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Mai - time when even the most careless, to the eleventh-graders liking to postpone “for later“ it is necessary to look for answers to the questions “Whom to Be?“ and “Where to Study?“ . For the aid to those who approach choice of profession and higher education institution seriously, - the short review of labor market prepared especially for “Career“ by the staff of the personnel company “CONTACT AGENCY“.

According to data of the research “Labour Market of Graduates of the Moscow Higher Education Institutions of 2000 - 2004“, a salary of graduates of universities (for example, Lomonosov Moscow State University), differ depending on specialization. Graduates of faculty of calculus mathematics and cybernetics (VMK), economic, legal faculties receive much more, than geologists, geographers and philologists. One more curious tendency - experts with technical education in the first two years after the termination of higher education institution can get more highly paid job (first of all it concerns IT - experts). In general on the market initial salaries of graduates of different higher education institutions can differ by 2 - 2,5 times:“ the technician“ or the economist receives $1000-1200, the philologist - $400-600. Happen, of course, lucky who are lucky more, however it is rather an exception, than the rule.

Nearly the maximum popularity among employers graduates of technical faculties, and first of all “IT specialists“ enjoy

. Some time ago there was a myth that in Russia there is inexhaustible personnel IT - a resource therefore we can export without serious consequences experts abroad. There passed time, the myth vanished, shortage of shots painfully struck IT - branch. According to the forecast of experts, further the situation will only be aggravated - shortly the capital region will need new personnel injections. It is connected with the planned construction of science and technology parks in Troitsk situated near Moscow, Dubna, Chernogolovke. Besides, recently comes to the Russian market more and more large western players who open the centers of developments. Respectively, demand on the qualified IT - experts constantly grows.

programmers, architects of databases, specialists in the ERP systems, technical support engineers, specialists in system integration, design engineers are Especially demanded by

. About 20% of the companies need specialists in development of the software. But It should be noted - not just technically competent employees, but the people capable to work on difficult big projects are required for employers, to realize them in the set terms, to interact with team.

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Without work also qualified specialists inzhenerno - technical specialties: from the leading engineers and technologists to specialists in quality control. It is connected with rapid development of the production sphere and construction. At the moment about 30% of the companies working in the sphere of engineering systems and the equipment need technical specialists and engineers. And demand for them will grow. In a word, technical specialists in the next several years will not be left without work, they are necessary not only IT - branches. And graduates can advise to go to the relevant universities - especially in the light of possible reduction of the budgetary places on legal and economic specialties in a number of the higher schools.

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A what to do to those who does not want to connect the life with various “integrated business - systems“ and “commissioning lines“? Employers still need the qualified and skilled marketing managers, a brand - managers, accountants, HR - managers, logistics, lawyers and financial analysts. Separately it is worth mentioning that sales managers with experience and knowledge of the concrete market remain “heroes of our time“. It is natural - on all business - fronts there is a real war for the buyer. High quality of production and the optimum price do not guarantee high rates of sales any more. Therefore, experts who can provide them are necessary, selling not only directly goods, but also the company, forming a pool of loyal clients. The important nuance - “to go to seylza“ never late and never early.

Recently demand for the experts working with new to systems of accounting arose. Many large companies were engaged in searches of the financiers having experience in the companies which prepared for an exit to IPO (Initial Public Offering - initial public offering). This tendency is especially brightly traced in the market of retail networks which one of the first began to use the most modern schemes of financing. It should be noted that this market - one of the most high-growth. Its volume in 2005 was estimated at $240 billion, growth in comparison with 2004 made 12,5%. Enters the Russian market more and more large international players, new distribution networks open, there is an active expansion to regions. As a result the need for shots - grows in deficiency both managers, and linear personnel (selling assistants, cashiers). Very high is a demand for a top - managers of management companies.

Rapid development of real sector of economy led

to the fact that the staff shortage mentioned also such branches as oil and gas, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy.

B 2005 the companies working in oil and gas branch, chemical industry, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy most often looked for highly skilled sales managers with experience in branch (12,5% of inquiries), technical specialists (10,7%) and project managers (7,2%). It is important to note that one of significant tendencies in “oil and gas“ labor market is deficiency of technicians (89,3% of the companies interrogated by us need it): 37,3% of the companies are necessary workers, 52% of the companies - engineers.

the Small knot

Modern Russian labor market experiences acute personnel hunger for the future. From the employer the focus was shifted to the candidate - the professional: successful applicants have an opportunity to choose the place of work. Leading companies very well understand it and therefore go on all tricks “to sell“ themselves to potential candidates and to catch the best of the best. But what to do to those who is in the beginning of a career way? Good news to the real and future students - the majority of the Russian and foreign companies aimed at leader positions actively use various graduate - programs, investing considerable means in training and development of young specialists. Employers need those who are capable to join corporate culture of the company, to understand mechanisms and the principles of its work. Formation of a personnel reserve became one of the major priorities: the companies actively cooperate with the leading Russian higher education institutions, offering graduates the stable income, a good social package and prospects of career development. Who is necessary to employers? According to data of the research “Labour Market of Graduates of the Moscow Higher Education Institutions of 2000 - 2004“ conducted by Reytor agency with assistance of “CONTACT AGENCY“ for career of the young specialist his first higher education is the most significant - the employer pays attention to it first of all. The experience got by the graduate both during training and after the termination of higher education institution is also important. It should be noted that gradually experience of work becomes nearly obligatory requirement. It is confirmed by a tendency to earlier employment of youth - the first experience appears at students already on a third year.

Personal characteristics of the graduate give in to diagnostics more difficult, but are the major factors which define success of his career subsequently - both in separately taken company, and in labor market in general. Employers welcome good knowledge of a foreign language (as a rule, English). Applicants even of initial positions in the western companies need English level not below upper intermediate; even more often among requirements also fluent English appears. Presence at the young specialist of experience of professional training is considered as undoubted advantage and speaks about its good professional orientation. Among other pluses - responsibility, commitment, aiming at result, ability to work in team, readiness to study and develop.

From edition. Continuation of the subject “Work for Young People“ - in one of summer numbers. We will publish results of the next joint research “Career“ and the Graduate “The Best Employers for Young Specialists“ company and we will tell about graduate - programs of the largest Russian and foreign companies.

Structure of demand for heads and qualified specialists in the sphere of retail trade in 2005 (% of total number of vacancies)

  • the Top - managers of management company - 39%
  • Heads of functional blocks and qualified specialists of management company - 35%
  • Heads and qualified specialists of shop - 26%

the Most popular experts in the sphere of IT and telecommunications (% of total number of vacancies)

  • Commercial experts - 37,5%
  • Corporate experts - 11,4%
  • Technical specialists - 51,1%

the Most popular experts in oil and gas branch, chemical industry, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (% of total number of vacancies)

  • the sales Manager / engineer - 12,5%
  • the Technical specialist of a wide profile - 10,7%
  • the Project manager - 7,2%
  • the Financier / economist - 7,2%
  • the Electrician - 5,4%
  • the Design engineer - 5,4%
  • the Foreign trade manager - 3,6%
  • the Warehouse worker - 3,6%