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Everyone who at least once transported things on other apartment, will agree that moving is equal to two fires. Whether joke: at first acquired by back-breaking toil to put, pack, take out and to deliver everything to the new place, and then to bring everything, to unpack and to place anew? How to facilitate this process, the correspondent of “SP“ Elena Malik found out.

Moving - business a priori nervous. Especially as to the final stage - resettlement on the new apartment - or I will eat forces spent for searches, purchase housing, already on an outcome., It seems, all the most difficult already behind, but as soon as you reflect how much it is necessary to put and pack, becomes feel ill at ease.

Most of Russians prefer to cope with the problems connected with moving, own forces. Buy cardboard boxes in the next shops, put in them things, sort furniture and tie up piles of books. In passing it is necessary to resolve two very important issues: where to take the transporter vehicle and who exactly will load in it things. It is good if you have ten male strong acquaintances and the chief of a motor depot in friends. If there are no those, loaders and the driver should be looked for.

a law Letter
Loading in a judicial proceeding
Even if you used
services of “gray“ carriers and during moving something from things was damaged, you have the right to collect compensation from the guilty person.
of the Right of the victim, any contract on rendering services which did not sign with a carrier, in this case protect articles 15 and 1064 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. If the cost of losses does not exceed 50 thousand rubles, with the claim for compensation of damage it is necessary to address the magistrate, otherwise the claim needs to be sent to district court.
the Loader who broke a case or broke a pier glass will answer as the natural person who caused damage. Therefore before submitting a claim, it is necessary to find out passport data of the guilty person and to secure with testimonies of witnesses.

Domination of a dullness

the Most widespread way of such search - to study the numerous announcements published in newspapers it seems “From hand to hand“ and entitled “Moving. Cheap“.

Having called

by one of phones specified in the newspaper you, most likely, will hear a voice of the owner of the truck on that end of a wire. In rare instances the call is taken by the dispatcher who has coordinates of “private trader“ and team of loaders.

the Situation when the dispatcher calls to you approximate quotations of work of loaders, and the concrete sums make a reservation with the driver and the foreman by phone left by the client, is rather typical. Also she says that you faced “gray“ carriers - the driver and in any way formally not organized team of loaders.

From the volume which occupies furniture kitchen utensils and household appliances, depend what truck will be offered. However, frankly speaking, here it is not enough options: in most cases it is necessary to choose between “Gazelle“ and “Bull-calf“.

across Moscow one hour of the order of “Gazelle“ costs an average of 240 - 250 rub, “Bull-calf“ will cost dearer - 380 - 400 rub an hour. This sum increases by 20 - 30 rub if on “Bull-calf“ it is necessary to drive in limits of the Third ring, and on “Gazelle“ - in limits of the Garden ring. Such price markup is connected with the fact that under the law drivers of the trucks driving in the center of Moscow have to have the admission - for it and take money.

As a rule, drivers establish the minimum usage time of the car. It will be extremely difficult to order “Gazelle“ less than for five hours or “Bull-calf“ - on six. Thus, the minimum sum in which the order of “Gazelle“ will manage makes 1250 rub, “Bull-calf“ - 2280 rub

Along with the order of the car can stipulate operating conditions of team of loaders. Usually the foreman is interested the exact list of the fact that it is necessary to move, and working conditions: whether there is a freight elevator if is not present - with what and on what floor it is necessary to drag large-size freight. There are two options of compensation of loaders - hourly and poetazhno - hourly.

If it is about the hourly mode (250 - 300 rub), according to foremen, to loaders it is not important on what floor to drag cases, only the actual business hours are paid. When the parties agree about poetazhno - the hourly scheme of payment, hour of work of loaders costs about 250 rub, in addition to it for transfer of each large thing it is necessary to pay 30 - 50 rub / floor, for dragging of a box or the shelf - 10 - 15 rub / floor, and for transportation of a piano - 150 - 200 rub / floor. It would seem, nobody from moving will choose the second option when the first it is undoubted more favourably. However the sum of hourly payment stipulated by phone actually not always remains invariable.

the loaders who Arrived to the place quite can report

that the hourly dachshund includes only descent of things to the street, and their loading in the car needs to be paid separately. Also can declare to you that large-size things are paid for a separate tariff. In a word, quirky loaders will always find what to complain of to summon additional money. In a case poetazhno - the hourly scheme as practice shows, it is less similar “distributings“: probably, because additional price markups are stipulated initially.

As all arrangements with “gray“ loaders and the driver oral, from the formal point of view carriers do not bear responsibility for quality of the work. Nobody will insure you from risk of damage or even loss of some home decoration.

Warm and fuzzy

It is much more reliable to p to address one of the companies specializing in a cargo transportation - for example, the acquaintance from Soviet period “Mostransagentstva“. The cost of services in such companies correspond to price level at “gray“ carriers: 240 - 250 rub/hour for “Gazelle“, 380 - 400 rub/hour for “Bull-calf“, hourly payment of loaders - 250 - 300 rub and 30 - 50 rub floor-by-floor.

the Main advantage of the companies - cargo carriers that they are officially registered, and therefore if something happens can always make them a complaint. In the press such companies advertize not too often: room moving for them not a front view of business. One of certificates that you got to the official company is existence of the website of a carrier in the Internet and readiness to sign with you the written contract on transportation of things. As well as with “gray“ crews, it is necessary to make the preliminary estimate of future moving by phone, but before works the company will sign with the customer the contract on rendering services. This document can be used if something in the course of moving is scratched or damaged.“ Cases when we scratch furniture or something we break, are extremely rare, but we are always ready to correct the oversight: to repair a thing at our expense or to pay monetary compensation“, - the manager of the company - a carrier “the Trance Venta“ Oleg Haitov assures.

By approximate calculations, and at “gray“ crews, and at the official companies transportation of contents of the one-room apartment costs from $180, two-room - from $250, and three-room - from $350. This sum included the cost of rent of “Gazelle“ and four-hour work of loaders.

of To move it, move it

also the third option of the organization of moving Exists. It suits those who do not want to waste precious time for tiresome and long procedure of collecting things, to puzzle where and how to pack the movable good, but it is ready to spend for it the decent sum. Such people can advise to address to specialized muvingovy agency.


In Moscow about ten companies ready to organize “turnkey moving“ work. Such agencies borrowed the scheme of work, technology of packing and transportation of things from the western carriers and therefore on western manners call themselves muver (from English move - to move, transfer).

the manager will define

How many will cost moving in each case, on the place. Making the estimate during telephone conversation, out of the question. In Delicate Moving agency previously the cost of transportation of a situation of the one-room apartment (a wardrobe, two dressers, two beds, a sideboard, the washing machine and the refrigerator) was estimated at $700-750. But at the same time the manager made a reservation at once that in practice the final sum can be less, and more called.

to call the exact price, the employee of the muvingovy company free of charge will arrive to the place with the laptop. Here by means of the special program it will define in what sum transportation of large things, how many and what packing materials it will be required during what time everything will be collected and how many people it is necessary to involve will pour out. The expert will also calculate the cost of packing of books, clothes and other objects of use - from a pan to a picture.

dismantling of furniture is included

In the price of moving (if it is possible and it is necessary). Can transport everything, even the built-in kitchen furniture. The final sum includes packing of all things - from a case to a desk lamp - in special a box and a protective film, delivery to the place, assembly and arrangement of all pieces of furniture in the set order. Hanging of eaves, pictures, suspension of chandeliers according to the plan specified by the client and even cleaning of the room from the garbage accompanying moving is considered.

final cost is influenced not only by range of distances and amount of good, but also that needs to be transported: the more care demands furniture, the transportation will be more expensive. Transportation of such fragile things as mirrors, aquariums, piano or grand pianos is separately estimated.

All documents accompanying moving, starting with the plan pogruzochno - discharging and finishing with the register of the transported things, are made out in the form of the special contract and annexes to it.

Making the plan of packing, the agency will proceed from the client`s wishes. If moving needs to be carried out quickly, packers will be more and they will arrive to time, convenient for the customer.“ Terms depend on clients, we are always ready to meet requirements of them, - the manager of the Delicate Moving company Vasily Salyakhodinov explains. - Of course, every time we offer the client the action plan, but its right - to introduce amendments in it“.

before collecting the foreman of packers together with the client notes all defects which are available on home decoration and draws up the special statement with their list. This document is attached to the contract. Having packed everything and having put marking (the customer can control process), the carrier has to write the register of transported. For example, “nursery: furniture (boxes 1,2,3), clothes (boxes 4 and 5), toys (6)“. According to this register all things will load in the car, and then to unload on the new place.

After things arrived to the destination, the client has to sign the act of acceptance - transfer of property. If the dresser or a case, despite three-layer packing, was scratched, the exact description of the defects which appeared because of the company is necessary, it is introduced in the act of acceptance - transfer. According to this act - the annex to the contract the company pays to the client damages.

in case of some mistakes from agency the company will bear a full liability: will restore furniture, will buy analog of lost or will pay full monetary compensation (it is useful to hold the checks confirming the cost of things).“ If the client wants to transport antiquarian or other things, the analog which cannot be found, we recommend to it to insure previously the freight. The insurance company - our partner or any firm at the choice of the client can make it. And then insurers will deal with us“, - the manager of the Delicate Moving company explained.

On the new apartment at the request of the client - if he, for example, worries about preserving results of recently made repair - the staff of the companies - carriers is ready to protect a floor, jambs of walls and doorways from damages. And that is pleasant: the cost of services stipulated in the contract between agency and the customer will remain invariable whatever it happened.