures. It was necessary to leave and before the loved cooking and housework.

is enough

of Time only for children, work and sometimes at night instead of a dream - personal care and private life.

To be fair should tell

that I have many assistants - the grandmother, the nurse and the housemaid coming once a week, but during my work there is no other way out. But, despite an intense operating schedule, I am engaged with the children, and waking up at night, they call mother, but not the grandmother and not the nurse. My children get up at 6 in the morning, and I am engaged with them from now on and to 12 - ti. I go to twelve o`clock in the afternoon for work and I work to twelve o`clock in the morning. It is natural that I spend days off with children. Too it was practically necessary to refuse a dream.

But my children have

no allergy, they are ill a little and perfectly develop. And the most important - we had an opportunity to endure fine and long months of proximity which only feeding by a breast gives, probably.

at the same time I dear and famous expert in the circles, my work brings to me not only huge pleasure, but also the income, an opportunity to provide children to the best in material sense.

Also I have

no time for bad mood, postnatal depressions and melancholy. If the house something does not develop, I find a consolation in work and vice versa if at work everything is bad, I know that the house me is waited by my beautiful, clever and loving kids.


Now to my daughter here - here will execute three years, and to the son - 1 year and two months.