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All inclusive

the Hotels working on system “all inclusive“ - considerable test for health of our tourists. How in this case it is the most correct to eat? What dishes and drinks it is better to choose?

is Advised by the doctor of hospital of. Ale - Gong in Egypt Ahmed Moneer.

the Buffet

“All inclusive“, or “all inclusie“ - system, of course, unique and attractive. It represents a full board, so, relieves the vacationer of all cares concerning food. It is necessary only to visit restaurant in certain time and to choose the most appetizing dishes. Here - that problems also begin.

As a rule, hotels feed the lodgers by the principle of “buffet“. It is easy to imagine a condition of the person who appeared before a huge number of different delicacies. It both salads, and soups, and hot dishes, and pastries. At recently arrived tourists from abundance of food just eyes run up, there are a wish to eat everything and at once.

Therefore many see doctors in the very first days of the rest. The reason - problems with a stomach.

Food “agiotage“ we Will begin


with quantity of the eaten food. At first it is unreasonably big - much more, than at home. Around there is a lot of tasty and appetizing, there is a wish to try everything. Result - on a plate all new and new portions appear.

In several days this “food“ agiotage will settle, and everything will enter the normal course. The person will get used to a new table, will become more legible and moderate. For now it did not occur, everything is tried.

This rather big test for an organism. He should get used not only to new kitchen, but also to new climate. All this does the person extremely vulnerable. And if it is possible to reduce loading, it by all means needs to be made. Over temperature, humidity and a difference in time zones we are not imperious. And here it is possible to control quantity and quality of the eaten food.

Especially it is important

in the first days of rest: it is necessary to be protected and not to overeat. Otherwise it is possible to provoke problems not only with digestion. The full stomach requires to itself huge attention: it both power expenses, and the increased blood supply of bodies zheludochno - an intestinal path. And it is necessary that all forces were started up on adaptation. The overeating very strongly disturbs it therefore it is necessary to control quantity of food.

we Divide

... a plate

not to overeat, it is necessary to use one simple, but very effective method. The big restaurant plate needs to be divided into two parts mentally. And then once again visually to halve one of these parts. It turns out that the circle consists of two chetvertushka and one half.


On the last puts vegetable salad. It is possible to take several salads, but then a variety of dishes will affect their quantity - anyway the place on a plate is limited. Chetvertushka is taken away for a hot dish - meat, fish or a bird. Well, and on the second chetvertushka it is necessary to put a garnish.

Such simple distribution accurately regulates quantity of the eaten food, helps to eat competently and is balanced.


the Local cuisine

B it use the unknown products and known can meet in absolutely unexpected and unusual combinations. Of course, it is reflected in your stomach.

It has to reconstruct the activity and change a ratio of the produced enzymes. He should not help - to abuse new dishes in the first 3 - 4 days of rest. Of course, it is possible to try some especially attracted exotic, but to do it it is necessary extremely carefully. For a start one, at most two spoons will be enough.

At the choice of dishes pay attention to a smell. Sense of smell in this case - your best assistant. With the choice of cold dishes it, of course, will not help. And here about hot a lot of things can tell aroma. It perfectly reflects availability of unknown seasonings and spices of which it is necessary to be afraid first of all.

Talk to those tourists who lived in hotel more than a week. They already know everything about a local table and with pleasure will share the knowledge with beginners. As a rule, old residents give a practical advice to which it is worth listening. the Fractional diet it is time for p to tell


about frequency rate of food Now. As a rule, it depends on a class of hotel. For example, in three-stars hotels of lodgers usually feed three times a day. It is a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, usual for us.

B of four - and five-stars hotels most often offer five times food: breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Sometimes the afternoon snack which usually consists of fruit and tea with cakes or other pastries puts in this list.

Let`s understand merits and demerits of such system. Minuses are an availability of a huge number of free food. People who have free time will surely run on extraordinary feeding. Not from - for hunger, and from - for desires to indulge itself with something tasty. But if the diet is constructed irregularly, then visit of restaurant will surely end with densely filled stomach.

Quite another matter if the person is an adherent of systematic food. In this case it is possible to make a fractional diet which represents frequent food in the small portions. Those who got used to eat according to such plan can visit safely restaurant all five times.

Unfortunately, the majority eats irregularly. Such people need to visit only the main meals - a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. From afternoon snacks, late breakfasts and dinners it is necessary to refuse.

Some can tell

that the fivefold table is a fine opportunity to accustom itself to fractional food. Unfortunately, in practice it is almost impossible. So it is better not to subject itself to a temptation and at once to refuse additional meals.

the Beach or a breakfast

Should mention

what it is better to choose for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. It depends, first of all, on that rest which you prefer. If you arrived to the warm country in hope to be bought and sunbathe, then morning is given to the beach. It should be considered, sitting down at a breakfast. It has to be very easy and consist mainly of fresh vegetables and fruit.

the Last, by the way, deserve special attention. The matter is that before suntan doctors recommend to eat a melon or a water-melon. They prevent dehydration and besides contain a beta - carotene which is considered the natural activator of suntan.

That till a lunch, it has to be leaky too, after food “quiet time“ for certain will follow. Not without reason in tropical countries there is a concept of a siesta which is the share of the most hot time of day. Not only locals follow this custom, but also visitors - many tourists prefer to spend an afternoon in the cool number. And the semi-drowsy state and a full stomach are very dangerous combination for a figure.


who loves active recreation a stereotype of food can be not changed. Excursions, visits of the museums, walks on the city - all this takes away a lot of energy. So also meals can be more nourishing.

the Turkish vodka

Alcoholic beverages of local production are included by

too in “all inclusie“ therefore access to hot is almost not limited. Bars open since morning and work until late at night.

Special popularity national drinks enjoy

. For example, in Tunisia it is a bukha, in Egypt - a zibiba, in Turkey - raka. All this no other than vodka, and vodka not of the superior quality. As a rule, in it there are many fusel oils which do intoxication fast, and a hangover - heavy.

needs Carefully to belong and to red wine - it most often causes an allergy. So at first it is necessary to try very little, literally several drinks. If no negative reaction within a day followed, then next day it is possible to be a little more courageous and to drink slightly more.

do not drink

for the night

That who often goes abroad, one regularity is well-known: morning and day are given to entertainment program - to walks, excursions, the beach. And here time of an exchange of impressions comes in the evening. Alcohol, of course, promotes it. Therefore the companies of friends who spend time in slow conversation gather in each hotel in the evening. Continually someone approaches a bar rack to bring the next portion of alcoholic drinks. Them undertakes even more, than it is necessary - so people are prepared for closing of bar.

as a result the basic - often excessive - consumption of alcohol falls

on late evening.

On health this fact affects far not in the best way. In - the first, kidneys suffer. For this reason many tourists wake up in the morning with “bags“ under eyes and even with the swelled fingers of hands. All this consequence of that of “alcoholic blow“ which was transferred by an urinary system. Besides, work of heart, liver is broken, also digestion suffers.

and should not be spoken to

A about mood. Since the morning of people feels broken and suppressed. Generally, the whole day of rest is lost. And it costs rather big money.

Therefore should belong to evening libations cautiously. Semisweet wine is considered the safest drink - couple of its glasses will damage to nobody.