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What to do abroad if...

Summer... Season of holidays and summer vacation. Many seek to leave for a while all problems at home and to make a trip abroad.

It is natural, you wait from a trip only for the best. It is not accepted to think of troubles which it is possible to face during a trip and there is no wish. Therefore accident, an unexpected disease or, eventually, loss of documents, can overtake unawares and lead not only to moral shocks, but also involve financial costs to which you can be not ready.

we Suggest you not to scorn our opinion, not without reason speak - “who is warned, that is armed“.

you lost


In hotel:

you got sick with


At the airport:

to you refuse to

In the city:

to you lacked


you lost the passport

If, being border, you lost the passport or stole it, at once contact the Russian consular establishment and report about loss. Coordinates of embassy and consulates of the Russian Federation in the country of residence should be learned in advance, just before a trip. If you nevertheless do not know them, this information can be found in the guide, the phonebook or at the employee of hotel.

Then needs to write the application to the police. If you badly know language of the country of residence, it is necessary to ask someone to be present at quality of the translator. In consulate it is necessary to provide the copy of the protocol therefore it needs to be taken in polices.

In consulate you receive the temporary document - “the certificate on return to the Russian Federation“. It is necessary to provide for its receiving in consulate: 2 photos (as on the international passport) and any identity card (for example, the driving license), and are better if you have a photocopy of the international passport. If it is absent, then statements of two compatriots proving your identity will be required.

have not enough

In many countries of one certificate on return for departure. Still confirmation that you arrived to the country legally is necessary. This document is issued in immigration service (you learn its address in consulate), delivery its paid.

you lost the air ticket

If, being abroad, you lost the air ticket, too you should not be upset. This document can be restored easily. It is necessary to address to representative office of your airline only. Having reported F. I. O. and date of a departure, to you will write out the new ticket, but be ready to pay a fine of 50 US dollars. by

it is the best of all for p to make to a trip an air ticket photocopy. Then at office of airline you will have to show the copy of the air ticket and the passport (if the passport at you was gone together with the ticket, as the document the “certificate on return to the Russian Federation“ granted by consular establishment of Russia is accepted).

you lost baggage

cases when airlines - carriers lose baggage of those passengers who do changes Are frequent. If after a landing you did not find the suitcase among the unloaded baggage, first of all address the representative of airline which flight you arrived (where there is an office, it is possible to learn in information bureau of the airport).

After you show the baggage receipt, the representative of airline will make the protocol that your baggage did not arrive to airport of destination. If you remained, as they say, “without a thing“, have to give you a bag with necessities (each airline has such sets). If within several days the baggage is still not found, you have the right to address to representative office of airline behind the check for acquisition of clothes (the success of this action is doubtful, the airline of it is not loved, but it is possible to try).

In case the baggage was not in general, the airline is obliged to pay compensation of $20 for each missing of kilograms of baggage (the weight is specified in the baggage receipt). If you carried valuable things in the gone baggage, forget about them - to you nobody will compensate cost therefore all values and expensive things should be insured in advance, to a trip or to take with himself in salon, but not to hand over in baggage.


the Room in hotel in which you were lodged, does not correspond to that level stipulated in the contract with travel agency (for example, you booked a seafront room, and to you that was not provided, having referred to the fact that the travel agency incorrectly reserved it, or on the fact that all seafront rooms are occupied). In that case (provided that in the contract with travel agency the seafront room is specified) you need to ask on Reception (for managers of hotel) written confirmation of that fact that the necessary number is not provided to you. On arrival from the resort it is necessary to address to your travel agency and to write in a free form the application that number specified in the contract was not provided to you (number of the contract and date of signing is specified), having put to it written confirmation which you received in hotel. Your complaint has to be reviewed within 10 days, i.e. to you the difference which is paid in addition for a seafront room comes back.

In hotel you is not settled from - for shortages of numbers

the moving Condition in hotel has to be in your contract with agency / travel agency. And if you are not settled in the hotel specified in the contract, then the hotel has to provide you equivalent rooms in partner hotel of the same or highest category. In this case it is useless to argue with employees of hotel and managers - they are not able to settle you immediately. You need to contact your agency or its representative. The only thing that you can achieve easy scandal is that on return compensation, a good attitude of personnel is guaranteed to you, and also pleasant surprises are possible (for example, a champagne bottle).

Vseved warns: surely specify the new address of the hotel offered instead of your hotel. It can be much farther from the alleged vacation spot. In this case demand hotel closer.

you got sick with

If you got sick and cannot depart in time

If you cannot depart from the country of residence on an etiology in time, the airline - a carrier extends the ticket validity - but only provided that the tariff on which the ticket was issued to you allows extension of period of validity of the ticket in case of an illness. You should address to office of airline - a carrier and to report that you not in forces to continue travel.

Extension will be valid

before the first flight of that day in which you will be rather healthy (according to the medical certificate) to continue a trip.

If you are in a foreign trip, without having issued the health insurance, and suddenly got sick

In this case you have the right to ask for the help in the Russian consulate in the country of residence. There is always the Russian doctor who is obliged to give you help free of charge.

the Airport

you arrived to the airport of departure, and refuse to you landing aboard the plane (not through your fault).

needs to be found

in the airport responsible for affairs of your airline and to state it the problem (at each airport there are offices of airlines where it is possible to find the staff of the airport, responsible for their work). If your airline - “Aeroflot“ then responsible for its work speaks in Russian.

you can ask the staff of your airline to deliver to

on the ticket a stamp with date. It will be for confirmation that you were not late for flight and came in day of departure.

the Airline is obliged to provide you the room in hotel before date of departure of the following flight.


to you lacked

In the city money to pay off

In case you lack money for payment on the account, you can arrest since in many countries similar is equivalent to a crime.

In this situation:

  1. do not try to leave at all without having paid off.
  2. call
  3. consular establishment and explain current situation.
  4. try to contact relatives and ask them to send you the unlimited sum of money through system of Western Union banks if one of them is near you.