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How to become the grand master of

Persians called the monarch “shah“, and Arabs use the word “mat“ in value “died“. Thus, persidsko - Arab “chess“ means “the king died“ that absolutely precisely defines an ultimate goal of competition - death of the king of the rival.

About the birth of chess game many legends exist. And here one them them, in my opinion, the most curious. It was in the 6th century of our era. To the rajah the wise man welcomed and suggested to play with him on a checkered board in game unprecedented until then. Though the rajah also was won, the chaturanga - so was called an entertainment - it was pleasant to it, and he decided to award the wise man generously. “Ask that you want, - the lord told, - I will regret nothing“. The wise man answered: “I am a modest person and I am not eager for either gold, or pearls. Order to give me only grain grains“. “And whether it is necessary to you much?“ - the tsar took an interest.“ It is so much how many this chessboard will prompt. On the first cage put one kernel, on the second - it is twice more, than on the first, on the third - it is twice more, than on the second, on the fourth - it is twice more, than on the third... And so - to the last, 64 - y. Will be quite enough“. But it was impracticable: not only in barns the rajah, but also in barns of all on light of the countries combined would not have such amount of grain. The court mathematician counted that on the last cage 9 223 372 036 854 775 808 grains, and on everything - 18 446 744 073 709 551 615 are located! (Speaking mathematical language, 1,84*10 19 .) The request the wise man wanted to prove to ventsenosets that in chess a great lot of opportunities is covered!

From history of chess

the Indian war game of “Chaturanga“, the progenitress of modern chess, got to Russia directly from the East. Archaeological data say that chess in Russia is known since the XI century. Such gymnastics for mind fitted Russian on heart, and by the 15th century extended in the most various sectors of society. Enjoyed special popularity among military. Extremely Peter I who entered custom fell in love with chess to play them on assemblies. And during rule of Anna Ioannovna in the Winter Palace even arranged the special Chess room. At the end of the 18th century there was the first St. Petersburg chess club, and Society of fans of chess game appeared several decades later. Then L. N. Tolstoy, M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Ya. P. Polonsky, I. S. Turgenev and many others became his members. By the end of the 19th century in Russia there was already the school of chess game, grand masters M. I. Chigorin, A. A. Alyokhin became her brightest representatives, etc.

In Soviet period chess under the guardianship was taken by the state. All conditions for training and trainings of players, winners were created honored on an equal basis with astronauts. Of course, the country was whom to be proud. Here some names of the world champions in chess who became an example for imitation for many generations - Mikhail Botvinnik, Vasily Smyslov, Tigran Petrosyan, Mikhail Tal, Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov.

With arrival of market economy the situation cardinally changed: the state had affairs more important. As a result many grand masters and skilled teachers went to work abroad. And the enthusiasts who remained in Russia are forced to leave at own expense on world tournaments, to dig up resources on the organization of competitions. But there are also good news: there were various computer programs for chess. Now the children and adults taking the first steps in an available and fascinating form can master extensive theoretical material and fix it, having played with the electronic opponent. Offer masters the so-called electronic exercise machines helping to fulfill effectively separate stages of a game of chess, for example an end-game - the final stage. It is possible to check the abilities without leaving the house, participating in numerous the Internet - tournaments.

In a chess jungle

to Learn play p in chess, in principle, everyone can, as well as jingle on a guitar. But receiving an original work of art requires a special state of mind and reason that is called charisma. Chess is infinite as... music! Scientists counted: length of the storage containing records of all games of chess would be such is that the ray of light, flying by by it during one million years, will take place only one milliard part of the storeroom. Inexhaustibility of combinations does chess of one of the most fascinating games on the earth.

Different people, irrespective of age, a profession, language and skin color, spend leisure-time behind a board. Unfortunately, many get down to business without skilled conductors and right guides. And quite often happens that, wandering and winding on the unfamiliar chess road, get off and turn back, without having comprehended secret of chess. Special knowledge, persistent trainings and, of course, love to game help to overcome all barriers to beginners.

to School students the way is the best of all to begin

with training at specialized school, it is desirable by an author`s technique of some eminent grand master. However in the capital of such institutions it is not enough. Inclusion in them is usually conducted at the beginning of academic year, in September. From younger school students receipt requires no skills, they are admitted to groups of initial preparation. In two years of the most capable translate in uchebno - training groups. At this stage, as a rule, chess players participate in various tournaments, hand over sports categories. As a result the strongest leave Alma - a mater candidates or Masters of Sports. And here future grand masters continue studies in groups of sports improvement where the main form of education - individual work with the trainer.


By the way, now in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation considers a question of introduction of chess in the school program of initial classes. And even as experiment in 2004 at one of Severo`s schools - east district of Moscow chess taught along with other objects. Results were amazing: sharply progress grew, the discipline improved. According to the repeated world champion in chess Anatoly Karpov, such classes are planned to be opened at several capital schools.“ My dream - to return to chess former popularity, - Anatoly Karpov told. - And therefore I make all efforts that they became an obligatory school subject“.

As for adults, but unexperienced players, to them it is possible to advise to go to courses. It will help “to promote“, receive or raise considerably the sports category, and also to find new partners in game. Lessons pass as in groups, and individually. The cost of training varies depending on frequency and duration of occupations, but approximately makes 1000 - 5000 rubles a month. The sum can be above. Here a lot of things define the study purpose, a brand of educational institution and titles of teachers.

When chess becomes a profession

the Famous grand master, the eleventh world champion in chess Robert Fischer in the books wrote that most of all in chess it is attracted by an opportunity much to travel, big money and the chess atmosphere. Anatoly Karpov added communication with a great number of interesting people, mass of new impressions and occupations to this list. However on it the list of advantages of chess career is not settled, nobody cancelled glory and crowds of admirers. Here also leaves that the grand master very much even to be pleasant. If your interest in game genuine...

In general grand masters are people special. Besides the developed intelligence, excellent memory, ability to grab on the fly a problem essence they need a lot of patience and persistence to achieve good results. According to Anatoly Karpov, the person of any mentality and a profession can be the strong player: mathematician, writer, singer. Cases when scientists became world champions as, for example, Mikhail Botvinnik, or poorly educated people like Robert Fischer are known. Everything solves existence of abilities.

As a rule, the sports way of the uncommon chess player is noted by fast victories. Many talents already since youth are distinguished from peers and sometimes give odds to grand masters. So, for example, was with Anatoly Karpov. Speed of its rise on top of an Olympus is unprecedented. He learned to play chess in four years. In eleven became the most young candidate for the Master of Sports, for eighteen in the country - the world champion among young men. And there is a lot of similar examples in this sport.

Here only to look for and prepare young talents there is nobody. According to Anatoly Karpov, in Russia the network of children`s trainers - teachers of chess is lost. “And it is the real trouble!“ - the grand master notes. Earlier at us chess teachers were engaged in identification and preparation of future stars. Today they get out. In such conditions many children from the distant cities and villages, and also from needy families are out of work. Fortunately, Anatoly Karpov and his numerous colleagues are not idle and try to restore this network.

However, the higher education institutions and training centers suggesting to receive a unique profession of the trainer - the teacher of chess, it is possible to count on fingers. For example, in the capital the corresponding preparation conduct only the Russian State University of Physical Culture (RSUPC) and, since 2003, the Moscow State Social University (MSSU).

“In MGSU new until the little-known faculty, remained unaddressed entrants, - Anatoly Karpov emphasized. - This year accepted 23 listeners“. The competition was small: only 1,6 persons into place. Profile testing became an indispensable condition of receipt. Besides, entrants took examinations in Russian and literature (in writing). A bit different requirements in RGUFK. Besides profile discipline it is necessary to pass successfully tests in biology and OFP. For not passed on a competition there is a receipt option on a contractual basis, its cost about $1500 a year. Graduates gain the diploma of the state sample. The demand of teachers of chess is undoubted, but here the salary leaves much to be desired. The income of teachers usually does not exceed 25 rub for school hours. For comparison: in the West experts receive 40 - 60 dollars an hour. And all - it is possible to hope that rates will grow. In any case, the Russian chess Federation makes big efforts in this direction.

However, not only victories and teaching activity grand masters can earn

. Many of them for the solid fees write articles and books about chess, referee on tournaments, advise beginners. And especially enterprising will successfully organize the business, using chess communications and abilities. And in general in any business chess mind can be useful. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin in one of interview told: “Chess - not just sport. They do the person wiser and more far-sighted, help to assess objectively current situation, to count acts on several courses forward“.