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The blossoming indisposition: how to help the child to cope with an allergy of

Spring on top form - in a literal sense. And it means long-awaited heat, the concerning smells, brand new greens and the blossoming flowers. And... an exacerbation of an allergy both at adults, and at children.

the Allergy at children became very serious problem today. Doctors with alarm note that she considerably “looked younger“: if was considered earlier that pollinoz (hay fever) arises in only at teenage age, then now pretty often allergic reaction to blossoming up to a bronchospasm occurs at kids about one year. The reasons is an and bad ecology, and genes much. If parents have an allergy, then the child already in risk group.

Enemy agents. the Essence of any allergic disease consists in hypersensibility of immune system of an organism to different substances, allergens. Foodstuff, objects of household chemicals and cosmetics, pollen of plants, hair of animals, house dust, drugs and many other things can be them. Even heat, cold or a sunlight can cause allergic reaction. Displays of an allergy and degree of their expressiveness are various. The most common form of an allergy at children is diathesis.

Diathesis. Quite often in the first months of life of the child, especially if the woman does not nurse the kid, symptoms of an allergy in the form of dermatitis (an allergic inflammation of skin) declare themselves. Meanwhile dermatitis and diathesis - not same. Diathesis is only predisposition to an allergy and readiness of immune system for development of a disease. And dermatitis, allergic cold, bronchial asthma is serious diseases. And the first signals of them are given in due time by diathesis. The most frequent form of diathesis - food, that is an allergy to food.

dermatitis is shown by

of Allergicheskmy in the form of rash on the skin which is often reminding a burn a nettle from - for what it and call the small tortoiseshell. One of the most severe forms of the small tortoiseshell is Quincke when the top airways swell swelled and there can be asthma. It is the emergency situation demanding rendering the emergency medical care!

Allergic rhinitis (cold) can be year-round or seasonal. Year-round rhinitises are caused more often by house or library dust, hair of animals, household aerosols and paints. Seasonal rhinitis is caused by pollen of plants and arises during active blossoming. Quite often at children allergic rhinitis passes into bronchitis with an obstructive component or even an attack of bronchial asthma. The similar attack, as a rule, demands hospitalization.

Products from risk group

During a blossoming season the children suffering pollinozy can have so a nazyvavmy cross allergy to certain products. For example, at an allergy to birch pollen very often there is an allergy to apples and kostochkovy fruits: cherry, sweet cherry, apricots, peaches etc. If allergic reaction to a filbert (nuts) is established, from a diet clean ALL types of nuts. Thus, all grocery restrictions depend on on what the child has a reaction. If it is meadow herbs, all cereals, bread clean up (black and white) and grain is limited. And still: to seasonal allergic persons are not recommended to a fitopra - parata and herbal teas. The child having an allergy is extremely sensitive and vulnerable, sharply reacts to odorous substances, aerosols, powders, household chemicals therefore adults should be extremely accurate with their use and storage. In the house there have to be as little as possible dust collectors - soft toys, furniture with a soft upholstery. By the way, window plants rather leaves are dust collectors too, besides in the damp earth mold mushrooms which cause too allergic reaction therefore they should not be in the room where the child sleeps are formed.

to Find and neutralize!

Councils of the children`s allergist - the immunologist Irina Lobanova, the specialist of children`s clinic of MEDSI 2

the Most effective ways of identification of allergens are special blood test which shows all range of substances - provokers of a disease, and a method of skin tests. The last is considered more exact and evident, side effects and an exacerbation of diseases do not arise if it is correct to do everything. Such inspection is admissible to carry out only with 3 - summer age. Treatment of an allergy - process rather long. Experts conduct immunotherapy courses in the oseena - the winter period if there is no exacerbation of diseases. This introduction of allergens in gradually increasing concentration. After definition and specification of allergen it is entered hypodermically to accustom an organism “correctly“ to react to the enemy. Such treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis annually within 3 - 5 years. Or an intensive course - in specialized office of children`s hospital. Prevention is more expensive than treatment. Antihistaminic preparations are effective only in the period of an aggravation. But it is possible to prepare the child for a blossoming season if in two weeks prior to its beginning to conduct a course of reception of membranostabilizator. They have antiallergic effect, let out them in the form of drops for eyes and sprays in a nose.

in case of acute allergic reaction

  • parents of kids - allergic persons always have to have near at hand antihistaminic preparations, it is better than the second generation: zirtek, klaritin, erius and so forth. But to pick up the necessary preparation taking into account age, weight and specific features of an organism of the child only the doctor can.
  • Besides, it is possible to wash out eyes and the child`s nose drops and/or spray with sea salt (they are in drugstores now).
  • If the child has very strongly a stuffy nose, breath is complicated, it is possible to dig vasoconstrictive preparations (ksimelin, nazivin and so forth) but before consultation with the doctor it can be made only once, as skoropomoshchny procedure that the child could breathe normally.
  • If water or eyes are inflamed, it is good to dig the same membranostabilizator, they are, as a rule, perceived well. Or just to wash out eyes physical solution, to make a tea lotion to remove hypostasis.
  • we advise
  • to the Children having an allergy to pollen during blossoming on the street to put on sunglasses to protect eyes and from bright beams, and from pollen of plants.
  • that who suffers pollinozy recommends to wash, rinse
  • After the street at once a mouth and to wash out a nose to wash away pollen. At home the child needs to change clothes at once that pollen was not carried on the house. If there is no opportunity at once to take a shower, then it is possible to comb a wet hairbrush hair to remove pollen from hair.
  • during blossoming is not recommended to open windows, but if in the apartment there is no conditioner, then the open window needs to be tightened a gauze in two layers (the mosquito grid does not rescue from pollen) and periodically to moisten it with water. The humidified gauze well protects from pollen.
  • is Whenever possible recommended to use cleaners and humidifiers in the apartment.