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“Nemolochnykh“ of women does not happen

I Want to tell the story, to help those feeding mothers who do not have milk. I dreamed of the child, of course, as well as many women, long before a marriage. When we with the husband decided to bring the child, I had already accurate spirit on the fact that I will feed him only with the milk, at least about one year, at least, as nobody will challenge clear advantages it before any even if superideal, mix.

I, as well as my younger brother, grew on mixes (our mother almost had no milk). As result - I till five years lagged behind in development, the brother too in the childhood had an immunity not really, other troubles... Generally, swore to herself that with my child of it will never be.

all female relatives endlessly repeated About what I milk will have, at best, a little to me. Like, mother (as I already told) milk had hereditary it nothing, at the grandmother at all too, and the paternal grandmother had the same trouble, generally, nemolochnost genes in me were put capitally, and against the nature will not trample. Sad situation.

having Already become pregnant, I began to read mountains of literature on these questions, rummaged the Internet. With surprise learned that it was possible to cause a lactation even at never the giving birth women. Hormone Prolactinum is always present at blood, it is necessary to make only efforts on start of the mechanism of a lactation, main of which is a massage of mammary glands, decantation and drinking of large amounts of liquids, it is better with laktogonny means.

on June 8 last year I gave birth to the boy, the weight of 3800 g. The doctor who in a day examined my mammary glands told that the breast is ready to feeding, it is necessary to limit liquid consumption. At once I will notice that “nemolochnost genes“ did not bring me. Seeing as my neigbours in chamber for 3 - 4 day after the delivery literally on walls jumped when milk came and hurried to a mammology office to rastsezhivatsya on an electric milk pump (others, I remember, shouted stronger there, than at childbirth), I in soul envied them because my milk nothing came absolutely.

the Child sucked

, it had to be finished feeding donor milk, at me then was decanted gram 30 - 40, it is no more. Then I decided to take everything in hand. Being in maternity hospital (after the delivery I was there 8 days as childbirth was with complications), began to drink a lot of liquid, especially laktogonny teas with condensed milk. The breast kept in the warm, constantly warming up.

By the evening, having called the doctor, I told that I need to decant milk. The doctor, having examined, told that the breast soft there is nothing to decant, and very much was surprised to my such desire as decantation for any woman procedure unpleasant even if it is an import electronic milk pump, but not iron hands of the doctor. I explained her the situation, she smiled, but all - took away.

To me rastsezhivat the girl there, at it the premastitis state already began, milked dry something milk about a liter, she shouted, but later thanked supposedly what simplification... After it seated me, put on both breasts of a funnel, included. Really, process is very similar to milking of a cow, five petals in each funnel press quite deeply, but as my breasts were not crowded, it was not painful to me. Obtained from me gram 80, it is no more. Fed the son that day with donor milk (in maternity hospital with it problems were not).

Next day I continued by

all procedures with a bigger force, and by the end of day felt what began to prick, was decanted, there was a gram 200. The next morning woke up with a firm hot breast, temperature, in the head one thought - went too far. Urgently moved on a rastsezhivaniye, decanted already nearly 700 gr.

From this day began to put Maxim (this is the son) to a breast really, he was lazy as he already got used to a pacifier (in 2 days). Yes, one more thanks to a milk pump - he well developed to me dairy channels, even too - milk splashed the fountain now, leaked, at night I quite often woke up in a sticky pool.

generally, the lactation went and it is good. I doomed to a nemolochnost had enough milk with interest, Maxim gorged on much, quickly gained weight, I still could bring up three easily. Of course, and here did not do without reefs. The breast quite often inflated. In the native maternity hospital I hired for 700 rub. in a month a small electric milk pump (not that, stationary, on two breasts which in 15 min. razdoit any woman), but it strongly helped me.

A of month through two the breast adapted to appetite of the kid. If when I felt that the milk begins to vanish (nemolochnost genes), right there liquid has more and to be decanted more feasibly. Let the breast also ache a bit then, but the main thing that the child gorged on much.

Now to my Maxim nearly a year. At me there is still a lot of milk, I begin to give already gradually mixes, but I keep the word - about one year my milk is the main food. Our son is healthy, strong what and everything I wish.

Finally I want to give several advice to the feeding mothers who do not have milk. Never despair, remember, “not dairy“ women are not! I on the skin understood it. If you right at the beginning feel shortage of milk, begin stimulation by big consumption of liquid and decantations. If there is a lot of milk - limit these measures and decant slightly - slightly. And, of course, constantly put the child to a breast.

of Good luck all and long feeding!