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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: On the apartment

On the apartment

When the husband arrived to us on a visit on May, we decided that all numerous procedures offered in “Friendship“ to us already bothered, mashed potatoes are it is impossible more. For reasons of economy and a variety we will move to the apartment. At that moment it seemed to me that on the apartment is cheaper, but it is not worse.

the Husband found

the two-room apartment with hot water, phone, on the first floor, in 10 minutes from the sea in the old city behind the mosque. Rent cost at the beginning of May 7 dollars a day from all. The total of living did not make a reservation.

the Situation with rent of apartments in Yevpatoria is as follows. That from the sea rather nearby and with hot water is only a private sector in the old city. As a rule, first floor. It is possible to settle even closer to the sea, but then without hot water. And it is possible - in usual town houses with water, but in general it is far from the sea. If say to you that the apartment it is close to the station, the central market, Lenin Street, then, so it it is far from the sea. Be guided by direct proximity to the mosque and Gorky Park or to the Resort area and Mayakovsky Street.

Me it seemed to

that in that part of the city that it is removed from the sea, it is a little dusty. Even in the old city which is much closer to the sea it is dusty. There much less greens, than in the resort area. After the territory of sanatorium you do not derive any pleasure. And yes proximity to the sea - concept too relative. The embankment, really nearby, but to the beach still as to the moon. Besides - to the city beach. In “Friendship“ the beach was touched every morning on a grain, there it is pure, canopies are, plank beds, shops, and on the city beach there is nothing to do. I tried to prepare, but understood that all the time leaves on cooking and purchase of products. Nearby the Green market (one of two in Yevpatoria, do not frighten with Central), but there it is necessary to reach, to buy everything, to return back and all this with the child! And we should walk as much as possible and not in the city, and near the sea. And frightening to remain one in the apartment on the first floor. As a result we began to go to have dinner in restaurant and to look for new sanatorium with the husband.

In Yevpatoria can cut down still considerably expenses if to rent apartment. Only it is the best of all to rent apartment in Zaozyorny. Only there it is possible to find more or less close from the decent beach (10 minutes on foot), with decent living conditions and hot water. But I understood it later when I lived already in “Prometheus“ and bypassed all settlement. Besides, in the spring in the Crimea it is not accepted to lease housing yet and to find something slightly more difficult, than in the summer. However, all the same perhaps, at desire. The husband, for example, on the apartment was brought by the taxi driver (on May 1). He even was not puzzled with searches. And I on the place am better than nothing in three weeks in April did not find. If the husband set the task - the settlement of Zaozernoye, probably, the taxi driver would offer it and such option. There is one more option - the settlement Mirnyi, in 40 minutes from Yevpatoria. It is even cheaper also with water according to stories of locals too everything is all right there. But I was not there.

other children`s sanatoria

Very much to us advised

of Missile defense Evpatoriysky children`s clinical sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. It is considered that there the strongest in Yevpatoria, and not only in Yevpatoria, medical base. Everything is really very serious. Even on the territory you will not get. However, we were spent and all showed. Awfully it was not pleasant to me. Possibly, there really well treat, but the atmosphere, as in hospital. Living conditions in the Mother and Child case it is worse, than in a junior suite of “Friendship“. One toilet, souls on two numbers. Number is less, furniture cheap. The refrigerator is the general, there is no TV in number. From the sea the case is further. Beach small. The territory of the beach too small, closed, but all the same is a lot of vacationers. The beach is located in the downtown, near port. The main profile of sanatorium - cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and other problems oporno - the motive device. With similar problems probably exactly there it is also necessary to go. At least, in the territory, we met many such children. We were told that in sanatorium do them even operations.

Skin and allergic problems are specified by

too in the list of diseases in which DKS MO of Ukraine is engaged. However, at detailed discussion of opportunities of sanatorium, in practice everything was reduced to a number of available analyses in Moscow for additional money. It seemed to me that if the climate is important just, it is possible to find the best option. Especially as treatment cost in DKS MO of Ukraine under the worst living conditions is more expensive, than in “Friendship“.

the Last moment for those to whom DKS MO of Ukraine is shown. To receive there the permit cheaper, without intermediaries, it is necessary to send in January to the address of sanatorium the letter or the fax with the statement and an extract from the clinical record, and then to phone. Otherwise you will be able to acquire the permit and later, but only through local travel company “Blue Lagoon“ with a decent overpayment. This firm redeems from sanatorium all permits in advance. Frankly speaking, the intermediary makes not really good impression. To us long tried to visit noodles on ears concerning lack of permits and to push absolutely awful numbers outside sanatorium for 11 dollars from the person in days. Other sanatorium on the same profile - “Krupskaya`s Sanatorium“. All others deal with problems oporno - the motive device only so far as, along with other problems.

Near “Friendship“ located sanatorium “Eaglet“. Level same, as in “Friendship“. But it is not the Chernobyl sanatorium, the people have less, there is not no such line not choosy exempts and the relation, most likely. Too there is a new decent case, I was there. The case slightly - is slightly farther than “Dnieper“ from the sea. Any windows directly do not come to the sea. In the resort area (Mayakovsky St.) as removal from the center go:“ Eaglet“, “Friendship“, “San. Krupskaya“, “Solar“, “Primorye“, “Anniversary“. Completely it is possible to look at the scheme of sanatoria of Yevpatoria here. “Primorye“ to me was praised by people who came back with me from Yevpatoria to Moscow. In “N. K. Krupskaya`s Sanatorium“ decent medical base (the clinic), but living conditions as in DKS MO of Ukraine. In “Solar“ there are no junior suites even.“ Anniversary“ does not sell the permit itself, only through any Moscow firm, more expensively, of course. Practically all other sanatoria where system “mother and child“ is possible, in Yevpatoria are or the center and the city beach, or the second, third line. I did not consider them.

to Buy the vacation package even in May it appeared very simply. In 99% of cases you come to accounts department of sanatorium and you buy on the place. Better, of course, for self-complacency to call, for couple of days - week. But even it is optional. All are only glad in the spring - there is nobody. In the summer, of course, so it will not turn out any more. However if arrived in May, then to prolong the permit too does not make problems. It is only necessary not to forget that it is necessary to arrive in the morning to weekday when the accounts department works and on the place there is an administration. It is possible to leave Moscow so only once in a week in the spring. If there come several families, then it is possible also to receive decent discounts.