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Tone, tone, half tone... how to use the masking means of

All women wish to have smooth skin and beautiful complexion. It is quite real to reach it thanks to voice-frequency means which variety and quality reached unknown heights. What are modern voice-frequency means? How to pick up the tone suitable you? How it is correct to put the masking means that nobody guessed the shortcomings which are available for you?

Structure of voice-frequency means

foundations, skins, cream - powders, friable and a compact - the powders masking pencils and compact foundations belong To voice-frequency means. They consist of fat, moisture (the moisturizing substances), powder and pigments. It is possible to learn about availability of these substances, having read structure of voice-frequency means on packing, or to consult with the seller.

the talc and a colloidal kaolin promoting soft and good causing tone on skin testifies To high quality of powder. Carbonates of calcium and magnesia which besides well covers skin possess the same properties, smoothes a relief and does powder easier, friable. The starch and lanolin testifying to old production technologies voice-frequency means can be the undesirable components which are contained in powder. Besides, they can extend moisture from skin.

the special microscopic fibers forming “an elastic setochka“ which provides access of air to skin are a part of modern voice-frequency means. Foundations are vitamin-rich, substances which tone up skin and even have the lifting (tightening) effect. Many voice-frequency means contain the special tkaneukreplyayushchy substances developed for mature skin. They can include also the substances protecting skin from harmful effects of an ultraviolet.

That voice-frequency means was not oxidized and, respectively, did not spoil at contact with oxygen, add anti-oxidizing additives to it. It is also obliged to maintain influence of ultraviolet rays, high or low temperature therefore as a part of voice-frequency means there are esters of benzolovy acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and also 1 preservatives and the additives interfering development of microorganisms in the cream.

the Basis of any voice-frequency means - an emolenta 2 - substances which give to skin softness and tenderness. Stearin alcohol, castor oil, lanolin, silicones concern to them mineral oil, wax. Uniformity of imposing of a make-up and how long it will keep depends on these substances.

1 Preservatives - the substances promoting destruction or a growth inhibition of microorganisms the goods expiration date thereby lasts.

2 Emolent in translation from English means “means for mitigation“... These are fats and zhiropodobny substances.

Types of voice-frequency means

Voice-frequency means differ with

on a consistence on which degree of their transparency and ability to mask skin shortcomings depends.

Easy and liquid voice-frequency means contain a lot of fat and moisture, but it is not enough powder and pigments therefore they slightly hide defects on skin.

of More dense , as a rule, compact or creamy, voice-frequency means contain a lot of powder and pigments, respectively they hide skin shortcomings much better.

treat easy and liquid voice-frequency means:

Liquid basis , or fluid (English“ fluid“ - liquid) contains not enough dye and therefore looks transparent and consequently, natural. The fluid has good density, he remarkably lays down on skin and long keeps, enriching it with moisture, doing to more opaque, leveling complexion and increasing elasticity of skin. But it masks not all shortcomings.

the Voice-frequency skin , as well as a fluid, contains very few paint, covers skin with an imperceptible layer, leveling and protecting it. Unlike the liquid basis having a creamy consistence, a voice-frequency skin on a consistence easier. This only means which approaches all-type skin.

Soft day foundation - the usual day cream containing the covering pigments. As well as liquid bases, has an easy consistence, that is does not mask, and smoothes roughnesses of skin. Contains nutritious additives.

treat more dense voice-frequency means:

Dense nutritious foundation contains a lot of fat, moisture, nutritious additives and vitamins. He covers skin with rather dense bed, hides roughnesses, red points and spots.

Voice-frequency cream - powder or a compact primer represent a combination of compact foundation and powder. Differ in the good masking ability. Are easily and effectively put with a sponge and for a long time give to skin dullness.

Voice-frequency a compact - powder or voice-frequency friable powder more the covering pigments and powder contain less fat, than other voice-frequency means. They cover skin with a uniform dense bed, do not accumulate around a time, without effort level roughnesses and hide other defects, doing skin color of the person to more gentle. Are put after day cream by means of a sponge or a sponge.

Camouflage pencils (are on sale in the form of lipstick) and proofreaders (in the form of a felt-tip pen) have properties of a primer, are very convenient and practical for masking of small defects: scars, freckles, spots, spots and rosette of blood vessels. Pencils are intended for work with skin sites, small on the area.

Compact foundation (stik - resembles the increased lipstick tube superficially) contains relatively a lot of moisture and fat therefore unlike the masking pencil is suitable for “wide dabs“ on the person. This most dense on structure voice-frequency means with a large number of a pigment. Well hides noticeable small defects.

the Correct approach

That foundation did not look on a face as a mask, it has to be combined with your natural complexion. For this purpose it is necessary to decide on color of your skin. Usual lines of voice-frequency means are divided into two categories: yellowish and pinkish. Already from this classification colors sand, natural, beige, peach etc. turn out. It is the most correct to define the color scale it is possible only at a daylight, for comparison it is possible to bring a usual clean sheet of paper to the person.

Before buying voice-frequency means, ask the seller to give you tests (a small amount of voice-frequency means in an individual bag). Test their houses, at a daylight: apply voice-frequency means on not made up person: and wait part on a chin, part on cheeks (this test call foundation breakdown) ten minutes. Practically any voice-frequency means during this time will a little darken, respectively it is necessary to buy that means which color is brought most closer to yours.

at the same time slightly yellowish voice-frequency means suit

for skin of any shade.

If in shop artificial lighting are also not sold by samplers, then before buying, apply a little bit voice-frequency means on a cheek - its color owes as much as possible be brought closer to your skin color.

If you impose a make-up at artificial lighting, it is necessary to consider that the light source located from above casts sharp shadows, and color of walls can change make-up shades. An optimal variant - evenly lit white walls and lamps on both parties of a mirror.

For of normal skin will be rather day foundation enriched with pigments and containing nutritious additives. It will give a gentle transparent shade.


For of fat skin best of all will be suitable liquid voice-frequency means. They contain not enough fat, but it is a lot of very small powder. It absorbs excess skin fat from a skin surface and for a long time does it smooth and is silky - opaque. It is possible to acquire production with extracts of seeds of a quince and root of a glycyrrhiza, they nourish and protect skin, at the same time regulating release of skin fat.


For dry and sensitive skin perfectly will be suitable the foundations containing relatively a lot of fat and moisture and also nutritious additives, for example vitamins A and E. Mozhno to use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, it long time keeps moisture in skin and prevents “drying“ of a make-up. As a result skin looks “volume“ and more elastic. Foundations cover skin with rather dense bed and almost completely hide red points and spots. Cream is rubbed either finger-tips, or the humidified finely porous cosmetic sponge.

If your very dry skin with the shelled sites , then is not the best basis for toning. In such cases fat cream which is put on a face the circular movements from below up is applied, then, having waited for 5 minutes, use the soft moisturizing cream. It should be rubbed in skin the easy patting movements. Now skin “is nourished“ and it can be covered with an even layer of voice-frequency means. it is the best of all for p to use

For the inflamed skin with a large time and spots voice-frequency friable powder or a compact - powder, they contain more pigments and powders, than other voice-frequency means therefore cover skin with more dense bed. Thanks to them it is possible to hide uneven places without effort. The special means containing microscopic grains of powder are suitable for this type of skin, such cosmetics is distributed on a skin surface very evenly and does not accumulate around a time. Therefore a time becomes lighter and is more imperceptible, and complexion seems to more gentle. Are important and the antibacterial additives which are contained in them, for example philodendron extract thanks to which spots heal quicker emergence of the new inflamed sites is prevented. with more or less deep wrinkles it is better for p to use

For mature skin liquid foundation, it level complexion, along with it increases elasticity of skin and intensively feeds it. There were novelties of liquid foundations with the pigments concluded in a damp cover which prevents subsidence of pigments in wrinkles that often happens at application of a usual make-up and looks very ugly. Also preparations with chitin or wheaten proteins approach, they strengthen fabrics and do mature skin more elastic and resistant to external influences.

With what to begin


Main that your person was ideally pure, and skin humidified. For this purpose apply the usual moisturizing cream, wait 10 minutes and start drawing a voice-frequency basis. It has very easy and low-fat texture thanks to what it turns out to define, in other words, difficult “the camouflage without borders“ where the voice-frequency basis comes to an end and begins natural skin. It is possible to use, of course, both a basis, and foundation, but it can be a little rather heavy. As a result you receive not so much transparent and natural how many an evening make-up. The basis is enough to be applied on a forehead, cheekbones, carrying a chin and wings (the central parts of the face - these problem zones most often need alignment) and it is obligatory to shade carefully.

Voice-frequency means needs to be put on a face roundabouts from the center to the periphery. it is enough to p to cover with

For a day make-up only the central sites of the person. Take a little cream finger-tips and the gentle patting movements rub it in skin. Under the influence of heat of fingers cream will perfectly be distributed. For drawing voice-frequency means it is possible to use special a sponge (sponzh) or a brush.

If you have red “small knots“ or spots on skin, then before drawing usual voice-frequency means use the special masking cream of green color. It is put with very thin layer and rubbed in skin by easy pats of fingers. After that put dense voice-frequency a compact - powder of corporal color, and from red points and spots there will be no trace left also.

If at you cannot distribute voice-frequency means an even layer, then try tone with silicones.“ Flying“ silicones which are added to some new voice-frequency means help to distribute easily paint and ideally slide on skin. After drawing they evaporate without trace.

Skin around eyes and a nose - thin and sensitive, it needs easy masking by means of a brush and a concealer 3 . There is a special liquid concealer with easy texture for skin under eyes. Under eyes the layer of cream needs to be got wet that he was not killed into wrinkles at the mimic movements.

the Concealer in translation from English means

3 “to cover“. So call any cosmetic allowing to hide defects of skin: circles under eyes, pigmentary spots, expanded vessels, spots

If needs to correct a face form, it is the best of all to use a basis of two tones: light - for the center, and more dark - for those its parts which you are interested to hide.

Now turn of powder. It can be both color, and transparent. If you use tinted powder, then its color has to be as close as possible to color of a basis. That powder laid down evenly, it is taken in the small portions, slightly stirring up a sponge or blowing in a brush. Especially carefully it is necessary to powder T - a figurative zone - a forehead, a nose and a chin. The last stroke - to shake powder from a brush, to carry out by her once again on the person. If you need to correct a make-up during the day, then it is more convenient for this purpose to use compact powder.

Having finished with

a make-up, carefully blot with a tissue the areas of the person adjoining on hair and the lower sites of cheeks and a chin that surplus of cosmetics did not get on a collar or hair.

Down with all shortcomings!
  • of If you have a square face: it is ruddy to apply better on cheekbones in the form of the triangle extended towards temples, and to powder a lateral surface of the face and the lower jaw dark powder.
  • If you have an extended face: by means of its blush can be expanded visually. Blush is recommended to be applied closer to an auricle, having taken an ear lobe tip, and also on a forward surface of cheekbones, observing an oval form, shading horizontally.
  • If you have a round face: it should be “extended“ visually. For this purpose cheeks have to look less. After causing tone, about an ear, temporal hollows apply dark powder on lateral parts of the face, blush applies on cheekbones more intensively, having extended to mouth corners.
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face: dark powder needs to zatonirovat the acting lateral surface of cheekbones, and for mitigation of features blush is applied in the form of a triangle and shaded at the level of external corners of eyes.
  • If you have a trapezoid face: powder skin on the lower jaw dark powder, and apply blush on cheekbones in the form of a rectangle.
  • If you have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin: should cover the lower part of the person with light powder, and the top part of the face and a tip of a chin - dark. It is ruddy to apply better on the top part of convex cheekbones, with easy transition in the form of a wedge to a cheek.
  • If your cheeks are wider than temples: blush is imposed on convex part of cheeks. Light powder is imposed on a forehead, temples and it is a little on the middle of the person, and dark - on cheeks below temples.
  • If you have a long chin: it is better for strong to apply dark powder on convex part of a long chin.
  • If you have the second chin: dark powder is applied on a second chin, and on the tip of a chin and its curve - lighter powder.

What needs to be remembered always?

it is better for h2 not to experiment with color powders as use lilac, green, is bright - pink and it is yellow - orange shades demands special skill.

Carefully should address and with the powder containing gold and silver spangles it is impossible to apply it on the middle of the person. Luster can be pertinent on temples, cheekbones, in the field of a decollete and on hands, and only at evening lighting.

Special attentiveness needs to be shown also when using dark powder, it does not recommend to powder area around eyes where there can be “goose pads“ - rays of wrinkles.

needs Also to be remembered that there are problems which should not be “masked“. For example, it is impossible to camouflage dermatitis (a skin inflammation) at all. It is impossible to cover unknown inflammations and rashes on a face as it is possible to provoke their aggravation, as a result treatment can strongly drag on. Never put on a face cream in the big portions, it is necessary to put it with small small peas. In this case it will be will be distributed more evenly and to look natural.

can Use

voice-frequency means of obviously expressed brown shade, only if you strongly sunbathed, otherwise all person will look spotty or similar to a mask.

Is protected or we harm?

is not present

Concerning influence on skin of voice-frequency means of a consensus. On the one hand, a make-up - one of the most effective ways of protection of skin against external influences and, as a result, from presenilation. Voice-frequency means not only do skin ideal, but also perfectly “cover“ it from destructive influence of an ultraviolet, humidify and feed.

on the other hand, some voice-frequency means of poor quality can cause emergence of comedones 4 , an obezvozhennost and pigmentation of skin.

4 Kamendona - salno - rogovy traffic jams in output channels of sebaceous glands (at seborrhea, eels), look on skin dark (black) points.

to minimize possible harm from voice-frequency means, it is necessary to follow first of all elementary rules on face care. Before causing tone the face is surely cleaned and moistened. It is necessary to use a basis under a make-up (it practically does not contain dyes). It is desirable not to hold on a face voice-frequency means more than 8 hours. Also it is necessary to wash away a make-up before going to bed, as if you were tired. Before making purchase, it is the best of all to consult with the cosmetologist, he will be able to advise what voice-frequency means will suit your skin better. And if you the owner of healthy and smooth skin, then it is desirable to refuse voice-frequency means in general.