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Night alarm. Spasms at future mothers of

the Pregnant woman who was tired in a day lays down at last to have a rest in the evening. But it is what is it? sharp, suddenly, causing severe pain, the gastrocnemius muscle located on a back surface of a shin clenched. Foot was unbent, extended as if wishing “to rise on tiptoe“. Moreover, feeling considerable pain from a muscular overstrain and restretching, you cannot relax and return foot to normal situation in any way: muscles just refuse to obey the orders of a brain. Spasms which quite often become uninvited satellites of pregnancy are so shown.

Often spasms begin to disturb future mother in the first months of pregnancy against the repeating vomiting (early toxicosis). Convulsive reductions of gastrocnemius muscles or muscles of a brush (is more rare - the face muscles located around a mouth) usually arise at night, during falling asleep. But they can appear and in the afternoon, for example, when the pregnant woman sits down or lays down to have a rest.

Mechanisms of emergence of muscular contraction and its regulation from nervous system are extremely difficult and based by

on a difference of maintenance of ions of certain minerals outside of and in a cage. Any violation of this ratio can be shown, among other, and spasms. One of the main reasons gipnogogichesky (that is arising before falling asleep) spasms at pregnant women just also is violation of a mineral exchange.

of the Spasm can be symptoms of various diseases including serious complications of pregnancy. Therefore at their emergence it is necessary to see a doctor.

What leads to these violations?

In - the first, increase in need for minerals, minerals is required now much more: the woman needs and to provide with them an own organism and “to sate“ the growing child.

In - the second, vomiting of pregnant women. With an emetic mass of people loses a huge number of minerals - not only those which he received with food the day before, but also that are a part of digestive enzymes.

B - the third, imbalance of food when to please to food addictions the woman refuses any group of products and, respectively does not receive the unique substances which are contained in them (for example, having refused cottage cheese and other fermented milk products, we receive less calcium).

B - the fourth, the wrong, uncontrolled application of diuretic preparations which reception is connected with attempt to remove hypostases in the second half of pregnancy. Diuretic preparations strenuously remove not only water, but also mineral substances dissolved in it.

we Will consider separately manifestations of insufficiency of elements, components mineralno - vitamin complexes which regulate processes of reduction of muscles.


Potassium is present at each living cell and extremely is important for it. Long, frequent vomiting and plentiful ponosa, and also the wrong reception of some diuretics are dangerous by emergence of deficiency of this substance. The excess use of coffee (caffeine) can also lead to a lack of potassium. Besides, in the conditions of deficiency of magnesium also digestion of potassium is broken.

Potassium insufficiency is shown by


Potassium is extended by

everywhere, and it is possible to find it in any foodstuff, only in one it is slightly more of it, and in others - slightly less. Are richest with potassium: dried apricots - dried apricots and a dried apricots, a melon, bananas, beans, potatoes, broccoli, beef liver, milk. In days the adult has to receive about 4 - 5 g of potassium, and the full-fledged daily diet completely satisfies this requirement.

Potassium is a part vitaminno - mineral complex preparations, usually in the form of potassium iodide.


Calcium - one of the most known minerals which are required for the person. In an organism will point out possible insufficiency of calcium:

of the Woman usually begin to be anxious only when already considerable deficiency of this substance developed and at night legs twist painful spasms.

Being naslyshanny about calcium, pregnant women rather often independently begin to accept a calcium gluconate, but only it is not enough one tablets. That calcium was acquired in zheludochno - an intestinal path and got - to destination - to cages, D3 vitamin and magnesium are necessary. Without them the calcium which came to an organism becomes useless!

“Consumption“ of calcium in an organism increases at stresses and during pregnancy (it is “eaten“ now by two). Interfere with calcium absorption: spinach, a sorrel, a rhubarb which contain oxalic acid in a large number (its soluble salts, reacting with calcium ions, form insoluble, so, and neusvoyaemy connections). Reduces absorption of this substance also food with the high content of phosphates (caviar, fish canned food, eggs, cheese, green peas, haricot, a cauliflower), carbonated drinks, cocoa and chocolate. Diets with the high content of protein also interfere with calcium absorption, and only 15% of the eaten calcium in this situation will be acquired. But also reduced-protein diets do not promote digestion of calcium too: 5% of all of its eaten quantity get to a human body in this case. The excessive hobby of coffee promotes the strengthened calcium removal by kidneys. And the sufficient use of iron, on the contrary, improves digestion of calcium.

What products are calcium sources? First of all it is dairy products (from them we receive up to 55% of calcium); zelenolistny vegetables (broccoli, garden cabbage, turnip leaves, cauliflower, asparagus), egg yolks, various bean cultures, nuts, fig.

If you accept calcium preparations, then they will be acquired more stoutly if to drink them not on an empty stomach, and after not plentiful meal.


the Content of magnesium in an organism of the adult makes about 20 g. This element has to be no more and not less - so to speak, golden mean. Increase of content of magnesium in blood causes drowsiness, block, dryness in a mouth, thirst, nausea, vomiting, lowering of arterial pressure, pulse delay. This state can arise at the expressed violations of secretory function of kidneys, a hypothyroidism, heavy complications of diabetes.

Decrease of content of magnesium in blood is possible

at severe and repeated vomiting, considerable ponosa, some other states and chronic diseases (hyperfunction of parathyroid glands, violation of work of kidneys, cirrhosis and so forth) . The relative lack of magnesium of an organism develops when strengthening its consumption even at its sufficient receipt with food, for example at excessive nervously - mental and physical activities, during pregnancy and a lactation (and also, for example, during active growth at children). The need for magnesium increases in an organism of the pregnant woman by 2 - 3 times. One of the main reasons for it consists that in development the fruit receives magnesium from mother`s organism.

alcohol, caffeine, excess of potassium, some diuretic preparations Strengthen magnesium removal by kidneys. High content in a diet of proteins, sugar, animal fats, butter, uncontrollable reception of some hormonal preparations increases needs for magnesium.

are various

of the Consequence of magnesian deficiency and affect both on health of mother, and on health of the child. At the pregnant woman this state is shown:

Magnesium meets practically in all foodstuff. Integral seeds, nuts, sunflower sunflower seeds, all bean, vegetable greens, carrots, green onions, spinach are especially rich with it. It would be possible to expect big the content of magnesium in bread, but “thanks to“ new technologies - to refinement - bread loses this mineral.

does not manage to Fill magnesium only by means of foodstuff often, and in this situation its additional appointment in the form of MAGNESIUM tablets - B6 or as a part of polyvitaminic mineral complexes is required. If you accept magnesium in tablets, it is better to drink them before going to bed with a large amount of water (about a glass) in several hours after food. Ease of a chair - a sign that with magnesium you were overzealous.

to the Adult needs to receive

every day about 360 - 380 mg of magnesium; to pregnant women and the feeding mothers, and also teenagers - to 400 - 450 mg.

B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine)

of Violation of its daily consumption in itself spasms does not cause

, but this vitamin promotes digestion of magnesium cages, improves its absorption in zheludochno - an intestinal path, serves for it as the conductor in a cage, increases permeability of a cellular membrane and fixes magnesium ions in a cage, interfering with its fast removal from an organism.

Insufficiency of B6 vitamin is shown by


  • strengthening of a hair loss;
  • anemia;
  • appetite loss;
  • nausea;
  • in mouth corners;
  • yazvochka in a mouth;
  • depression;
  • nervousness, irritability;
  • feeling of a sleep in hands and legs, prickings, and (or) “goosebumps on skin“
  • increased fatigue, muscular weakness, drowsiness.

Food sources of B6 are: fowl, beef, pork, veal, beef liver and kidneys, tuna, salmon, soybeans, bananas, beer yeast, walnuts, peanut, avocado. But, alas, it is necessary to reckon with the fact that at preparation of meat of loss of this vitamin will make from 50 to 70%, the grinding of wheat causes losses from 50 to 90%, and the frozen vegetables and fruit are impoverished for 15 - 70% of B6 vitamin.


to Deficiency of a pyridoxine are promoted also by alcohol intake and smoking.

Other reasons of spasms

Often repeating spasms at future mothers can also arise at the expressed anemia - decrease in amount of hemoglobin.

spasms in gastrocnemius muscles can Sometimes develop against the developing varicose illness. At the same time they are combined with the increased fatigue and heavy feeling in legs which are quickly increasing during the day, especially if it is necessary to stand long. And at part of patients all these signs precede emergence of visible varikoznorasshirenny veins. At a varicosity outflow of a blue blood from legs worsens that breaks food of muscles including sural, the imbalance of minerals causes and leads to spasms.

to remove a slight spasm of a gastrocnemius muscle, it is possible:
  • with a force, even through pain, slowly to pull fingers of the clamped leg on itself;
  • to pound the held-down muscle, to nibble it, to scratch, etc.;
  • to apply a mustard plaster to the hardened muscle, to set up her under hot (what skin only suffers) a local shower.
In the third trimester, especially at polycarpous pregnancy, developing of spasms in legs against a syndrome of the lower hollow vein at which when the woman lies on a back or on the right side, the increased uterus squeezes the lower hollow vein that causes violation of venous outflow from legs is possible

. And further mechanisms of development of spasms remind the processes happening at a varicosity of legs. For prevention of manifestations of a syndrome of the lower hollow vein the woman has to sleep on the left side or having enclosed a small small pillow under the right buttock to redistribute the weight of the increased uterus on the left half of a body and by that to reduce its pressure upon the lower hollow vein located to the right of a backbone.

Pregnancy introduces the amendments in levels of vitamins, necessary for its development, micro - and macrocells; it immediately punishes various indispositions for violation of “the sphere of the interests“. Therefore you should not throw everything on drift, being covered with introductions it seems “perhaps will carry by“. No, will not carry by! Time having arisen, violations of an exchange of a sword of Damocles will pursue the woman during all pregnancy. Moreover, they will not be slow to affect - alas, not in the best way - the course of childbirth, and then - growth and development of the child. And it is fair not only for the considered problem of night spasms and the related elements, but also for all links of a metabolism. Therefore show consideration first of all for what you eat. Your diet has to be full-fledged on micro - and to macrocells, on vitamins and irreplaceable amino acids. The products rich with these or those substances listed in article will help you to pick up the diet correctly. Do not neglect vitaminno - mineral complex preparations: they are picked specially up taking into account the increased needs of the pregnant woman and contain all necessary vitamins and minerals including considered above in enough. It is correct to pick up a diet and vitamin therapy to you your doctor will help.

If spasms nevertheless arose, it is also necessary to address the doctor: it will define their reason and will pick up necessary preparations.