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As I studied on the errors of

At the moment I is a happy mother of two remarkable children. The daughter is 2 years old and 10 months, and the little son is 7 months old. Usually say that on others mistakes study, but I studied as the.

Having become pregnant for the first time, I began to buy many magazines and to read everything about children, in volume the moment I had no Internet so I was content only with the press. By the end of pregnancy I was sure for 100% that I will nurse the child. Of course, confused me, the fact that I had a breast size the first, but everywhere wrote that it has no value. Especially as my mother fed me with the brother, and we are twins, till two years.

One week prior to childbirth I arrived to mother to give birth at them in the city. When I was looked by the gynecologist, asked how I am going to feed if I have pulled-in nipples. So I had to do massage, to take a cold shower and to be rubbed off by a terry towel. All this should be done earlier, but I did not know about it. Though read that it is authorized not to all.

was Given rise by me easily, and to me at once put the daughter to a breast, she gave smacking kiss few times and fell asleep. When we appeared in chamber together, there was dead of night and what to do with the child, I did not know, to me nobody came, explained nothing so on each sobbing I gave a breast. As a result milk at me came already to third day!

of the Breast increased to the incredible sizes, I urgently asked the husband to buy me a milk pump. Because did not represent how it is possible to be decanted by hands. And mother in the old manner advised me to decant after each feeding. Also began … I had such feeling that I was decanted constantly. As soon as the daughter fell asleep, I began to be decanted because milk flew. After each feeding I decanted both breasts though fed in turn, from one, from another. My pack of laying for a breast left in 5 days, all linen was wet from milk, but it everything arrived and arrived. On GV doctors answered my questions:“ Be decanted, decanted and drink more“. If I knew that decantation only increases a lactation, for anything so would not make. So it was my first mistake!

my second mistake as I already found out then, is that Ksyushka incorrectly took a breast and it took both a nipple and to an aura, but only the lower sponge at it was not turned out and as the child swallows of milk, I did not hear. As a result at me all nipples cracked, hurt awfully and bled. I all thought where this pleasure when you nurse the child and you experience positive emotions? I fed nearly with tears because it was awfully sick. Then these continuous decantations …

Even for increase in milk me advised

infusion of nuts on milk, so I drank it every day on liter. I all was afraid that milk was not gone. Still it seemed to me that I have not enough milk, I did not know how many it has to be. So I did not receive anything from GV, except fatigue, and all thought, to bear and support as if at least about one year!

For the first month we gained 600 g. And I decided that it is not enough. And here we still were hospitalized, at us there did not pass an alfalfa butterfly of newborns. I appeared in chamber with mother who fed the child with mix. Those who nursed had to do control weighings constantly. My daughter ate from 80 to 120 g. On what the neigbour in chamber told me that her son eats 150 g, and I do not finish feeding the child. And I rushed to finish feeding the daughter the decanted milk.

as a result in a week at me the daughter began to suck less a breast and to wait when it is given a small bottle. It is mine the third and fourth mistakes! When breastfeeding there is no norm! The child eats so much how many he wants, but not how many to him it is necessary. Also it was not necessary to give a small bottle so quickly!

GV tried to return

Ya, absolutely cleaned a small bottle, but the daughter sucked only 3 - 5 minutes and all! The shouting stood on all apartment, in two weeks I gave up, and began it to finish feeding the decanted milk again. Gradually she sucked a breast less, and a small bottle it is more. As a result in 2,5 months the daughter absolutely threw a breast! At first she still sucked at night, but then and refused it.

the Pediatrician told

to me, let suck from a breast. But nothing was impossible to me, it was simply unreal! As soon as I got a breast and put the daughter, she was spat, span, bit and dodged. So I continued to feed her with the decanted milk till 8 months, did not get mastitis yet. Perhaps it was badly decanted, maybe, caught a cold, but as a result temperature under 40, then antibiotics, treatment. The breast to me, of course, was not cut, but there were few priyatnost.

When all cured

, the gynecologist speaks: feed further! But my forces were not any more, and I decided to finish on it GV. But not here - that was! As I was decanted each four hours on 320 g, milk just like that did not want to leave, and I - that thought that it will be gone at once. I was drawn, appointed diuretic, reduced drink and for some reason wrote out Adonis Brom.

By the evening I was ready to climb on a wall, breasts hurt extremely. By the morning, they became stone. To me it is strict - strictly forbade to be decanted. But on third day I could not suffer any more and under a shower was a little decanted. I already had thoughts, but whether not to continue to be decanted and feed further. But, remembering about mastitis, thoughts quickly disappeared. In three days it was still decanted, and in three days still. Then removed all banners, but all the same milk at me was gone only in three weeks as I was drawn. So it is not necessary to hurry, milk has to be gone gradually, it will be so easier also for you and your organism.

during the second pregnancy I already knew

about GV almost all! Now I was sure that I will have milk, and it is not necessary superfluous. So to be decanted I and did not gather. As it is correct to give to the child a breast I knew too. If the child is cheerful and healthy, then and to anything control weighings, only excess experiences. So I was fully equipped. But the most important, I very much wanted to nurse the child and to experience at the same time positive emotions.

When Mishka was born

, I asked to apply it to a breast at once, and watched that it correctly captured her. But it not always took correctly, in any way did not want to open widely a mouth and to turn out a sponge, it was necessary to help it and to accurately pull a chin down.

This time in maternity hospital the nurse all explained

, and showed how to feed the child, in what pose. Forbade to be decanted to us absolutely that there was no excess milk. But when it was written out home, all the same at first it was sometimes decanted when felt that there is a lot of milk and it is inconvenient to little son to take a breast. In two weeks of decantation absolutely stopped. When felt that there is not enough milk, put to a breast more often and drank nuts, infused on milk. For the first month we gathered nearly 1500 gr. Were vigorous and cheerful!

But besides there did not pass an alfalfa butterfly, and us put in hospital. And there, on ultrasonography it became clear that we have a congenital pathology, something with kidneys or mochetochnik. We were transferred to Moscow on inspection in surgery. And here the nightmare began! Mamam was not allowed to be with the child, only from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. I was shocked! The bear was on GV and we on demand, and there ate all on the mode, it would not sustain a night break in any way! I cried so much there, wanted to take away the child, but in too time was afraid that if then there are complications, I will blame myself.

As to go to me it was far, I agreed that I will spend the night in hospital, but in office I was all the same not let. Asked nurses, brought at night the decanted milk, but not all gave and as I found out then, they just poured out it and fed with mix. Still to me constantly repeated that children from breast milk that nothing good in it is mute do not have all diseases.

At many little girls milk vanished, but I woke up every night and in three hours was decanted, I was not going to stop feedings here so quickly. Hoped to continue upon return home. But the son began to take badly a breast and in the afternoon, probably the small bottle was pleasant at night.

Ya at first constantly cried, but then got it together, my experiences will help nobody, and milk an abyss can. When we were examined and came back home, the diagnosis was unfavourable, an obstructive megaureter. In three months operation was coming us. And here to all other after a course of antibiotics dysbacteriosis, further atopic dermatitis and laktazny insufficiency began. I went on a diet, to me was only porridges on water, fermented milk products and boiled meat are resolved.

It seems, we coped with all problems, but analyses were bad, we again several times drank antibiotics. As a result for 4 - y month we gathered only 115 gr. The pediatrician advised to enter mix. But I was sure that I have enough milk, just from - for diseases and antibiotics we did not gain weight. The kid felt well and developed too. But just in case I began to enter to it porridges, all - is better a feeding up, than mix.

is farther than

with an increase in weight at us it was good. Three months quickly flew by, and we appeared in hospital again. Of course, it is heavy to tell that I tested for these three months when you live as on a powder keg, constantly you make tests, you worry about result, and it mostly negative, rises temperature, drink antibiotics, put and clean an urethral catheter. These are so many nerves, I am surprised how at me milk was not gone.

Now to us operation was coming

. It is heavy to see how your child is helpless. When it lay attached to a bed five days, and it could not even be taken on handles, from tubules stuck out everywhere. He cried, and I could not make anything. All these days I fed him with the decanted milk, sat near it, entertained as could.

When it was untied and allowed to take to feed on handles, to my happiness there was no limit! He sucked the whole hour and did not want to come off a breast in any way, here I also tested all charm. He looked at me, and in his eyes there was so much pleasure, he at last felt the mother. I fed him and cried with happiness. It needed no small bottle, it needed only me!

after that. But now I did not feed him with the decanted milk, and managed to lie down nearby, to remove all tubules and to see his happy face!

Now we already at home, and I nurse it further, gradually entering a feeding up. Also I am not going to tear off it from a breast until he throws. We so much worried, but I kept GV because my desire was very big.

Of course in life it is a lot of different situations, and it is not enough one desire. And children all different. My breast was not necessary to the daughter, and the son cannot live without it. The main thing that mother with the kid were healthy and happy! Good luck all!