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In some kingdom, in some state... (Skazkoterapiya for big and small) these magic and such acquaintances since the word childhood Are worth saying

:“ Once upon a time there were “or“ in some kingdom, in some state“ as it becomes clear to everyone that the fairy tale begins, but it is still unknown what. And why so many fairy tales begin with the same words? Try to answer this question before continue to read further...

Turned out? It is interesting whether our opinions will coincide? In unpretentious expression “once upon a time there were“ the formula which is smoothly forming spatial interest is concluded. Notice, this attractive saying for the millennia outstripped efforts fashionable neuro now - linguistic programming (NLP)! And hardly accident that one of the very first books of ancestors of the NLP is called on at all - fantastic - “From frogs in princes“. The centuries-old popular wisdom reflected and expressed in fairy tales is richer than any author`s theory, and the skazkoterapiya - even at author`s school - is based on inexhaustible richness of this wisdom and boundless potential of psychological opportunities.

Here simple example:“ The grandfather put a turnip. The turnip big - very big grew“... You think, this statement of chronology of events? Then why it is lowered how the grandfather watered this turnip, weeded and so forth, without his leaving unless there would be it such huge? You see this turnip ITSELF GREW. And the fairy tale says that it is only worth beginning business as it will go, and good luck by all means will smile! In officialese it would be called work incentives by a modeling method prichinno - investigative communications.

the Fairy tale - the mirror reflecting the real world through a prism of personal perception. And its opportunities are boundless: in the fairy tale there is everything that cannot occur in reality, there are speaking animals, magic wands, wonderful mills... And, notice, always the happy end - it is optimistical, kind and reliable! And the listener is always copresent with an event number and essence of the events. He can imagine himself any of characters, he by all means feels and lives plot peripetias, responds on them the soul, estimates, compares... also finds an opportunity to understand and accept itself and the creativity, to raise a self-assessment and to change in the desirable direction. And there is everything easily and simply, without visible efforts, mind resistance - effortlessly!

you will tell

: “Why the psychologist is in that case necessary, time the fairy tale does everything?“ And the matter is that the main value of the psychologist - in ability to ask questions on which the person “gets from himself“ answers because everyone knows all answers itself only does not know that he knows it.

of the Psychologist, probably, can be compared to a live compass which is capable to orient, show the direction, but is not necessary and it is useless to demand that it passed your way for you. It is necessary to go most.

generally if you like to look in a mirror, to you should get acquainted with a skazkoterapiya and if you avoid mirrors - it is very necessary to you! Certainly, it is not the diagnosis, but only a joke. And in each joke, as we know, there is a joke share. In general, to use this pleasant, beautiful, easy and besides by very effective method of psychological practice, it is absolutely optional to have problems of sincere property. There is enough desire to improve the life.

Which - who, however, considers that the fairy tale is pertinent in the childhood, and beyond its limits is useless. This rather popular belief is caused by ignorance of some psychological regularities. In each of us from young nails to the most respectable age the internal child, the internal adult and the internal parent get on. Imagine that they live in a beautiful and cozy three-storyed lodge, borrowing on the whole floor (whom where to lodge - solve), visit to each other, are on friendly terms, argue, quarrel.

For example, you incidentally hear a scrap of conversation of passersby - the adult and the kid in whom the senior interlocutor, addressing younger, lisps, prishepetyvat and prilepetyvat. He acts this way because its internal “I am a child“ was locked in the apartment, shut all windows and window leaves, drew curtains, does not respond on calls...

If to you the heard baby talk cuts hearing - means, your own internal child is not going to become a hermit if on the contrary - it is time to order an additional set of keys to get out it until he choked without light and air. And besides, it is a signal about occurred in the childhood of the passerby (or in your own) spiritual wounds which affect adulthood, limit still personal opportunities. Here - that is also useful a skazkoterapiya - a magic footpath in the lived childhood - to find in it the acquired problem and to resolve it, too through the fairy tale.

Skazkoterapiya is good

the fact that she gets into herself for all technological “kitchen“, from diagnostics before correction, including prevention and development of identity. Besides it is organically synthesized with all known methods of psychotherapy, is applicable both in individual work, and in group, is suitable for any age. Figuratively speaking it is a polyphonic method.

Here, for example, short fragment of one of remarkable fairy tales of Dmitry Sokolov: “There was it davny - long ago when animals and people, and plants, and all - all - all on the earth did not choose to themselves a final image yet. Then everyone turned each other and looked for whom to be better for it. The stone on the road could begin to clap suddenly wings and fly up a bird, and the cat - to grow very lazy to the fact that turned into a pillow or into own shadow on sand...“

Well - tell, you would like to live in such world where everything constantly changes? Well it or is bad? Cheerfully or terribly? Isn`t that so, your soul willingly responds on these questions? And it is possible to think up still own continuation of story about what in such situation can occur and happen, it is possible to play changes: who in whom and why, it is possible to draw riddles on this subject. Yes you never know that else it is possible to make to continue dialogue with the internal child which is present at everyone, but not always gets into conversation with you.


is an easy situation, a heart-felt spirit, kindness and pleasure - everything that promotes personal growth. Especially considerably it in group work, on trainings. All with pleasure listen and discuss, compose and play fairy tales, draw, mold, play, think out and receive surprises. The group helps everyone, creating the necessary power charge and an emotional background involving in action. Time flies imperceptibly, there is no wish to leave then, in soul new feelings wander, eyes shine pleasure and kindness.

you can make the fairy tale the assistant in education and training of children, in knowledge of, in mutual understanding with people around. Offer the child who is not given the equations, to present that he is the prince finding a sword - kladenets or the princess stolen by a dragon in the bewitched lock, and has to choose among a set of doors only necessary, and then more and more time, will not reach the treasured purpose yet.


When at you do not get on the relations with colleagues, reflect to what fantastic situation it is similar and how it was resolved by heroes. Secrets of your happiness - in your hands, and all wise men of the world will not be able to teach you as it will be made by you, having found a key to the soul! Good luck!