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At cinema without ticket of

you love cinema, but irritates you when nearby gnaw popcorn and laugh at stupid jokes? You like a volume sound and special effects, but comments of neighbors prevent to enjoy viewing? To receive everything that was put when shootings from the movie, home theaters allow. The correspondent of “SP“ Nikolay Gerasimov found out how to appear in the movie, without getting down from a sofa

In the USA the idea of full immersion in the movie came to houses at the beginning of 1980 - x years. At first there were household stereovideorecorders able to display a sound on two channels.

Later the Dolby Surround standard when two additional paths for frontal and rear channels registered in the carrier arose.


To “front“ by production of the movie mixed dialogues of actors, and to “back“ - special effects. For reproduction of this standard Hi system videorecorders - Fi Stereo and special speaker systems with two additional columns were required.

In Russia where even usual “video recorders“ appeared in free access only at the end of 1980 - x years, these formats remained almost unclaimed. Our country from monophonic magnetic record passed almost at once to digital video which is recorded with use from six to eight channels in recent years.


Division of channels of record allows to determine by

location of an imaginary source of a sound: the viewer understands from what party called to the screen hero and from where danger approaches him. If on the screen there was an explosion on the left side, then it will be heard in the left group of loudspeakers, and right will give only an echo. Just as in reality. This division is provided with modern standards of record and reproduction of Dolby Digital and DTS.

After pressing of the play key the most usual drawing room can turn into a zone of military operations or others planet full of dangers - depending on a plot, quality of record and the equipment.

the Modern home theater consists of three main components: devices for obtaining the picture (the TV, the monitor or a projector), the reproducing unit (DVD - a player) and the speaker system (the amplifier and loudspeakers). Will tell about the choice of the TV of SP separately in the next numbers therefore we will concentrate on the reproducing and acoustic equipment suitable for use in usual city apartments.

Interpretation of a signal

Any modern DVD - the player honestly reads out all information placed on a disk. But not each device can interpret it completely. As a rule, on the back panel of the majority of inexpensive players ($50-150) besides sockets for video it is possible to find stereosockets for a sound. It is enough for connection of the device to the ordinary TV or a cheap set of acoustics consisting of two loudspeakers.


On a box of some models specified existence of Dolby Digital/DTS decoders - these players will decode a sound independently, it is possible to connect a set of multichannel acoustics to them.

to facilitate to users search and control of the equipment, producers let out so-called box movie theaters. Their cost begins from $130. The player and several loudspeakers are included in the package that allows to receive for rather small money sounding, not comparable with a sound of the ordinary TV. However for economy of the scheme of devices are considerably simplified, and in production cheap materials are used. All this influences quality of a sound. Much multicomponent systems where each device carries out the functions are capable to provide the best quality: the amplifier (or a receiver) will decode and strengthens a sound, and loudspeakers reproduce it with the minimum distortions.

needs to be Bought by
intelligently, but without fanaticism
Communication expenses
completely to enjoy quality of multicomponent system, it is necessary to use special expensive connecting wires (from $10 for meter, are bought separately) and high-quality sockets (their price reaches $70 apiece).
the Cost of switching of all equipment can reach $1 thousand, disregarding the accompanying repair work. To drill walls and to suspend loudspeakers better to entrust experts: quality of their work will justify expenses on the good equipment. In the concrete room measurements of distribution of a sound are carried out, recommendations about sound insulation are made.
For arrangement of the home theater apply a special covering to walls, a floor and a ceiling, special screens - blinds which are established on window and doorways. There is this action, including the equipment, usually tens of thousands of dollars and is suitable for prosperous film fans - homebodies. And if the box set can quite be placed in the standard furnished room, for example a drawing room, then it is desirable to install the professional equipment indoors which from now on and forever will be exclusively home theater.

On a box with the home theater is specified by

the number of channels of a sound. Systems 5 are most of all widespread. 1 (one low-frequency loudspeaker, two frontal, two rear and one central) and 7. 1 where except frontal and rear loudspeakers there was a place to one more couple - for smoother transition of sound effects. Today the format of digital record (it is designated on DVD) 5 is in the lead. 1, therefore the reproducing systems 7. 1 expand a panorama artificially.

Some producers as much as possible to reduce the price of an equipment set, let out systems of a format 2. 1 where the special processor displays six initial channels on one low-frequency and two frontal loudspeakers. At the same time the sound does not become completely volume and all the same concentrates in front from the viewer.

also less widespread reproducing systems - 6 Exist. 1 (the same that 7. 1, but the central channel is distributed between frontal pair of loudspeakers), 8. 1 and even 9. 1. However the movies which are written down in these standards it is, a little, therefore the resulting sound - amateur performance of each concrete processor.

the home theater with any of modern sound systems, only makes sense to Buy

if you watch on it license disks. On the pigs containing screen copies of movies and the whole collections from two and more pictures, soundtracks for economy of the place are coded as at most in a stereo. All expensive equipment in this case will be useless and will reproduce the same information on each of channels.

Here high quality already any processor will not provide


That is heard

it is possible to find

loudspeakers of a different form and size In box system. Inexpensive sets like BBK DK929 ($170) give no more than 10 W on each of rear and frontal channels, and only a subwoofer - the most impressive column by the sizes - wails on 30 W. The amplifier of such set or is built in a player (passive acoustics is connected), or built in in the subwoofer case (active acoustics).

As low frequencies are to a lesser extent reflected by

from objects, optional accurately to verify the place of a subwoofer in space. At the same time high-frequency loudspeakers (satellites) have to be located according to the scheme (it is applied to the device). In inexpensive sets the subwoofer undertakes almost all work on power therefore satellites happen very small sizes. It not the most optimal solution because at big concentration of a sound in one source realness is lost, and at an overload at the most dramatic situations of the movie satellites can begin to rattle or jingle and beat off any hunting to watch film of the house. However, these inconveniences are compensated by extremely low price.

of Dynamics of better speaker systems (are bought separately or are included in the package of expensive models) have a bigger stock of power (hundreds of watts) and do not dump all work on a subwoofer, giving a sound as it was conceived at record.

allow to Receive high-quality sounding and to choose acoustics the multicomponent systems consisting of a player, the powerful amplifier (receiver) and columns. Some producers, to reduce the price of a design, combine a player and the block of the amplifier. These devices differ from box players a little, but are on sale separately from loudspeakers. As a rule, such devices at the price from $160 can “shake“ columns with power from 25 to 50 W on the canal.

Receivers are connected by

to a digital output of DVD - a player, decode and strengthen a sound independently. Producers of similar systems pay much more attention to the block of the amplifier (tens and hundreds of watts on the canal) and to quality of components. At first sight, receivers perform the same work, as the box station wagon, but their producers do not save on clever electronics. Existence of schemes of protection against distortions, boleekachestvenny sockets - all this allows to create a good sound.

It is frequent the company - the producer recommends to use loudspeakers of the same firm with the devices. Really, their compatibility is tested for production stages. But if electronic components, we tell Yamaha, do not cause complaints, then in production of acoustics this company is not the leader. Sets of columns of production of leaders of the market JBL, Bose, etc. will be able to provide the best sounding. Such systems can cost from $600 to $15 thousand and above.