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10 ways to save on an insurance of

How to save on acquisition of an insurance which how all of us hope, and is not useful to us at all? There are several ways, knowing about which you will be able to cut down the expenses.

1. Existence of good “insurance history“

Keep policies and contracts for the entire periods of insurance, existence of insurance history, especially profitable, grants the right for a discount from 3% to 10%. For example, in tariffs according to the CMTPL the legislation put a discount for profitable driving - 5% for the first year of insurance and 10% for 2 years of insurance without road accident.

2. Application of the franchize

the Franchise - that part of a loss which is not paid by insurance company. At registration of the policy with use of the franchize the discount for insurance will make from 5% to 40%. And the more the size of the established franchize, the big discount can be received. But you do not hurry - properly weigh everything: it turns out that at insignificant losses you will not be able to address to insurance company behind payment, and you will defray these expenses. On the other hand, it is convenient: at small losses it is possible to avoid a heap of the formalities connected with registration of papers on insured event and to deal with the arisen problem independently, and on severe loss with which the family budget will cope hardly, to ask for help of insurance company.

3. Payment by installments

Many insurance companies provide to

a discount from 2% to 5% at payment of the policy entirely at the time of the conclusion of the contract of insurance. It also is clear: it is so more favorable than the company - money all and at once! There are also standard types of payment by installments - or two payments on 50% everyone, or quarterly payment by installments on four equal payments on 25% of a total cost of the policy that important and sometimes is necessary for the family budget. Some insurance companies give to the clients an opportunity to pay a contribution by installments without collection of an additional contribution, however in this case it is important to client not to forget to make the next payment in time, and that the policy will be cancelled by insurance company.

4. Installation of means of protection

If insurance company is sure by

that you value the property and intend to protect it, by all means will provide you an additional discount. It is possible to convince insurance company in accurate to the relation to property only having shown care of valuable things, for example to install modern anticreeping system on the car, to buy qualitative winter rubber, to put a reliable iron door and system of video surveillance to the apartment. At survey of object of insurance the representative of the company will surely pay attention to these nuances and will offer a discount.

5. Experience and age of drivers at car insurance

At insurance of the car the large role is played by a driving experience. If among drivers who will drive the insured car everything is more senior than 22 years and more than 2 years have an experience of management by car, it is possible to count safely that the policy will cheaper cost, than for beginners.

6. The choice of the list of risks

Can allocate to

those risks of which you especially are afraid and to insure them. For example, not to insure stealing of the car, and to be protected only from road accident. But in this case the discount will make no more than 20%, and the concern on possible losses will not allow to sleep peacefully at night so this way of economy, perhaps, not the most reasonable, nobody knows for certain what risks wait for you.

7. Search of the corporate program in

If you the employee of the large company, surely take an interest - whether there is among long-term partners of your firm an insurance company which not only will protect interests of the organization - the employer, but also will offer favorable tariff plans for her employees. It is the most favorable way to save and reasonable approach to the choice of insurance company, if the insurer had kind relations with your firm, at employees - that the firm at payment should not arise problems.

8. Complex insurance

If you set

a goal to cut expenses on insurance, but at the same time you need the policy not only for the car, but also for insurance of housing or an insurance from accident, be faithful to the insurance company and it will reciprocate to you: discount for complex insurance and gifts to the regular customer - a good form for maintenance of long-term friendship with the clients. Besides, the large companies usually notify on emergence of seasonal discounts, holding special actions and draws of prizes. It is possible to save and receive pleasant gifts for himself and relatives.

9. Insurance on the Internet

Some large insurance companies opened shops in which it is possible to study independently the catalog of insurance products on the websites online and to choose the necessary policy. The potential client can fill online - a form - to provide the information necessary for calculation of a tariff then the consultant of insurance company will direct the offer. At the order of the policy on the Internet the client has an opportunity to save 5 - 15% of its cost depending on a type of insurance, and also time for a trip to the insurer, usually at the order of an insurance on the Internet service of free shipping of the policy is offered to the client home or in office.

10. Additional services

Sometimes at the identical cost of the insurance policy in the different companies the client receives different lists of services for the same money. Somewhere only basic service, and somewhere - the whole range of pleasures. Some companies for customer acquisition offer additional services to the policy in car insurance - evacuation of the damaged cars, departure of the average commissioner on the scene, discount cards on other types of insurance, discounts for service in technical centers - partners. Many clients, especially drivers are beginners, attach great value to service of departure of the average commissioner. Undoubtedly, its presence gives to confidence. Average commissioners as doctors of “Ambulance“, show not enough sympathy, but always know what to do. Careful insurers as a bonus offer the simplified procedure of settlement of a loss for car insurance including obtaining references in traffic police for the client a car stage in technical center and even sometimes provide the substitution car.

we Thank for Sergey Sorokin`s consultation, the senior insurance broker LLC DFM Strakhovye konsultanty i brokery.

also several mythical ways to save on an insurance Exist. They not only will not help you to keep the property, but also will torment nerves therefore be attentive.

Improbable discounts
Unfortunately, for the present exist the insurance companies offering policies with 50 - a percentage discount - it is similar to sale of policies because of elimination. But that is good for boutiques of clothes, is not suitable for insurance business at all. Do not use such offers, except the beautiful policy and promises, you definitely receive nothing.

the Insurance company can provide to

of the Discount according to the CMTPL only the discounts provided by the current legislation therefore if offer you the policy of the CMTPL at very low price, it is necessary to prick up the ears. However, if at offices of insurance company offered you a gift to the policy, be not afraid of a dirty trick - for customer acquisition many insurance companies put similar expenses in the budget.

the Cheap policy on medical insurance
clinics where making an appointment with the doctor is carried out only at personal visit Happen, the telephone dispatcher is absent - understand, it is made for reduction of number of visits to the doctor. Who will go to registry only to register in reception, and the probability to get to the necessary doctor is insignificant on the same day. Doctors of paid clinics, as well as masters in technical centers in car repairs, will offer various diagnostics which are not relating to a disease sort. They will not do much harm, but money should be paid for them to you as in most cases the insurance included the limited list of services. The medical policy offered as social package in the large companies, as a rule, is only formality - it does not cover the majority of the main reasons for the address to the doctor. At an expanded covering the company - the employer risks to lose the employee who is regularly leaving office for the sake of a complex of free procedures.

the Cheap policy on insurance of the car

to you can offer

very low tariff on insurance of the car upon stealing, but at the same time in the contract it will be stated that insurance compensation is paid only when stealing the car from a supervised parking. If to reflect, then such policy will hardly protect your interests. The car repairs condition in garage service moreover and with installation of old spare parts can be the cause of low cost of the policy on insurance of the car upon damages. For the new car such repair of death is similar. At the same time promises of unskilled insurance agents have no validity and at insured event you will remain in private with artful insurance company which by all means will exercise the right to underestimate payment, and even to refuse it.