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Incomparable happiness of

to Nurse the kid - for me incomparable happiness! You understand that you are a source of the milk, most valuable to the kid, that without you this baby absolutely is still helpless, and near you sucks a milk and pokryakhtyvat, looking for your look and smiling to you a toothless happy smile, full and happy. It causes a storm of positive emotions. You look, you be touched and you understand that this small creation - the most valuable in your life, and without it you do not imagine further life any more.

For me feeding by a breast was the only option, the thought of artificial feeding just was not allowed. Actually, it seems to me, production of milk at the woman is not only physiological, but also deep psychological process. Personally I as soon as understood that in me new life arose, was is happy it is impossible. The good mood, happy smile became my ordinary state during all pregnancy, there was a wish to tell all how I am happy. I constantly communicated with the yet not been born kid, adjusted myself that we together will live happy 9 months without problems and when the kid is born, first of all he will drink the most valuable first milk. In total and left!

Among my acquaintances and girlfriends cases of lack of milk were frequent

, I heard about breastfeeding problems so often that it caused alarm. There was a strong wish to avoid these difficulties. And I decided all pregnancy to adjust myself on the fact that I will nurse the child only. I tenderly talked to the puzik about what tasty milk waits for it when he is born that milk will be obligatory much, so much how many he will want. And as it seems to me, this way works!

After the delivery milk came to evening of third day. In chamber there were three women, including me, both gave rise on the second child, I had a firstborn. And when brought to us children the first two days, at them already greedy gave smacking kiss and drank milk, and I still had no milk, my peanut enjoyed so far only colostrum droplets, and I began to worry: why I have no milk yet?

I I all third day was in thoughts that milk here - here will come, mentally represented how the kid greedy gives smacking kiss, reveling in a milk, and represented everything in the present that milk already is! And by 22 - 00 o`clock, about a miracle, it really came and as came, came that I got up in a row with the neigbours with a full mug of milk, and we amicably incurred the decanted milk in children`s office for kids.

Most important not to be nervous and not to endure, everything is provided by the nature and to be decanted, at least the first days in maternity hospital! I was filtered that is called on conscience, tried, the first time it did not turn out, appear, though a breast and hard, full, and there is no milk there. Besides the main thing - tranquility. I called the doctor in chamber and asked that showed how it is necessary to decant correctly milk, and here it really ran the river. It appears, not so took, not so pressed. Perhaps, some make this mistake and claim that at them milk did not come or it is not enough.

personally I do not believe

Ya that milk can not come, or for some reason it is not enough. If colostrum is, so process went. I am not a supporter of active decantation, but I consider that at the beginning it is just necessary, milk should be rastsedit, established a lactation, and then the kid already himself will adjust, at the beginning the child eats very little. In my case I was filtered the first month, on the first week the child ate only 40 - 50 g, by the end of month we ate till 150 - 180.

When I understood that my kid established himself necessary amount of milk, I stopped being filtered. As a result my sonny - just small bogatyrek, grows and develops remarkably! And as it is healthy - a feeding trough always with itself, neither bottles, nor brushes are necessary, it is not necessary to spend time for sterilization and washing, everything that it is necessary - always with itself, and in any place and at any time it is possible to put the baby to a breast and to both to enjoy this wonderful process - feeding by a breast! I wish the same to all feeding mothers!