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And it that for an animal?

the Kid are afraid to leave to the yard because there lives a vicious dog. Refuses to visit the neigbour because at that very terrible and terrible parrot lives in a cage with mother. Why he suddenly decided that the dog and a birdie can offend him, they did not make to him anything bad? Or just it grows big at the little coward?

Why to it it is terrible


Even if the kid in horror runs away from a pigeon, it does not mean that it grows at the little coward. Fear of animals - the widespread phenomenon among kids. As soon as they are two years old, the fauna begins to frighten them. At the same time children are afraid not only large dogs, but also lap dogs quite harmless in appearance and kittens.

Psychologists assure that we got fear of animals in inheritance from far ancestors who once, davny - long ago, feared wild animals. Often children are afraid of animals because imitate parents. If mother herself is afraid of dogs and, having slightly caught sight of one of them, tries to come over to other side or strongly quickens the pace, the child feels it. The mother`s fear is transferred also to it. Until parents get rid of fear of animals, there is nothing and to hope that the child will cease to be afraid of them.

of Fear and fears

Children`s psychologists do not see anything terrible that kids are afraid of animals. And present what would be if they fearlessly approached watchdogs or cats. Where the guarantee that one of them will not scratch and will not bite? Let is careful of street animals or those who are walked by people unfamiliar to you better.

However to be afraid of

does not mean in panic to be afraid. The fear at any time can develop into a phobia which will pursue the child all life. It is necessary to struggle with fears, but not aggressive methods. For example, to bring the child to an animal of whom he is afraid and to force it to stroke - cruelly. It you know that at Vaski`s cat the kind soul, and a dog Doggy for all life bit nobody. To the kid they seem terrible monsters, and from violent communication with them he has a stress.

“The kindest soul the grandmother`s cat of Vask hissed on two-year-old Petya. Since then it is impossible to visit the grandmother. Having caught sight of Vaska, Petya at once bursts into tears and asks home. We tried to bring to it a cat, to stroke, keeping saying: “At all Vaska not a terrible, but kind, fluffy cat“. But it ended with a rough hysterics. How to us to be - to cease to go to the grandmother or not to pay attention to fears of the little son?“
Elena, St. Petersburg

How to be? First of all, to understand the fear reasons. And they can be the most different. Also believe, most less often children from 2 to 6 years are afraid of animals from - that those once attacked them. It is no more than 1,5 - 2% of such children among “little cowards“.

Happens biting

“Do not approach a dog, will bite!“ - the grandmother shouts to the kid. “And well - quickly collect toys, otherwise I will give to a vicious dog!“ - mother frightens the little son. And after that you want that the kid was not afraid of dogs? Yes it was worth pronouncing these words as the children`s imagination earned, drawing a monster with huge canines and sharp-clawed paws. To what to intimidate the kid by dumb animals? On the contrary, he has to love them, they are friends, but not enemies. Explain to the kid that it is possible to approach dogs and even to iron. But only in case they walk with the owner and that allows to communicate to the pet. The child has to know that the big sizes of an animal - at all not the testimony of his furious temper. Large dogs are often much more appeasable than little lap dogs.

A still the fright can be the cause of fear. The kid heard as in the yard the dog loudly began a bark. Its bark strongly frightened, and since then it began to be afraid of all dogs, even the smallest. It is necessary to explain to the baby that the dog not always barks because that is angry. She tries to protect the owner to whom it is very betrayed. Or it protects a stone. Do not forget to warn the kid that it is never necessary to approach animals if they eat.

Kind predators

the Fearless kid drove a cat into a corner? It by all means will curve an arch a back, will bristle up and will hiss. If it does not frighten the child and he will stretch to it the handle, the cat can scratch. The impressionable kid can be frightened and every time at the sight of a cat will hide from her or to hit in crying. And from a cat the fear can be transferred also to other animals: dogs who can bite, birdies who can painfully peck. And what then to tell about huge lions or tigers? The last, of course, on streets do not walk, but can dream. About them he learns from books and the TV. Here they - that for it - a monster overseas. If the little cat so painfully scratches what to wait from these toothy and sharp-toothed for? And, by the way, in a dream the kid dreams not a peace zoo!

“Our three-year-old daughter is afraid of a neighbour`s poodle. Once we face it at an entrance, it in fear nestles on me. A dog very quiet not that does not bite, we even never heard that barked. On the contrary, approaches the daughter, makes up, wags joyfully a tail, and that in horror runs off her, begins to shout, cry. What could such peaceful doggie frighten her of?“
Svetlana, Moscow

Explain with

to the child that if he respects desires of a domestic cat, will learn to understand it, then they will be able to become great friends. For example, the cat grumbles, so is dissatisfied, lashes - is angry, it is better not to approach her and if purrs - is incited amicably and not against communication.

it is more difficult than

With predators. But also here an exit is. Take away the kid in a zoo! Do not run to cages with predators at once, give to the kid time to be prepared for acquaintance to them. And for a start take away it to harmless and amusing monkeys, then look at peacocks, pheasants, ostriches, a zebra, a camel. Now it is possible to go to lions, tigers and crocodiles. Try to remember some stories from books or animated films in which predators act in a good role. For example, tell it about a kind lion of Bonifation, a lovely crocodile of Genya.

to Forbid


becomes Very frequent the reason of fear of animals alarm which is caused by parental bans.

Till two years the child considers that the whole world belongs to it to one. And when he goes to learn this world, parents also begin to forbid it: “There do not go!“, “Do not touch it!“ The kid understands that not all is possible for him, and it disturbs and afflicts him. Subconsciously it transfers all internal alarms to real objects - most often on animals. For the same reason kids so are afraid of a fantastic Grey Wolf, many children`s fears, generally fear of punishment from the father find the embodiment in his image. Especially if that is very strict, constantly something forbids, and in case of disobedience threatens to punish.

to Win against fear

Having decided to fight against a phobia, be very careful. Inept aggressive actions can tire out fear very deeply, and then it will be really difficult to get rid of it. You do not reproach the child with cowardice at all, do not hold up to him as an example neighbour`s Sasha or Olya who safely approach animals and birdies. On the contrary, tell it that his fear is quite clear to you, you in the childhood were afraid of some animals too, and then the fear passed, and at the kid it will pass too soon. And it is plain truth. Fear of animals really in most cases passes by six years. Very much stories and animated cartoons about kind animals or boys and girls who were afraid of them too will help, but then won themselves against fear and made friends with someone from animals. If the situation worsens and the kid begins to be afraid even of the most harmless representative of fauna, it is better to address the psychologist.